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by Jez Spinks

A new, more powerful variant of the Mazda CX-5 has gone on sale in Australia, priced from $32,880 for the 2.5-litre petrol Maxx automatic.

The CX-5’s new 2.5-litre four-cylinder petrol engine makes its move into the popular SUV after debuting in the all-new Mazda 6 medium car.

It replaces the 2.0-litre four-cylinder petrol in all-wheel-drive versions, adding $500 to the price of the corresponding trim levels.

The Maxx Sport and Grand Touring 2.5s are priced from $36,620 And $43,780 respectively. A new range-topping model labelled Akera includes lane departure and blind spot warning systems, and high-beam control and costs from $45,770 for the 2.5L petrol or from $48,620 for the 2.2L diesel.

The alternative AWD engine remains a 2.2-litre turbo diesel with 129kW and 420Nm.

The smaller-capacity, 2.0-litre petrol engine is retained in entry-level front-drive models.

Mazda’s new 2.5-litre produces 138kW and 250Nm, giving the 2.5-litre a notable advantage over the 113kW/198Nm 2.0-litre that has been criticised for being underpowered.

The 2.0-litre, however, has also been upgraded with the aim of improving acceleration via revised engine software and transmission mapping that now sees the engine rev to 6800rpm rather than 6500rpm. Power and torque increase marginally to 114kW and 200Nm, and acceleration improves from 9.5 to 9.1 seconds for the 0-100km/h sprint, says Mazda.

Mazda CX-5 models powered by the 2.5-litre engine uses 7.4 litres of fuel per 100km according to the official consumption cycle, compared with 6.9L/100km for the 2.0-litre AWD. Fuel consumption for the 2.0L front-drive CX-5 models, whether with six-speed manual or six-speed auto, is 6.4L/100km.

The diesel is the most fuel efficient at 5.7L/100km.

Technology upgrades across the revised Mazda CX-5 include Bluetooth that allows SMS, MMS and email to be displayed on the SUV’s 5.8-inch dash touchscreen, and voice command phone book.

The Mazda CX-5 colour range also gets a subtle shake up with revised shades of red (Soul Red), black (Jet Black) and grey (Meteor Grey).


2013 Mazda CX-5 range

Mazda CX-5 2.0 Maxx FWD (man) $27,880*
Mazda CX-5 2.0 Maxx FWD (auto) $29,880*
Mazda CX-5 2.0 Maxx Sport FWD $33,620*

Mazda CX-5 2.5 Maxx AWD $32,880*
Mazda CX-5 2.5 Maxx Sport AWD $36,620*
Mazda CX-5 2.5 Grand Touring AWD $43,780*
Mazda CX-5 2.5 Akera AWD $45,770*

Mazda CX-5 2.2D Maxx Sport AWD $39,470*
Mazda CX-5 2.2D Grand Touring AWD $46,630*
Mazda CX-5 2.2D Akera AWD $48,620*

*Before on-road costs


  • Hung Low

    Check out the rrp on the Maxx Awd!

    • Rocket

      A 5 thousand dollar error.

      • CarAdvice

        Error with the specs fixed. Cheers.

        • JoeR_AUS

          good work

  • Crazy n00b

    It should have been launched with the 2.5. The 2.0 petrol is way too under powered.

    • JoeR_AUS

      I wander how the current owners feel?

    • JoeR_AUS

      Not the opinion that I was hoping for…. 

      So there we were in the Brisbane hinterland on Tuesday morning close behind a Suzuki SX4 and an older Mazda SUV – the discontinued CX-7 with its belting 2.3 turbo four. At length we came upon an overtaking lane, indicated, moved right and … Nothing much happened.
      The older Mazda summoned itself and soared up the long curving hill courtesy of its lovely plateau of torque. Foot flat to the boards, the six speed auto lunging down, it was all our top line Akera could do to keep up with humble but impertinent Suzuki. Hardly the emphatic response sought.
      While the entry petrol is caught out when asked to do much more than trundle about the metropolis, the bigger engine offers not a lot extra. Mazda DNA guarantees driving dynamics of the first order, but real world deployment – everyday urban grinding, shopping and school running – all but nullifies that ability.
      By changing gears manually – something  Mazda autos indulge more than most – decent progress was maintained but a predictable costs in fuel consumption a barely under 10L/100km for a 270km round trip with a large component of freeway.
      At least it goes about it discreetly. Mazda has tackled its old problem of undue noise permeating the cabin.
      The new versions of the CX-5 are sound enough, but can’t persuade us that if you’re not prepared to stump up for a diesel, you’re best saving with an entry level car. Guess it’s a case of how you use it after all.

