The Audi RSQ3 has been revealed ahead of the performance Q model’s debut at next month’s Geneva motor show.

Audi’s first-ever SUV-based RS model is powered by a 228kW/420Nm 2.5-litre direct-injection turbocharged five-cylinder TFSI engine – down slightly on the 265kW found under the bonnet of the RS Q3 concept that debuted at the 2012 Beijing motor show.

Audi Australia has confirmed the new RSQ3 will arrive in local showrooms during the first quarter of 2014, and while it is yet to finalise pricing, promises the super sporty compact SUV will come in at under $100,000.

Delivering a 0-100km/h sprint time of 5.5 seconds and an electronically limited top speed of 250km/h, the five-cylinder unit – also used to power the TT RS and RS3 Sportback – is teamed to a start-stop system for the first time to help achieve an average fuel consumption figure of 8.8 litres per 100km and CO2 emissions of 206 grams per kilometre.

A seven-speed ‘S-tronic’ dual-clutch automatic transmission with steering wheel-mounted paddles transfers drive to all four wheels and works with both a launch control function and the Audi drive select system that allows drivers to chose between an auto, comfort and dynamic driving mode. Massive ventilated and cross-drilled front brakes measuring 365mm in diameter also feature, clamped by black eight-piston ‘RS’ callipers.

The Audi RSQ3 is 25mm longer and 285kg heavier than the standard Audi Q3 (4410mm and 1730kg respectively). The boot offers 356 liters of cargo space, which expands to 1261L with the rear seats folded down.

The RSQ3 combines an aggressive exterior highlighted by a unique front bumper with large side air intakes, a generous amount of honeycomb mesh and a brushed aluminium grille frame that matches the roof rails and the signature side mirrors that designate an Audi high-performance model.

Below the main grille is a smaller aluminium-framed lower grille stamped with ‘quattro’ in a touch similar to that seen on the new Audi RS6, while side skirts, a rear spoiler and rear diffuser, prominent wheel arches, 25mm-lower ride height and 19-inch alloy wheels complete the external treatments.

Black Alcantara and leather RSQ3-embossed sports seats, a flat-bottomed multi-function steering wheel, piano black inserts, grey-stitching highlights, and aluminium look pedals and trim details adorn the high quality interior. Aluminium and carbon inserts are also available, as are diamond-quilted leather seats and 20-inch alloy wheels.

A ten-speaker Audi sound system, xenon plus headlights, LED tail-lights, park assist and hill hold assist are all standard, as is electronic stability control that also features its own Sport mode setting.

Once officially launched, the Audi RSQ3 will join the existing RS range alongside the TT RS, RS3, the recently released RS4, and the RS5, RS6 and RS7 Sportback.

The 2013 Geneva motor show kicks off on March 5.

  • NotAPlainStupidIdiot

    1730kg??? Sub $100k price tag… I think the next Range Rover will be a better value buy over this and will be a better overall package. This should be no more than $65k plus onroads.

    • Brayden Cresswell

      Have to agree there so many cars to compete with here good luck Audi.

      • Monk

        What are they competing with?
        BMW have no X1M or X3M (can’t believe they make a 5GT and 3GT but not these??)
        Jeep have no SRTs below GC.
        Lexus have nothing.
        Volvo XC60 T6 R-design is much slower despite having similar power/torque outputs.
        Evoque hits you for the same $ but doesn’t give you the performance.

        I haven’t looked at the dimensions of upcoming Merc A45 AMG and Porsche Macan but I assume they are close enough to this. These would be the only natural competitors and they aren’t out yet… and they are likely to cost this much or more.  So – what do you see as the competitors? 
        Unlikely a buyer is going to cross shop a hot hatch with this but crazier things happen every day…

        • Bc

          Depending if you want he performance I would choose the evoke style alone is 100% better I would take the performance hil for a better looking car in this segment everyday of the week.

          • HerpDerp

            The Evoque style does turn heads but it comes with major drawbacks, luggage capacity, vision (therefore safety), headroom etc. Plus it was designed by Posh Spice – not exactly a car for thinkers.

          • Guest12

            The Evoque is a show pony for posers at the expense of practicality.
            Give me substance any day.

