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The all-new Jeep Cherokee will introduce a revolutionary new design language for the iconic American off-road marque when it debuts at next month’s 2013 New York motor show.

Jeep released the first official images of the radically styled fourth-generation Cherokee after leaked shots revealing the front of the new model emerged over the weekend.

The shots confirm 2014 Jeep Cherokee will feature a unique take on the traditional seven-slat grille. The striking fixture is contained entirely in the deep-reaching bonnet and folds back from its traditional upright position to form an angle at the bonnet’s edge.

The grille is flanked by an equally exclusive four-eyed headlight design, with slim clusters containing strips of LED daytime running lights positioned at the top and the main headlamp units featured in chunkier units underneath.

The elegant chrome-bordered lower air intake mirrors that of the recently revealed 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee facelift, which debuted in Detroit last month and will arrive in Australia around mid-year.

While keeping technical data and specifications close to its chest for now, Jeep says the new model will be a “no compromise” SUV with “best-in-class capability, exemplary on-road driving dynamics and fuel economy improvements of more than 45 per cent”.

The new Jeep Cherokee will be built in Toledo, Ohio, and will launch in the US in the third quarter of this year. Jeep Australia anticipates the new model will land on our shores during the fourth quarter of this year.

Despite removing the Cherokee from its local website, Jeep says it still has about 100 outgoing third-generation models in stock.

Expect more details to be revealed in the lead-up the Jeep Cherokee’s debut in New York on March 27.

  • Justin Scott

    Look! It’s the Pontiac Aztec!

    • Sturmgewehr

      rutledge wood from top gear US actually made the aztec look good with a few bolt ons

    • mosmanite

      It’s Spidercar!

    • Jourien

      Yesss, I thought the same when I saw it.

  • bbb

    this is one big ugly car!! (worst than the BT50)…

    • –

      looks good!

    • Cars

      Move over ssangyong!

  • HaplessPossum

    What were they thinking?

    • Cars

      Evoque wannabe – FAIL!

    • Zaccy16

      i agree, they have gone too far, the cherokee looks good but this is hideous!, lights are too skinny and small and grill too big

  • Able

    A lot of people hate this car (especially the traditional Jeep owners in the US) but I have to say, I really like it. It’s far, far more attractive looking than the previous generation Cherokee and if I’m honest, it’s time Jeep tried something new; I’m tired of boxes which is something Jeep’s have only ever been to me.

    I want to congratulate Jeep for producing something daring because in today’s bland market, it’s something I admire.

    • Sonic

      Agreed. I’ll never ever understand why 99% of people buy bland conservative cars instead of something slightly interesting. And I’ll never understand why so many people criticize a design that’s out of the ordinary. Thinking out of the picture is progress. 

  • Smart US


  • greatlegs

    Looks like they had a head on with a Kia and the grill became attached to the lower intake

  • Rev head

    Revolutionary is one way of putting it!!

  • Devil666

    Pontiac Aztek is back baby!

  • Lumpycamel

    As my nan would say… It looks like a smashed hat!

  • Monk

    Love the grill but the lights… ow!

  • Car Fanatic

    WTF? Jeep, you made the current Jeep look awesome, then you go hit it with the ugly stick.

    What were you thinking?

  • LowRezFez

    Are Jeep scared to show us the rear on the. car?

    My take is that it looks good but will alienate traditional buyers… Maybe that’s what they want… This could be the next car for Compass and Patriot owners?

    Offroaders will stick to Wrangler and Grand Cherokee.

    In anycase Jeeps poor reputation for quality and reliability means I won’t be signing up for one any time soon.

    • delcotexas

      please tell me about the   reliabillty issues need to know ?

      • LowRezFez

        I have known 3 work colleagues with Jeeps and they all have reported a issues with their cars. Issues vary from electrical and trim failures, to mechanical issues. Independent quality ratings show Jeep towards the bottom, plus recently their new V6 has had issues resulting in some failed engines and engine rattles… Now fixed I believe.

        • delcotexas


        • Rick

          That comment seems a bit funny to me . My brother is a mechanic at the local dealership and can’t say enough good things about the current lineup . they have only had one mechanical fault on the grand Cherokee since they came out and that was a O2 sensor . The compass hasn’t had any warranty returns

          • LowRezFez

            Rick, looks like the new ones are improved. All 3 of these guys had the last gen Grand Cherokee, all had issues.

  • Skybreak

    “Best-in-class capability” means that this will be the most capable lifted Alfa Romeo 5-door hatch.

    It does not mean that it will come even close being what Jeeps used to be – rugged and capable of getting over the most challenging terrain. How many of these new Cherokee’s will be “Trail rated” and how many will be built as 2WD pussy-boxes?

    Jeep is shooting itself in the foot with these road-only cars, and just to make things worse this Cherokee is stupidly ugly.

    • Amlohac

      Word is it will be trail rated. I fail to see how exactly. But Jeep do know how to make an offroad weapon so i guess its a wait and see for now.

      • Skybreak

        Yes, there will probably be a Trail Rated model within the new Cherokee line up, but I suspect that most of the actual Cherokee’s built will not be. They’ll be soft-roaders, or 2WD versions, which seems to becoming more common across the Jeep range.
        I’m just annoyed because I’m Jeep fan and I really don’t like watching the brand put its hard won ruputation on road-only cars borrowed from it’s Chrysler/Fiat sister companies.

