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Honda Australia has outlined its plans for this year with the arrival of the all-new Jazz Hybrid to kick start a busy 2013.

Speaking to the automotive media in Sydney yesterday, Honda Australia’s Director and head of sales and marketing, Stephen Collins, said Honda is aiming to push sales to 45,000 units this year, a significant increase from 2012’s 35,812 sales.

Last year saw the company suffer the effects of the Thailand floods, which limited supply of numerous models in the first quarter. This year sees the all-new Honda CRV SUV gaining momentum with sales averaging around 1100 units per month and the Civic hatch around 800 units per month.

Honda forecasts that Civic will make up the majority of its sales this year, with around 15,823 units (sedan and hatch), CRV to follow with 14,345, Jazz at 8128, Accord and Accord Euro at 6,068 with the Odyssey, CR-Z and Insight to make up the remainder.

With the launch of the Honda Jazz Hybrid this week, Honda has further expanded its hybrid lineup, which already included the Civic, Insight and CR-Z. Nonetheless, the big news is the arrival of a diesel powerplant for the Civic and CRV.

Come April, Honda Australia will bring the European-built Honda Civic diesel, which will make use of a 1.6-litre turbodiesel, making it the first Honda to be sold in Australia with a diesel engine.

Around June-July, the facelifted Honda CR-Z will arrive, with expected improvements to the power output as well as equipement upgrades and a minor facelift. Despite winning a car of the year award, the CR-Z failed to deliver on its target of 600 units last year, managing just 370 sales. The effects of the Toyota 86/Subaru BRZ twins as well as Hyundai’s Veloster stole some of its limelight.

Following the CR-Z upgrade, the All new Honda Accord will launch in the second half of this year and will comprise of a full four cylinder lineup as well as a V6 variant. Honda will continue to run its dual medium-car strategy with the wide body and the Accord Euro selling alongside each other for the forseable future.

The Honda CRV diesel will also make an appearance very early in 2014, with the new SUV finally set to take on its main competitors on level a playing field.

Honda Australia is optimistic that it can reach 45,000 sales and may in fact reach the 50,000 mark.

  • Yetiman

    Capped price servicing would be nice.

    • VTiR

      Capped price servicing is, in many cases, an absolute rip off.

      • Noel

         How’s that?

        • Fsd

           Nissan’s capped price servicing is about $500-$1000 a year.

          • Crazy n00b

            There’s capped price servicing and then there’s Nissan’s capped price servicing.

        • Sydlocal

          Because some companies build the ‘extra’ cost of the fixed price servicing into the price of the car.

          • Matthew Helm

            Yes. All in all, many people do seem quite irrational when it comes to servicing costs. They do not seem to consider the total cost of ownership.

  • Martin

    Any news on the arrival of the Jazz SUV?

    • http://www.caradvice.com.au/ Alborz Fallah

      Not that they were willing to mention

      • $29896495

        Hey Alborz, you’re welcome on the Chery designer info.

    • Sdfg

       If your silly enough to want one, why not just take your Jazz down to Pedders and put a lift kit in, then spray the bumper bars with paint stripper.

  • Blueberry

    No mention of replacing the Honda Accord Euro???

    • http://www.caradvice.com.au/ Alborz Fallah

      No news on that front for at least another 12 months

      • Blueberry

        Thats too far away… There are too many nice cars getting released now and I am in the market for a new car within the next 6 months or so. Thanks Alborz

        • http://www.caradvice.com.au/ Alborz Fallah

          Well if you want a Honda the new wide body accord in April may do the job. Otherwise, the new Mazda6 is pretty darn good too. 

          • Blueberry

            I love the new Mazda 6 too. I am not sure about the Honda Accord. It looks good I suppose and reviews in the USA have been pretty favourable. I do have a soft spot for Honda’s but that soft spot is starting to wane due to the relatively mediocre product they have released in Australia at the moment

    • Crazy n00b

      I heard there’s an Accord Euro face lift coming. Take note of the tail lamps. Honda should put the reverse camera and/or the reverse sensor standard in the Euro as the boot is quite high. 

  • John

     Any news on the new Jazz?

    Things are looking up at Honda – like the sound of the diesel Civic. Now if only would give us a diesel Civic wagon…

    • http://www.caradvice.com.au/ Alborz Fallah

      Not until 2014, at the earliest. Likely to be late 2014 if not 15.

      • Ted

        Hi Alborz, I am thinging about the new 2013 Civic Hatch (auto) and the 2013 Toyota Corolla (cvt) and I cannot make my mind up.  Can you please provide some direction regarding this. (I am middle aged)

  • Zaccy16

    diesel civic should be a big seller for honda

  • $29896495

    The CRZ hasn’t suffer because of those other cars. It is simply under powered and over priced. It will never take off with those two things against it. All the trick bits they’ve been hanging off it overseas mean nothing when it’s just cosmetic and you are inflating an already inflated price. From what I’ve read there are no real performance changes, until it gets some grunt, it will remain an over priced also ran.

  • Little Johnny

    They’ve been talking about the Diesel CRV since 2011.  I’m sick of it. (and Toyota for that matter for the same reasons).  Where are the frigging Diesels!  Anyone who has driven one will tell you.  They are extremely economical.  Forget about so called published specs.  They rubbish.  The high torque of Diesels makes them very economical even driving around town. 

  • PS

    Bring the coupes back! I will seriously get the Accord V6 coupe or the Civic Si Coupe!