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The Proton Preve has been awarded a five-star ANCAP safety rating, making it the Malaysian manufacturer’s first model to earn top marks from the independent crash tester.

The small-sized Proton Preve sedan scored 34.25 points out of 37 in the local assessment, earning praise for its standard inclusion of electronic stability control (ESC), six airbags (dual front, side and curtains) and the strength of its basic structure, which ANCAP says is “much improved over previous Proton models”.

ANCAP chairman Lauchlan McIntosh said Proton’s first five-star safety rating was testament to the commitment of the company’s senior management and engineers to incorporate high levels of safety into their vehicles.

“Proton hasn’t let the previous poor results for its vehicles hold it back, rather they’ve used this as incentive to strive for the top safety rating for the Preve,” McIntosh said.

“A lot of time and effort has been invested in improving the design and safety equipment of the Preve and it is reassuring to see Proton reach this mark.”

McIntosh said ANCAP encouraged Proton to work on improved pedestrian protection, however, with the Preve scoring a ‘Marginal’ rating (the second-lowest ranking, just above ‘Poor’) in that component of the test.

The Proton Preve is one of the most affordable small cars on the market, with the 80kW/150Nm 1.6-litre four-cylinder five-speed manual priced from $18,990 driveaway and the CVT variant starting at $20,990 driveaway.

  • Loft86

    wonder what reliability would be like with this model?

    • Guest

      Ask any proton owner about that. And we will tell you. Cheap to run and extremely reliable with proper maintainace

  • Ac5razgriz

    Great effort from Proton, I must say. Just the proof the company needs to clear up the safety fiasco of the Jumbuck. Here’s hoping that the Prevé will boost Proton’s general reputation, together with the Exora MPV and upcoming Prevé hatch.

    • Resident

      Unfortunately having sat in the car at the Motor Show… it really needs to lift their perceived quality. The materials used on the dash are simply terrible. 

      • Ac5razgriz

        You must be joking mate. Are you really expecting posh chrome and leather upholstery on a $19k sedan ? C’mon, be realistic. It’s a budget car for the budget oriented. You may not fancy it, but I’m pretty sure others who require the Prevé’s practicality and functionality will.

        • $29896495

          Don’t want chrome around here just style and taste. Which for 19K you can get in a Mazda 3, Ford Focus, Hyundai, Kia Cerato are a FAR superior car to this thing. All for the same or less money than your car drive away. 

          Your problem is your car is over priced. The J3 we’ve been discussing for example is priced right for what it is. Which is where you should be pricing this POS. 

          No one in their right mind would part with 20K for your car. Just doesn’t make sense.

    • $29896495

      Why? We aren’t hoping any such thing. drop it’s price 6K and we’ll wish it the best.

  • Csiu73

    Be great as a second runabout, styling is pretty decent too.

  • horsie

    I award this car 4.5 stars in the international stupid name rating.
    It would have received 5 stars but until the bar was lifted by the Opel Adam. 

  • Willy

    Could be worse horsie, how about the Opel Eve?
    On a more serious note I hope there quality control is better with poor fit and finish,

  • Don Quay

    While obviously a vast improvement on their previous efforts, they are still on par with the poorer Chinese efforts we see here. The interior plastics, fit and finish and the tyres are all below average from what I have seen, though Lotus have helped with the steering and ride. The fact that you rarely see an independent road test of a Proton says a lot about the confidence the distributors have in the product in relation to the competition.

    I would give this POS a big miss, particularly when you can have a new Japanese small car for not much more or a near new one for the same. Gee, even an Hyundai or Kia for that matter would be much more preferable.

    • Ac5razgriz

      I would say the new Proton is on par with the poorer Korean efforts, not Chinese. It is very, very similarly defined when compared with the outgoing Kia Cerato. I have yet to see a proper Chinese sedan (apart from the upcoming Qoros) capable of competing with the established makes.

      If you can fork out the extra $5k or so needed to bridge the gap for a Japanese C-segment sedan, sure, go ahead, why bother with the Prevé ? But you’d be very naive to think all Australians could or would; to some, a car will forever be just, a car. A tool capable of transporting them from point A to B. That’s where budget cars like the Prevé come in.

      • $29896495

        Bull dust ! –  You can get a higher quality Japanese or Korean for the same if not less money drive away. this car’s competition is the J3. In fact from the pics the J3 looks better built in some ways, for $6,000. less

  • Resident

    Proton’s PR must be pretty upset with CA. Apparently they are called Prevé, not Preve. Small slip up with the keyboard though, and you have the all new Proton Perve…

  • Zaccy16

    looks much better than the horrible gen 2, but still not quite there yet, 5 star safety is not a hard thing to do anymore so its nothing to celebrate, really they need to concentrate on fixing the death trap jumbucks rating

    • $29896495

      Yeah and every other car they make. All those airbags would have made the difference. Stability control doesn’t mean jack when a car is being run into a wall. Wonder how it will go with the new 3/4 impact?

      • Zaccy16

        my prediction is it wouldn’t fair well!

    • Mike2

      Unlike the 1-star Mitsubishi Express, which remains on sale, the Jumbuck went out of production 2-3 years ago.

      Several people here seem disappointed that the Preve’s rating wasn’t worse.

      • $29896495

        Proton’s only other tested car only got 3 stars.

      • Guest

        Well said Mike

  • Fizzy

    It may have 5 star safety rating, but wouldn’t mean anything to many local buyers in Malaysia as they’re not even bothered to use seatbelts. Plus they like to overload on passengers, not uncommon to see 6 or more persons in a small sedan. Ignorance to passenger safety is almost non-existent over there. Mention child/baby seats to most Malaysians and you’ll probably get a reply along the lines of “what’s that?” or “what’s the point?” even though the Government has recently made it compulsory. No BS, but on a recent trip there visiting rellies, I saw 3 cars which had high chairs as child seats!!! It looked like they simply hacked off the legs, plonked it on the back seat, and somehow strapped the seatbelt (if available) around it. Why? Because cheaper.

  • Tone

    That’s nice, but it’s going to be yet another Proton flop at that sort of pricing.   That’s dangerously close to the likes of the Ford Focus, Hyundai i30 and so many other good small cars.    It’s at least $2k too expensive for what it is.

  • Hung Low

    A more reputable brand actually works out cheaper when RESALE is factored in. This is Not worth a cent over $14k in today’s competitive market.

    • $29896495

      14K is being really generous. “A more reputable brand actually works out cheaper” it starts out cheaper in some cases and still doesn’t depreciate like second hand toilet paper, such as any Proton. Problem is you can’t recommend it for cheap and cheerful, so what good is it?

  • Werwe

    i’m from malaysia, the quality sucks!! 

  • Poison_Eagle

    Looks like a Jaguar XF in the top photo.

  • Kayne

    So um, what is happening with the Proton Inspira?  I have a friend who said it looks like the current Mitsubishi lancer but says it’s much cheaper but with similar power and Lotus handling.  Get me into one of those!

    • Farhanhamdirazali

      I drive one.happy.

      • Kayne

        You mean an Inspira?  If so do you have any knowledge of why it wouldn’t be brought to Australia?  The only thing I can think of is Mitsubishi themselves stopping it as they don’t have any other mid/large size car now that the 380 was scrapped.

        • muhamad fadzly shaharani

          because proton and MEM make an agreement to make the car only for local market. To fit the upper c lower d market. That mean, no inspira in outside malaysia