      • Amlohac

        Youve driven the new 2.5? How? Ive been told its not due into dealerships just yet?

        • JoeR_AUS

          try car guide

          • Amlohac

            Ah ha, you’d be one of the Press that got the chance to take it for a burn then.

  • Zaccy16

    The 2.5 is great value for money, its a great engine and will have good performance in the cx5, it still is fantastic on fuel for the size and power, 7.4 l per 100 km is great, the rav 4 can’t compete with its 2.5 less power, less torque and it uses 1.3 l more fuel! this is the perfect all round compact SUV now, class leading steering, handling, quality interior, good on fuel and great fuel economy

    • Brett

      Such a cheery fellow you’re Zaccy. However, let’s wait until the new Kuga is released before stating this one as having the best steering and handling.

      • Zaccy16

        not sure about that with the kuga, according to uk reviews of the kuga the steering and handling is a step backwards from the current old kuga and is worse than the cx5, it has become to soft and globalised for the yanks, if you don’t believe me have a look at the carbuyer review of it on youtube

        • $29896495

          Fortunately Ford usually redo the suspension for Australia. Although, I read a test which raved about it’s handling and steering feel. Much firmer ride, more controlled better steering etc. Of course that’s why you read different tests. You have to average it out before you decide to try one for yourself.

        • JoeR_AUS

          Oh know, I have to agree with you! However, the current Kuga was exceptional insteering/ride, a real Subaru XT competitor but the media never saw it that way.

          • Me

            Walked past the new kuga on the street last night. Looks great! Bit longer than the current one, esp in the boot. Dash looks similar to focus

    • JoeR_AUS

      Everything you say and odd 6k cheaper than the diesel and comparing the sports in both models around 3k.

      Also RAV4 engines are only EURO IV, so we are getting old technology that will be phased out. I like to mention that Holden has direct injection V6 since 2010 and will most probable use less fuel than the Honda, RAV4 in the real world.

  • Laurie

    Hard to see what they are going to offer on the next model upgrade

  • Kieran

    That dash touchscreen is still ridiculously small.

    • Amlohac

      It is? Compared to what? Do you want a 55 inch LED screen?

  • Al

    I had a CX-5 FWD base auto as a rental, it really wasnt as slow as i was expecting or as people/reviews have made it out to be. It was by no way a rocket ship but for everyday driving it was fine. The heavier AWD top models would be slower though.

    The 2.5l engine in a 2WD with one of Mazdas very slick manuals would be great – as its fundamentally a great car to drive for a small SUV.

    • JoeR_AUS

      I heard a Mazda sales rep say this but to be fair, one up most cars are fine esp with manual. However, stick 3-5 people in it and luggage and things change.

    • Iggy

      the problems with the 2.0L is the transmission and its resistance to kick down when pressed a little and changing up gear too soon. That’s what happens when you have too many ex-greens senators applying for jobs in enginreering

  • Cars

    Wish they would do an MPS version. 2.5L turbo ala-Forester XT would be fantastic.

  • Tysdf

    Why bother, it’s barely bigger than a Mazda3 hatch but costs around $7000 more.

    • Iggy

      its obvious that you haven’t been inside either car, why not educate yourself and then make comments mazda website offers great research for comparison of the two models.

      • Jfg

         Of course Mazda’s website has plenty of things to help “educate yourself” into spending several thousand dollars extra. The factual dimensions of both cars however are very similar with the CX5 only being slightly bigger (and nowhere near  $7000 bigger).

        • Iggy

          putting size aside the closest feature/technology model to base cx-5 is SP20 not Neo which makes it a lot closer in value

    • Amlohac

      Its a hell of a lot bigger than a 3 on the inside. You probably should do a little research before you use incorrect facts.

      • Fgh

         Maybe you should do a little research.
        Try caradvice’s new review on this CX-5 – specifically the spot where it says and I quote:

        “Boot space of 403 litres is on the small side by segment standards”……” even the Mazda 3’s boot (430 litres) is larger”

    • Guest12

      There are plenty of differences between this and the Mazda 3 that could motivate people to buy this. Also, I doubt many are cross-shopping the CX-5 and the 3. But since you even suggested it, I doubt you’d ever have an open enough mind to comprehend how somebody could justifiably want this car.

  • Luke Brinsmead

    So it costs only $500 more for a bit over 20% more power, that’s reasonable.

    • Stevo

      Given that the same factory makes both engines its fair. They are proud to say they just bore a bigger hole for their 2.5L 😉

  • LowRezFez

    I’d rather have the bigger and better value Honda CRV. This car looks good with the 18s and had great dynamics.., given its size and pricing I still keep coming back to the CRV as the go to car in this class.

