The Mitsubishi Triton has been upgraded for 2013 with an enhanced standard equipment list and price reductions of up to $3250.

Mitsubishi Australia has taken the axe to the Triton range, halving the number of 4×2 models to five while also simplifying the 4×4 line-up.

The entry-level Mitsubishi Triton GL single cab chassis 4×2 continues as the only variant to feature the 94kW/194Nm 2.4-litre petrol engine. The base model benefits from new front seats with updated cloth upholstery as well as silver accents on the instrument cluster.

The Triton GLX single cab 4×2 and 4×4 models get the same cabin upgrades as the GL, while versions fitted with the four-speed automatic transmission score a new floor console with storage box.

The new manual seats in single and dual cab variants offer extended travel and greater front legroom compared with the old pews.

The Triton GLX dual cab 4×2 has been upgraded from the standard 100kW/314Nm 2.5-litre four-cylinder diesel engine to the ‘Hi Power’ version, which produces 131kW and 400Nm (350Nm with the auto). The updated model also adds high-grade seats, body-coloured exterior panels and side steps.

The same upgrades apply to the Triton GLX dual cab 4×4, which is also available with 16-inch alloy wheels as an option.

The Triton GL-R benefits from 16-inch alloys, sports bar, rear step, and a leather-wrapped steering wheel and gear knob.

The range-topping Triton GLX-R scores auto-folding side mirrors and new seats and upholstery for 2013, along with the 17-inch alloys, nudge bar, fog lamps and side steps that were already standard.

An optional Luxury pack for GLX-R variants includes a differential lock, leather upholstery, power driver’s seat and an eight-speaker audio system.

All Mitsubishi Triton dual cab models have been upgraded to include side and curtain airbags, combining with the already standard front airbags for six in total.


2013 Mitsubishi Triton manufacturer’s list prices:

  • Triton GL 4×2 single cab chassis manual – $20,990 (no change)
  • Triton GLX 4×2 single cab chassis manual – $25,490 (no change)
  • Triton GLX 4×2 single cab chassis auto – $27,490 (no change)
  • Triton GLX 4×2 dual cab pick-up manual – $31,990 (–$1500)
  • Triton GLX 4×2 dual cab pick-up auto – $33,990 (–$1500)
  • Triton GLX 4×4 single cab chassis manual – $33,990 (–$1000)
  • Triton GLX 4×4 club cab chassis manual – $38,240 (–$500)
  • Triton GLX 4×4 club cab pick-up manual – $38,990 (–$500)
  • Triton GLX 4×4 dual cab chassis manual – $40,240 (–$1500)
  • Triton GLX 4×4 dual cab chassis auto – $42,240 (–$1500)
  • Triton GLX 4×4 dual cab pick-up manual – $40,990 (–$1500)
  • Triton GLX 4×4 dual cab pick-up auto – $42,990 (–$1500)
  • Triton GLR 4×4 dual cab pick-up manual – $43,990 (–$500)
  • Triton GLR 4×4 dual cab pick-up auto – $45,990 (–$500)
  • Triton GLX-R 4×4 dual cab pick-up manual – $45,740 (–$3250)
  • Triton GLX-R 4×4 dual cab pick-up auto – $48,240 (–$3250)

  • jekyl & hyde

    lol’s at the new retails.tell me this. if the current glx 4×4 dual cab is $29990 driveaway,and the new glx list price is now $1500 cheaper,does this make the new model $28490 driveaway???

    pity every poor ( and the shoe probably fit’s) bloke who’s bought one for $37-38k before the current slash and burn price ,trying to get a decent resale price now…

    • Andrew M

      Yeah resale will be terrible.

      Was just talking about this with a guy yesterday who bought a new Ranger for near to 60K.
      He agreed the Ranger is far better than everything, but coughed at how the triton is nearly half the price.
      I told him not to worry as the Ranger resale will be very strong, I predict stronger than the Hilix resale which for years has been the benchmark for popularity on the 2nd hand market.

      He said they couldnt knock a cent off the Ranger no matter how hard he tried, He got free mats and thats about it. A little bit for the ABN too but thats only because the dealer gets a kick back for it.

      • Karl Sass

        Yes I think Ranger resale values will do very well, providing there are no major issues that draw it’s reliability into question. 