  • Golfschwein

    I like it!

  • 42 = The Answer

    I was thinking it looks more like a Jeep version of the Fiat Multipla

  • Martin

    “What da fark is that??” said my dad this morning. Have to agree. Looks very much like a concept and I actually like it.

  • 451

    it’s like a kia maserati…looks interesting

  • Anne

    Looks like it got stung by a bee in the face…

  • ItalianGangster

    The design was in the right direction, but 3 light housings each side looks ridiculous. A seperate slim LED strip would have been better.

  • Mikey

    Looks like they pinched a Kia grill for the lower intake. 

  • Peter

    I quite like the front, but the sides look 20 years old and boring, like the current model

  • Sumpguard


  • SuperChar

    Jeep must have taken some styling lessons from Sanggyong

  • pixxxels

    Good to see the Pontiac Aztek design team is still earning a healthy living working at Jeep

  • Sam

    why don’t we have a thumbs down option? Some idiots dislike every new design w/o even looking at it and theyre everywhere saying they hate this or that design. Maybe the only design they ever like will be when someone flips the bird at them ):

    • delcotexas

      You are absolutely right  , judgement don’t judge the movie / book by the cover
      What I am understanding Jeep are targeting a world target of 300k units unlike the old days of a prime U,S market and yeah 4×4 as well 2 wheel units to fight small SUV imports

      All in all, the new 2014 Cherokee looks like the combination between a Nissan Juke, an Isuzu Axiom, and an Alfa Romeo. There’s plenty of body cladding all around the bottom, and you can’t leave out the big tires with a slight lift in suspension. It’s certainly a bold new design that Jeep has gone with, and it’ll be interesting to see the reception it gets when it eventually comes out.

      It’s said the 2014 Cherokee will come in V6 and V4 engine options, but the V6 may have a 3.2-liter motor rather than the 3.6-liter to save on fuel mileage. Plus, it the V6 may be the only option in the US, while other countries will have the option of a four-cylinder 2-liter diesel offering. It’s expected that this 2014 Cherokee will make its official debut at the New York Auto Show next month

      Number of XJ’s built in given year:

      1984 – 93,3261985 – 120,3281986 – 107,2251987 – 139,2951988 – 187,1361989 – 207,2161990 – 151,2301991 – 151,5781992 – 137,8261993 – 144,9611994 – 123,3911995 – 120,2341996 – 286,4631997 – 258,958  big years1998 – 182,8451999 – 186,1162000 – 165,5902001 – 120,454Total = 2,884,172   also note the name plate  in the U.S. is  LIBERTY they are going back to calling it a CHEROKEE again 

      • MisterZed

        V4 engine?!?!

        • delcotexas

          Hello there , quoted as per the U.S. media release , I see I don’t believe also 

  • Ga

    Can’t they just make a smaller grand cherokee? 

  • Homer

    Must be Californian, big fake chrome smiley face, probably blows air kisses from the exhausts.

  • Aus_poppa

    It amuses me to read from many of the contributors that this car, and every other car they ever comment on is ugly. For some they have an even worse “crime” – the car is Korean!

    Maybe sometime we ought to get people to say what cars they think are , or were, good looking – other than exotic cars and Australian Utes.


    Very edgy.
    Will definately polarise the Jeep community.
    I kinda like it. Maybe a bit to insect like.
    I understand the main motivation for this design.
    Check the profile….its aerodynamic. Fuel considerations
    are what Fiat will bring to the Yanks.
    When I say aerodynamic I mean in comparison to the previous Cherokee.
    Which had its aerodynamics based on he original WWII Jeep!

    • Theo

      People on blogs the world over can’t spell the word “definitely”.

      • Monk

        HAHAHA.  I was thinking precisely that yesterday.  You are definately right!

  • PTC

    Kinda looks like the eyes of ‘four arms’ from the alien super hero character in Ben Ten….

  • Altezza

    Makes Nissan Juke looking better.

  • falcodore

    From all the comments i’ve been reading on various websites the concensus seems to be that this thing is U.G.L.Y. To me this is definitely a disappointment, especially considering the fantastic job they did with the Grand Cherokee. It will have to have real off-road ability and a great features list for me to consider it.

  • Tone

    It looks like it’s trying to poo.  Maybe it’s trying to pass a Panda 4×4?

  • JeepLover

    I guarantee that sometime in the not too distant future this will rate in the top 10 worlds ugliest fail cars of all time.

  • Person_of_interest

    looks like Jeep aus has removed the Cherokee from its range on its website, so there must be a new model about to drop… hopefully not like the above !

  • Jourien

    The looks, as have been said, is like a lovechild between a Jeep and and Aztek. But the real problem to me is the BIG front overhang, its improper of a Jeep at this level. Everything in the price point of the Wrangler or above, must be trail rated, and based on a RWD architecture to have the proper front overhang, to work in extreme off-road.

  • Don Quay

    Can someone explain why the pictures on this vehicle on the Car and Driver site from the USA looks so different (and better) than the one shown here?
    The headlights are larger, the grille doesn’t slope back as much and the lowest lights are set more inboard, all for a less confronting look.

    Are Jeep making two different front ends for different markets?


    Haha it’s Walter Whites new car

  • Stop_the_boats

    Slums new family hauler, if he can afford one, hard times .