Honda Australia has confirmed that diesel engines will now make up an important part of its strategy going forward.

Honda, which has been primarily focused on its hybrid drivetrains, has changed its strategy to bring about a range of diesel engines as it seeks to further expand marketshare in Australia and around the world.

The Honda Civic hatch will be the first vehicle to get a diesel engine in April this year with the CR-V SUV to follow very late this year or early 2014.

Honda Australia’s director and head of sales and marketing, Stephen Collins, told CarAdvice that diesel was an opportunity too big to miss.

“We took a decision about a year and half ago that the diesel market was continuing to grow and it was an opportunity that we couldn’t miss.” Collins said.

He admitted that it had taken Honda some time to get its first diesel here (Honda has been selling diesels in Europe for some time) but that it’s likely to be part of its ongoing strategy in the future.

“I think our strategy up until a year and half ago was more hybrid but now it’s a combination of diesel and hybrid.”

Given that Australia’s hybrid market makes up just 1.5 percent of annual sales (of which a great deal are the locally produced Camry Hybrids), while sales of diesel passenger and SUV vehicles have rapidly increased, the shift in Honda’s strategy isn’t unexpected.

Last year more than a third of SUV buyers purchased a diesel. In 2012, 57,435 private buyers decided on a diesel SUV, a 50.6 per cent increase over 2011 and more than double the growth of petrol SUVs. Meanwhile 45,133 diesel passenger cars were sold last year, compare with just 13,231 hybrids.

More than a third of SUV buyers purchased a diesel last year. In 2012, 57,435 private buyers decided on a diesel SUV, a 50.6 per cent increase over 2011 – more than double the growth of petrol SUVs.

  • Resident

    I think people have been asking for this for a while now. However they have still missed the mark with the lack of Automatic Diesels…

  • K20A

    I think this article reads better if the date was February 26th, 2006.

    Still, better late than never.

  • Smart US

    coz its overstocked in EU

  • MisterZed

    I’m sure Honda dealers everywhere are jumping for joy at the idea of taking up showroom space with a manual diesel… lol.

  • Luke Brinsmead

    Honda could be the quirky but reliable alternative to the diesel frenchies.

    • Zaccy16

      i agree, the diesel civic should be a much better car than the petrol one just becuase of the extra torque and economy!

  • Sydlocal

    Now Honda owners will be able to join in with other makes with diesels in this country and their oil dilution/DPF problems etc. Especially seeing as the average age of Honda drivers (from observation) seems to be increasing and hence most will be ‘driving Miss Daisy’ around town hence making the odds of the above happening even more likely!!!!!

    • Cars

      Not a modern diesel owner then? I’m on my second diesel passenger car and have never had any such issues, even when driving around town – as you say,  “driving miss daisy”.
      The ECUs are smart enough to do the DPF regeneration no matter what the conditions.

      • Hung Low

        I knew of an S class owner that suffered the same fate as many are going through with oil dilation issues. That being said the car was used for frequent short low speed trips and in that scenario, a proper regeneration cycle just can’t happen.

      • F1orce

        Can’t avoid the DPF issue without at least some highway driving..

  • Ted

    Should had bought the 2.2 diesel engine to Australis like Overseas !