          • Jkgh

            Agreed, Evoque and Q3 are terribly impractical choices of SUVs. Give me the Discovery anyday.

        • Acfsambo7

          Isn’t the A45 a hatchback not an SUV?

          • Monk

            You’re probably right – It wasn’t something I was completely interested in so I didn’t pay too much attention to the fine print. haha

          • Force-15

            Don’t worry. AMG will soon have a fettled version of the GLA SUV that Mercedes-Benz is working on.

    • KH

      What next Range Rover will be in that price point with those specs?

    • Devil666

      If you are talking Evoque – you’ll be waiting many years for the new model, the paint is barely dry on those. Plus, they have no engine in their parts bin that could ever be competitive with the RSQ3. And I certainly hope you weren’t referring to the Sport in your Range Rover rant, because that just paints you as delusional.

      I find your price suggestion disconcerting. This should be more of a comment on the imported car industry then a judgement on the perceived value of a car you clearly have no concept of.

      To get the RS badge for under $100K is a big deal buddy, only the Plain and Stupid don’t know that.

      • KH

         great response, voices my thoughts to every detail

      • Bc

        It Is a big deal but for 100k I wouldn’t buy this car due to the fact there are so many cars which better it for less money I’m In the segment of 60-100k for my next car and I won’t even think about looking at this car.

        Audi have become boring to look at it looks like a bloated up A3 my opinion of coarse.

        • KH

          Fair enough, but in terms of high-powered small-SUVs there aren’t too many to choose from for this sort of money.

          If you include hot hatch options then yeah there’s a lot to choose from, but this car is reasonably unique in what it offers.

          • Bc

            Put it like that Definitly.

          • Idiots

            An SUV that has no offroad ability and far too heavy for a race track is a complete joke for $100k. The Range Rover Sport new diesel will be 7s or less to 100kmh and will offer hell of a lot more in terms of luxury and capability. Not to mention comfort and practicality.

          • Seriously

            Small high powered SUVs don’t exist because they are pointless numb nuts. Stick with your GTI boy racer.

    • Guestovovic

      & how would you know what the next Range Rover will be?
      Take the NotA of your name now.

  • Oliver Cromwell

    I dont like the single oval exhaust

    • Jeremy

      I agree. Poor for an RS model.

  • Dudeface

    Nitpick – the 2.5 is used in the RS3, not the S3

  • Jkgh

    Pffff, why would you want a hot hatch on stilts?

    • Gdsg

      Agreed, they need to stop with these niches.

  • rob

    am i reading this correctly? this is slower than the new S3? this does not make sense

    • Oliver Cromwell

      its like 300 hundred kilo’s heavier and the engine has only slightly more power.

  • Zaccy16

    Looks good, great interior and engine but prices onroad will be probably too high

    • Karl Sass

      Bet me to it. I think Audi interiors are the best in the business, but the car is still overpriced. 

    • Nicki

      True, probably won’t see many on the road at this rate.

    • $29896495

      At least they are showing a bit more imagination on the inside. Mistook the outside for a Sportback.

  • nick

    Massive rip off US Q5 with 3.0TSFi is $55k, More German Sausage

    • Gdfs

      So true.

  • Xristo303

    I guess sub $100k could mean $99k. I’m a big Audi fan, but don’t know why anyone would choose this over the upcoming s3.

    S3 is lighter and therefore faster, and probably has the same amount of cabin space if not more.

  • RJW

    I think the RSQ3 offers a good alternative to someone who doesn’t want the low ride of a car like the S3 or Golf R but gives reasonable performance as well. I have a Golf R and every time my wife is in the car and we crawl out a driveway to avoid scratching the front lip she always reminds me what a ”useful car it is”.(her words not mine). I love the R  but we are now waiting on the new SQ5 to arrive to replace it. We also have a RR Evoque which spent 6 weeks in total off the road over 4 different periods with starting problems so we may look at the RSQ3 as a replacement for that.     

  • TTOZ

    Yep, ruins the looks for me. I just keep imagining how wonderful and symmetrically balanced it would look with another on the other side. It actually put me off the car, for an RS i expect more also. Furthermore, why detune it? It’s obviously more than capable of running the TT RS tune, and would be a 4.8 second car if so. Bad design choices. Oh well.