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The all-conquering Toyota HiLux has yet again led the way for ute sales in February, in a month that saw four commercial vehicles make it into the top seven highest selling cars list.

While the gap from the Toyota HiLux (3319) to the second-placed Nissan Navara (2645) is close (674 vehicles), the distance between the Nissan and the Mitsubishi Triton (2335) in third position is far closer at (310 vehicles).

Nissan Navara

The Navara’s solid month has helped the Japanese brand reach its 10th-consecutive record sales month and boost its numbers enough to successfully move Holden out of one of the top three spots in Australia’s new car sales for the first time in recent history.

The Ford Ranger (1739) has a strong grasp of fourth position ahead of the Mazda BT-50 (1342), while also winning the year to date growth stakes in a flow-on effect related to supply shortages following the 2011 Thailand floods. Both the Ranger and the sixth-placed Holden Colorado (1164) are proving significantly more popular than both brands’ historic trade models, the 10th-placed Holden Commodore ute (442) and 12th-place finishing Ford Falcon ute (326).

Ford Ranger

While the Isuzu D-Max (801), Toyota Landcruiser PU/CC (731) and Great Wall V200/V240 all made this month’s top 10, the Volkswagen Amarok (371), Nissan Patrol PU/CC (108) and Ssangyong Actyon Sports with its 51 units sold, missed the cut.

The segment’s popularity among consumers was highlighted by 4×4 sales growing 53.2 per cent on last year and 4×2 utes following the trend, increasing by 18.1 per cent.

Top 10 Best-selling Utes – February 2013

1. Toyota HiLux – 3319 (+46 per cent)
2. Nissan Navara – 2645 (+31 per cent)
3. Mitsubishi Triton – 2335 (+72 per cent)
4. Ford Ranger – 1739 (+193 per cent)
5. Mazda BT-50 – 1342 (+25 per cent)
6. Holden Colorado – 1164 (+131per cent)
7. Isuzu D-Max – 801 (+25 per cent)
8. Toyota Landcruiser PU/CC – 731 (-5 per cent)
9. Great Wall V200/V240 – 477 (-36 per cent)
10. Holden Commodore Ute – 442 (-27 per cent)

Top 10 Best-selling Utes – 2013 to date

1. Toyota HiLux – 6066 (+81 per cent)
2. Nissan Navara – 5119 (+41 per cent)
3. Mitsubishi Triton – 3507 (+43 per cent)
4. Ford Ranger – 3188 (+125 per cent)
5. Holden Colorado – 2582 (+117 per cent)
6. Mazda BT-50 – 2418 (+48 per cent)
7. Isuzu D-Max – 1461 (+45 per cent)
8. Toyota Landcruiser PU/CC – 1292 (-8 per cent)
9. Holden Commodore Ute – 1020 (-5 per cent)
10. Great Wall V200/V240 – 978 (-31 per cent)

  • MisterZed

    Not sure why people buy these tiny trucks – they don’t do any one thing well. They can’t tow, they’re cramped inside, they’re underpowered, and the trays at the back are short and useless. I was in the US recently and for every 1 of these small trucks, I saw about 10 large ‘proper’ pickup trucks.

    • PJ

      Couldn’t agree more, bring in the F-series, Silverado and Ram now !!!

    • Ydraw

      That’s because fuel is 1/4 of the price in the US.

  • Zaccy16

    The three oldest and worst utes sell the best! if people were smart they would by the mazda/ford and vw! disappointing sales for the falcon ute

    • Sam

      ‘…and worst utes sell the best.’ So you’re saying that the Great Wall and Ssangyong aren’t the worst utes?

    • super_hans

      These are work utes, a track record of reliability and resale value are what sells. Hilux has both in spades

      • Andrew M

        So explain the navara?
        many reports of extreme failures in the 3.0L, and the 2.5L wont get off the line with a load.
        And the Triton which is so outdated and drives like a shopping trolley.

        True Hilux has good resale and historical reliability, but I wouldnt mind betting now that the Ranger will hold a better resale, plus its reliability seems good.
        Top that off with good grunt and handling and I know where I would put my money if i wanted a 4 door

    • MisterZed

      HiLux offers the greatest variety of engines – you can have your pick of 4-cyl or V6 petrol, or diesel. None of the other utes offer the same choice – most are diesel only, with a few only offering weak 4-cyl petrols.

    • Chad

      Speaking of the VW where is it? They must have missed it because it’s been selling not to bad

      • Captain Nemo®™

         Chad most of these ute sales are to mines and the mines number one priority is reliability.  So that basically rules the VeeDud Ute, visit some forums plenty of faults with the VeeDud Amarok.

      • Chad

        Sorry, 11th for feb and missing the top 10 for 2013. I really do think they need the 3L V6 with the 8 speed behind it. Surely that would have to help sales and would more than likely get 3.5t towing capacity as well,making it a lot better contender to the others

    • dilligaf

      Bogans are a bit slow

  • Dvdguy99

    Great Wall outsell Falcon ute, ouch

    • ford18

      great wall out sold holden ute to, u tool.

  • DoubleBlue

    Spot on Zaccy16, yeah disappointing  for Falcon ute but Commodore ute sales were fairly SHOCKING too.

  • Karl Sass

    If you look at those sales one thing is obvious, it’s the dual cabs that are selling up big time. Holden and Ford are missing out by not having a dual cab version of the traditional utes. The Crewman was the right vehicle at the wrong time. If it had better rear seat packaging it would be a winner. 
    Ford also made a good dual cab concept about a decade ago. It’s a pity they’re so determined to shut down local operations when there’s so much potential if head office would give Ford Aus adequate backing.

    • gtrxuone

      Your on the money there Karl.Crewman finished with the Vz,they still hold excellent resale value.
      The Crewman would fit nicley into the Vf range.With V8 petrol and V6 diesel engine options.

    • DoubleBlue

       Yeah Karl you’re unfortunately about 100% spot-on.!

    • Al

      Karl, your on the money big time!

    • Al

      My boss told me I have to choose a new company ute before xmas….guess what Im driving? A VZ Crewman…. : (

  • Uncle.

     Just priced the Top of range Wildtrack here in Dubai, UAE, AED, 109,000
    when converted to Aussie is AUD$ 29,450, half of what they sell for in
    OZ, VW Amorac AED 98,000, even our beloved Holden top of the range V8 Commodore is only AUD$ 35,100 here,  UAE market is minute compared to OZ, what is story in OZ, free trade
    agreement with Thailand and all, that means nothing by the look of things, Wildtrack is half the price in Thailand as well, we are getting ripped of big time by
    someone over there, either government or the Car Manufacturers, its like
    everything else there as well, its only when you go out in rest of the
    world you see how much we are getting ripped of for things in the magical land of OZ, but by having the I want’s and paying there rip of prices, we have dug our own hole.