      • Bryan

        He should have bought a BT-50 instead, they are about eight grand cheaper than the Ford and a generally better specified.

  • Plops

    YOU FORGOT, Tim Beissmann!

    That the front lights are a bit different XD

  • Crazy n00b

    How about the Challenger which is based on the Triton?

    • Zaccy16

      challenger desperatly needs a update, truck like handling and diesel engine plus crud interior

  • Loft86

    once the ranger has been on the market as long as the triton has it will be getting the big price cuts too.

  • CS

    Obviously a new model is closer than most people think……….

  • Zaccy16

    This is definitely the worst car in the ute class, handles like truck, has a terrible petrol engine and unrefined diesel, desperately in need of new model

    • Hung Low

      But the engines do not seize up within 20000km like the VeeDud Amarok!

    • BB

      A GLX for $30k! Its in a class all its own and top of it.

  • Chris

    Unfortunatley i was stupid enough to buy a Challenger XLS 18months ago – I HATE IT.

    • BB

      Why? At this price i’m considering one.

    • Crazy n00b

      Why? Is it because of:

      – The excessive noise and diesel clatter?
      – The rough and low quality Thai made interior?
      – Smoky exhaust?
      – Firmware chip on the auto crippled engine torque output because the gearbox can’t take the torque?
      – For around $50 grands there are other more refine or better cars?
      – The service is too steep?
      – All of the above?

  • Tony Abbotts No1 fan

    My wife & I looked at a GLX-R a while ago, the main reason being the drop down rear window. We have dogs & with a canopy on the back, that window is a handy thing to have.

    However, the engine is noisy, the ride is not the best & the front seats are just awful, hard & flat, so we changed our minds & walked away from it.

    I havent regretted that decision for a second.


    • Luscord

      Couldn’t agree more Tony. The seats are just bloody awful!! Terrible on your back after a long trip. Cannot get comfortable. In fact, they are that bad, I’m looking for an after market seat I can replace the existing ones with.

      Also, with the manual, the revs hold a long time in between gears. Very annoying and not a good driving experience. That’s just two issues among many (squeaky suspension, power lag, etc etc etc).

      I made a very poor choice from not do enough homework so i guess i only have myself to blame; however, if i can save a few from making the same mistake then at least that’s something. Buyer beware!!

      • Should’ve bought another hilux

        I recently have also made the mistake buying a MY13 GLX. Sure it was good buying at the price for all the extras, however I had to take my brand new vehicle with paint chips just covered with touch up paint, not with the extras as I was told they were going to be because the dealer said they had already made a loss on the vehicle and they already had the $ from my finance company. Since then I have put my tools on the back ( less than 500 kg and was told it would take 1200 kg ) and the guard is nearly on the wheel and frequently hits the bump stops. makes it a very unpleasent ride and dangerous too as it floats all over the road. I am not game to dive over 80km/h. Along with that the power lag at low revs is terrible and as the previous comment stated it holds revs between gear changes. it is like you keep the accelerator on when the clutch is in!! When coming out of a corner you need to pull the steering wheel back around to straight otherwise it will keep going around in circles, where every other vehicle I have ever owned has self corrected. I have noticed a fair amount of smoke coming out of the exhaust, a funny smell from engine and a lot of brake pad dust on my front wheels im guessing this is part of the wearing in of a new vehicle? Storage in the cab is minimal and not very practical, and there is no clock.Mine is going in for its 1500km service tomorrow and I will be asking them to rectify all the mechanical issues. should be fun dealing with the responce I am expecting……not.

        • stix

          my new glr 2013 is doing the same. high revving, won’t go back to idle quick enough when changing gears. had it two days and took it back. said they hadn’t seen it before and were waiting for a response from mitsubishi. did you have any luck with them.


          • bob Kagi

            Did you find a solution to the high revving problem?

          • John Farrow

            Revving between gears will stop after 1500K’m Service,
            Must be something they do to the comp at service

          • bob kagi

            Thanks for the tip John. At
            fter neaarly a year I still havent done 1000k’s but it was actually at the first service that my problems really began. I took it in because it was surging, John Hughes’ lot remapped the ecu according to MMA specs and now I have the revving between shifts issue. John Hughes people and MMA play good cop bad cop and hope I will go away. I am really fed up

          • John Farrow

            Only other thing I can think of is if they have returned the ecu back to factory spec, you will have the rev issue until. 1st service.
            How many k’s till the surging start ?

