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The Ssangyong SIV-1 concept has been unveiled at the Geneva motor show, revealing the latest evolution of the brand’s developing design language.

The Ssangyong SIV-1 is the fourth crossover concept in 18 months from the South Korean SUV specialist, which says it is nearing the final design of what will become “a strategic model within the Ssangyong range”.

Building on the striking styling of the earlier XIV-1, XIV-2 and e-XIV concepts, the SIV-1 prototype embraces Ssangyong’s new ‘Nature Born 3 Motion’ design philosophy, highlighted by its focused grille and headlights, energetic panel character lines, broad C-pillars and its robust overall appearance.

Contrasting the SIV-1’s dramatically styled exterior is a spacious, minimalistic cabin. The instrument cluster communicates relevant vehicle information to the driver, while Ssangyong’s Mobile Auto System sees smartphones and tablets take the place of integrated screens to display and control the vehicle’s other infotainment functions, including satellite navigation and audio streaming.

The SIV-1 concept’s four independent bucket seats are intended to create the same sensations of sportiness and safety delivered by a performance coupe.

Ssangyong detailed two powertrains for the SIV-1 concept: a 150kW/280Nm direct-injection turbocharged 1.6-litre petrol and a 110kW/360Nm twin-turbocharged 1.6-litre diesel. Both can be paired with either a six-speed manual or a dual-clutch transmission.

Ssangyong has made no announcement about production plans for an XIV-1-based model at this stage.

  • Quivive

    I am tired of this “tank” look. The glass areas in new cars are becoming so small that outward vision is dangerously compromised. This looks like amother tank suv.

  • K20A

    Looks good for a SUV. Looks F-in amazing for a Ssangyong. Well done.

    • Cars

      I agree. Now if they could do something with that terrible “Ssangyong” brand name…..
      Perhaps like – change it!

      • $29896495

        Good idea. Who would have thought they had this in them, they might be on a roll. 

  • Sam

    Im waiting for the regular detractors who will pull down this vehicle for just being ‘ssangyong’ This tank look is better than many suvs going around now. I think its high time stereotypes are stopped. This was the same position toyota and hyundai and most recently,Kia were a few years back. Lets see where it goes from here.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/3S6STDEPS3IFIP23G2TPSHMUYU Tristan

    Ssangyong’s translation of a Range Rover Evoque! but it all still depends on the interior quality and performance which will make this car a viable comparison to other suv

  • klowik

    it looks very much like an SUV, IT looks better than Kia or Hyundai.

    • $29896495

      lets not get silly

  • Outsidethebox

    I don’t understand the criticism of the name “Ssangyong”. It is a Korean word meaning double dragon, which is pretty cool to be honest. The Ssangyong conglomerate has been around for years and the construction side of the company have built some of the most amazing buildings in the world. Hyundai sounds no less foreign and nobody bats an eyelid at that. Toyota, Mazda and Honda are foreign names too. Some may think Holden is a pretty stupid name for a car brand. I guarantee you on a global scale it’s much more obscure.

    • $29896495

      It comes from the look of the vehicles and the name isn’t simple.

  • leumas

    Can’t wait for it to arrive in Australia. Well done Ssangyong.

  • seyram

    Sam I totally agree with you. I’m currently using the Renton and it’s performance is above my imaginations. the ssangyong company is doing extremely well. this so called tank look suv to me is just great. Sam I join you in sending the message that the stereotyping must stop. the Koreans can do even more.