Honda will open the doors of its first new Japanese factory in 49 years when its new Yorii plant becomes operational in July.

Located in Saitama prefecture, Honda says the new plant – to be among the world’s leading energy-saving factories – will lead the Japanese manufacturer’s global production operations.

Utilising a number of innovative new production technologies and with an annual capacity of 250,000 vehicles, the Yorii plant is aimed at establishing a highly efficient production system that will be responsible for manufacturing small-sized vehicles, like the all-new Honda Fit (Honda Jazz in Australia).

Honda Jazz

Industry journal Automotive News reports that the last Japanese-based Honda production facility to open was in 1964, when a plant in Sayama, near Tokyo, was officially inaugurated.

Plans for the new plant were unveiled in 2010, when Honda Motor Co. president and CEO Takanobu Ito credited increasing demand for Honda’s low-emission and mini vehicles as the catalyst for the expansion.

The Yorii plant is built on 980,000 square metres of land and will employ 700 people.

  • F1orce

    The falling ¥en surely supported this..

    • yoshisankobe

      the yen in JAPAN is not influenced for local body infrastructure like construction , influence is the U$ dollar in regard to export and import raw material and commodity  otherwise workers only receive Yen, Yen  =  Yen    therefore no ! influence too  falling Yen ?? in real terms of expression our currency is gaining strength against AU$ over last years gone maybe you need look at Bank detail like  


      these are some of the super banks

    • Tangelo

      Honda’s domestic sales is quite good.
      And yoshisankobe explained currency staffs.

  • Doctor

    49 years – that surely can’t be correct. Honda started making cars less than 50 years ago.

  • Chad

    As far as i can figure out 1963 was their 1st production car, surely they have opened a few since then

    • theillestlife

       1963-2013 = 49/50 years.

      Honda probably had one plant in Japan which they kept adding to, instead of building a total new one.

      Sure, they have more plants in Thailand and that, but article states in Japan?

  • jekyl & hyde

    is this to replace the one that went underwater years ago? or built on top on it?

    • Thigdr

      r u referring p to the Thai plant?

  • gtrxuone

    Honda made something called an Asamo robot,portable utitily devise.Also have gone into production of jet aeroplanes.Have over 100 orders for there 10 seat luxury jet.
    Fair to say Honda are not falling asleep at the wheel.

  • Ted

    Are they going to start manufacturing Honda cars (addition to Euro) in this factory in Japan for Australia – please Honda !!

  • Robj

    Awesome, love to have a tour there…….

    • John

       Yeah, looking forward to the free samples too.

      I wonder if this means that all markets that take the new Jazz (Fit), including Australia, will be supplied from this factory.