        • Boyd

          I have a GLX-R brand new and have similar suspension issues, at 100 klm/h the whole car shakes, you feel every bump in the road like your sitting on a jack hammer, when towing the boat which is only 18ft aluminium it floats all over the road. I have have it back twice and the best I can get is they let pressure out of the tyres and say it rides just like a Triton does, very disappointing when your brand new car drives worse than the 12 year old one you just traded.

      • John Farrow

        Revving between gears will stop after 1500K’m Service,
        Must be something they do to the computer at service

  • CBB

    Chris – If you hate your Challenger – then you obviously bought it for the wrong reasons. I have had one for 2 years now – and love it – I bought it to be used as a 4wd, and not for carting kids to school. After having owned 4 Pajero’s, and 1 Prado over the past 20 years – and all used as 4wd’s, the Challenger is easily as good offroad, but at a way lower price – rather scratch and dent a $45000 vehicle than a $70000 one. Knowhere as comfy onroad though, but thats the trade-off – you should have stuck with the myriad of softroaders…

  • Haveagohero

    Picked up my 2012MY13 GLX4x2 manual turbo diesel, dual cab today. Got tub liner, tonue cover, tints and electronic rust protection. Paid $26,100 drive away. 5 year warranty, 5 years road side assist and capped price servicing I’m quite happy at the moment. Lets see if the fairy tale continues!

  • bob Kagi

    I have a MY13 Triton. My car has the engine revving problem on gear changes noted in several comments here. Has anyone found a remedy for it? My dealer says it is normal, but that cant be true as I have to wait to let the clutch pedal out or it clunks badly.

    • stix

      bob. got the same answer from my dealer. they don’t want to know about it. they say it is designed to do it. something to do with emission controls.

      • bob Kagi

        TFT. I am concerned about it, for sure.
        I took it in and they remapped the software for the ECU and it became worse! I will see if I get any leads from my post then take it up with Mitsubishi or write to a 4WD magazine
        Subject: Re: New comment posted on 2013 Mitsubishi Triton: price cuts, more features for updated ute

  • Jordan

    I have a new Mazda b-t50 and it does the same with the gear changing it will only drop the revs to where the next gear change will pick it up at again

  • renny

    Im about to buy the glxr should i get spray on up normal tub liner? Also dealer has rust & paint protection deal but seems cheaper thru tint a car by over $500. Any suggestions getting auto so hopefully dont have your gear issues

  • Phil

    My Triton is no longer available as it’s a ML V6 3.5 Petrol. 2007. The last of the correct weighted designs with self-level side suspension, heavy duty springs and high-lift cabin. I have just clocked up 300,000 kms.of courier travel and love it to death all on the original clutch, 4 sets of brake pads and no troubles. having owned lots of utes and trucks over 30 years of transport this has been the best vehicle yet. What I’ve leaned is this – buy a ute that does not stress when pulling your load, in 6 years i have never needed to rev over 4,000 rpm which is only 2/3 of the rev range, buy a 4 cyl and you will be revving hard all the time and the car won’t last as long. Buy a 3.0-3.5 litre from the rivals or look for a Triton V6 on the second hand market and fit it with gas. Happy travels

  • Slim

    I purchased a 2012 Triton dual cab 2.5 Diesel 4 by 2 automatic and have had no problems with this vehicle to date….my biggest gripe is with the costing of their genuine Mitsubishi Filters….they are priced at around $55.00c for the oil filter (Z313) and around $68.00c for the genuine fuel filter (Z679)…RYCO oil filter replacements are around the same price from Super Cheap but the RYCO fuel filter there was $82.40c…I have sourced another brand of filters for my vehicle from Sakura Filters which are readily available both on line and at parts shops and are priced at $17.50c for the oil filter and $16.00c for the fuel filter…Sakura is a Japanese company but their filters are made in Indonesia…Mitsubishi filters are made in China…..Sakura provides a warranty if you use their filters and Mitsubishi cannot stop you from providing these filters when they service your vehicle…The vehicle belongs to you…..We all know that there will never be a warranty problem with any brand of filter anyway…..