    • Viv

      Unless of course you aspire to some dirt road or cross paddock driving in which case the Forester or X-Trail make the CR-V and CX-5 look like silly little girls cars.

      • LowRezFez

        True about Subie and XTrail being decent off road… All I need is a city carry-all… So the CRV hits the mark.., Mazda is too small and too expensive.

  • 12INCHER

    Boring. People who buy this car must be boring too. Such a plain vehicle with no style or class. 

    • WantsA12INCHER

      Totally agree. Such a cheap and nasty excuse for an SUV.


      And what do you drive?

    • TG

      Let me guess, you hang that 12 incher out the window everytime you do a burnout in your VN?

  • terri7

    It was the poorly designed and equipped interior of the CX5 that put us off it. Our Ford Territory Ghia has a very good cabin, and we certainly don’t want to go backwards when we buy a replacement, and the CX5 would have been that in many ways.
    I often sit in the rear, letting oldies take the front, so rear a/c vents are high on my list.
    The RAV4 has only a high powered dash vent for the rear, the Forester has under seat heating outlets, and I believe only the new Kuga has proper vents in the rear. Not sure about the CR-V, but that has other negatives that rule it out for us.

    Will be looking at both the RAV4 and Forester tomorrow, so we can start our comparisons. It maybe the Kuga that suits us.

    • Doctor

      Why not a new Terry?

      • terri7

         Wife wants an SUV a bit smaller for parking, and also something different for
        the novelty. Had the Territory almost 9 years now, and it’s been excellent.
        We no longer need such a large vehicle, but it must still be an SUV.

    • http://www.bryanbyrtrenault.com.au/ Modern Man

      Renault Koleos has rear vents with variable speed control.

    • terri7

       Checked out the RAV4 today, and wife drove a diesel version. Drove well, and was comfortable, good steering. But only available in black interior in the mainstream models, which we don’t want. Overall, it left us unexcited and flat. The only plus was the large info screen.
      Quite dowdy, no surprise and delight features, and definitely no WOW factor. There would be no pleasure in swapping our Terry for this, and we’d lose a lot of features we like.

      Then had a quick look at the Forester. This pleased us much more visually, inside and out. It too was all black, but a grey trim is available.
      But….only the top model gets a large info screen, and you need at least $49,000 for that!
      You also get an adjustable driver’s seat.
      It had a really nice trim level in the mid range, and left the RAV4 for dead.

      Will now wait for the Ford Kuga to arrive shortly. I believe that a memory driver’s seat is available mid-range. It also looks very good, though I’m not sure about the dash.
      Quite happy to keep the Terry until we find a suitable replacement.

  • TG

    CA writes: “Technology upgrades across the revised Mazda CX-5 include Bluetooth that
    allows SMS, MMS and email to be displayed on the SUV’s 5.8-inch dash
    touchscreen, and voice command phone book.”

    Ummm… CA, it already had this stuff to begin with, although only a handful of phones support it.

  • Ted

    Why was not the 2.5 put in the car in the first instance when released – those people that bought the 2.0 peterol will not be happy, and Mazda should be kind to those that would like to trade in to the 2.5 petron.  I hope they do not do the same mistake with the up coming Mazda 3..

    • Fsd

       Why, surely those people that bought the 2.0 test drove it first and were happy with it then? Their 2.0 does not get any slower just because a newer 2.5 is here. The article says the old 2.0 did 0-100kmh in 9.5 secs which is perfectly adequate for normal driving.

  • Ted

    People bought the 2.0 petrol as there was no larger engine available, except the2.2 diesel.  If the larger engine was available, then I would think that the majority of people would buy with this engine..

  • http://www.bryanbyrtrenault.com.au/ Modern Man

    and a 5 year warranty and share components with the x-trail.

  • http://www.facebook.com/wilsonaj AJ Wilson

    Hey guys – i have what I believe is a 2013 CX5 AWD 2.5L Maxx Sport. How can I check the engine to make sure it is actually a 2.5 litre and havent been sold old stock?

    Strange question, of course all paperwork says its 2.5 but I am slightly unsure due to the dealer dodgyness I felt.

    • Jg

       If they engine feels adequate, why does it matter?

      • $29896495

        Engine size will be on the build plate and you can tell from the engine number

  • Monika

    So what,s the base model price for mazda cx5 2.5L petrol automatic in Australia ? We are looking to buy mazda, pls advise

    • Zaccy16

      They are a great car, the price before on road costs is $32,800