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The Range Rover Evoque will become the first regular production car equipped with a nine-speed automatic transmission when it debuts at next week’s 2013 Geneva motor show.

The ‘9HP’ nine-speed auto, developed in collaboration with German transmission specialist ZF, will initially replace the existing six-speed auto in the Evoque line-up before likely being rolled out into other models in the Land Rover and Range Rover portfolios.

Land Rover Australia’s James Scrimshaw confirmed the nine-speed auto would supersede the six-speed in all petrol- and diesel-powered Evoque models from January 2014, a few months after it launches in the UK and other European markets. The six-speed manual will continue to be offered as an option.

Land Rover promises a “significant improvement” in fuel economy and CO2 emissions by increasing the number of gear ratios from six to nine.

The premium British car maker says the upgrade to the nine-speed gearbox also leads to improved acceleration response, reduced noise during high-speed cruising and a more refined shift quality.

The 9HP’s lowest ratio is far lower than that of the outgoing six-speed and has been specifically designed for off-road use, towing and extremes of gradient and altitude to give the driver a heightened sense of control.

Unlike the 6HP, which can only make shifts sequentially (moving one gear at a time), the 9HP has a skip-shift function for swifter downshifting under rapid deceleration or from greater driver input demands.

The torque converter also incorporates a multi-stage damper system for smoother pulling away and improved refinement.

Despite cramming in three extra ratios, the nine-speed auto is 7.5kg lighter than the outgoing six-speed and just 6mm longer. It has been specifically designed for transverse applications – that is, vehicles whose engines are positioned east-west, the layout favoured by front- and all-wheel-drive models.

The Range Rover Evoque nine-speed auto will debut in Geneva on March 5.

  • Gogol

    HA, I love the blatant writing on the door.

  • CepJin

    In other news, Schick just released a 17 blade disposable razor! Quickly followed by Gillette announcing an 18 blade razor..

    • Jober As A Sudge

      Gilette 3000 from the Late Show….champagne comedy!

    • Cars

      I take your point but think you have missed the practicality of this. Not only is it more efficient, it’s like having a high and low range transmission all in one. I think it’s brilliant!

  • Fsd

    If that photo is supposed to be a boast about doing 1800rpm @ 110kmh in 9th gear, it’s barely any different to a old 4 speed Crummer or Falcoone in 4th gear for cruising.

    • Brett

      What is the point of all those ratios when 9th doesn’t even provide a decent overdrive? I can only imagine the ratio spread will be similar to a semi. Its not hauling heavy frieght, so why have bugger all difference between the mid pack set?

      • Guest

        I believe the point of all those ratios may somewhat have been covered in the article “Range Rover Evoque to debut world’s first nine-speed auto.” You know, the one at the top of the page? Something about improved refinement and economy, an off-road ratio. Take a squizz.

    • Mark

      extra gears only make sense at higher speeds, could have used an extra gear (or even 2!) in the hire car that I had on my recent trip to Italy and Germany. I would shift into top gear (6th) at above 90km, which means your burning a lot of fuel when u hit 160!    

  • Crazy n00b

    Will get sea sick due to the constant gear changes?

    • Zaccy16

      no because its a ZF so it will be super smooth, look here ford aus! use this tranny in the new falcon! the 6sp zf box already in the falcon but this would be fantastic, it would improve fuel efficiency and acceleration, would work excellently with the turbo torque of the ecoboost 4 cyl

      • Captain Nemo®™

         Spaccy did you even read the story? or did you just go straight to the comments.  In case you missed it “It has been specifically designed for transverse applications – that is,
        vehicles whose engines are positioned east-west, the layout favoured by
        front- and all-wheel-drive models” so that kinda rules out the Falcon.

        • Zaccy16

          I did read that captain, but the idea of the 9 speed In the falcon is a great idea and I know for a fact that zf have other 9 speed autos in the pipeline

          • Dom Von Hutch

            Be that as it may zaccy we won’t see the 9 speed in a falcon. Besides the zf 6 speed is the best, whatever ppl say about the falcon the turbo barra 6 with the zf 6 speed is one of the automotive industry’s best marriages.

        • Sumpguard

            He clearly didn’t read it Nemo. He only opens his mouth to change feet!

  • George

    Hi all,
    there was a great article in WHEELS a couple months back about optimal no of ratios. Aparently 9 speeds have been in development for some time and this being the first will soon become common place.

    As mentioned, you can greatly improve accleration with lower ratio, and higher ratio for cruising and fule saving, win win… a chief engineer at AMG said they believed 11 is optimal, after that its not practical to package all the cogs.

    I guess we should just watch this space 

    • Dom Von Hutch

      Yes and I believe 9 was the number they decided was optimal. First 3 for carpark creep and acceleration, the following 5 for drivability and in gear acceleration, the ability to lock in eight gear for top speed or select 9th as an overdrive/economy option. But we’ll prob see small capacity forced induction 4s with 10 plus in production in our live’s time. Not needed on engines with 6 or more cylinders or a great displacement of 3000cc.

    • Crazy n00b

      Merc said the Lexus 8 speed had 1 gear too many. At the time Merc had a 7 speed. Don’t listen to those guys :)

  • greatlegs

    Yes there is a development cost but that is what ZF do to sell their product
    The manufactures who don’t produce their own parts don’t have to spend big on the R&D but they still need a gearbox to sell their cars
    Jeep are introducing 8 speed across the rage (?) as standard that will help comply with
    fuel/emission regulations and also be competitive in the market place
    Where LR say the 6 speed will be an option I hope they don’t gouge the consumer to have this so called 9 speed technology, as it seems that most things at LR are an option cost

  • LowRezFez

    How appropriate it is to have a rangie with a gearbox that has a truck like spread of ratios.

    I also predict a new trend… As hipsters get older and have kids, they will trade in their fixies for cars with 2 speed autos ala hydramatic.

  • Theo

    This car makes me sick. It is the quintessential aspirational vehicle, leased by yuppies who want you to think they’re rich. 

    • Golfschwein

      Don’t let it upset you so much. Aspiration isn’t a sin. People want and admire nice things. Have you always gone out of your way to buy things that are horrible?

      • LowRezFez

        Yes, I did once… I bought an AU Falcon… What was I thinking.

        • Golfschwein

          Ha ha…what WERE you thinking, Fez? I know. You were probably thinking that the waterfall grille is a striking design element that adventurous Aussies would take an instant liking to, that the Australian interpretation of Ford’s New Edge design theme was a corker, that this new Falcon would sell in numbers of five to six thousand a month once everyone had worn out the discussion about what it looks like and that, after a while, you’ll be able to get in and out of the thing more easily.

          That’s probably what you WERE thinking 😉

          • LowRezFez

            Hilarious Golfy :)

  • Curtis Ling

    9 gears oh loard we still have cars with 4speeds