by Daniel DeGasperi

Tipped to be called the Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe, the replacement for the seven-year-old CL-Class has been snapped exclusively for the first time.

The extra-large luxury coupe will return to the Mercedes-Benz S-Class line-up, just as the E-Class coupe usurped the CLK-Class in 2009.

Revealing a similar front end to the all-new sixth-generation S-Class sedan caught almost undisguised yesterday, the coupe sports an even larger, lower and wider front grille, with a more steeply raked body.

The new S-Class Coupe flaunts an even higher and more sweeping beltline than the sedan, and bulged rear haunches. Rear styling appears strikingly similar to an Aston Martin, with wide, low tail-lights melding into a bootlid with an in-built aerodynamic ‘lip’.

As with the current CL-Class, frameless doors and a B-pillarless body continue as hallmarks of the flagship Mercedes-Benz coupe.

Compared with the outgoing CL-Class, the new S-Class Coupe is expected to sell at a similar $50K premium over the sedan, with a range of pricetags from $350-$550K.

While the next-generation S-Class sedan will debut later this year, this S-Class Coupe is in the very early stages of on-road testing and isn’t expected until 2014.

Both will be a showcase of Mercedes-Benz engineering, previewing safety and equipment technology that will eventually filter down into mainstream models.


  • Golfschwein

    The first photo is the most interesting, for what’s in the background. Do I see an E Class with a very long rear passenger’s door?

    • Peacemaker ic

      probably the Chinese market long-wheelbase model

    • Zaccy16

      yeah i see that too

  • Smart US

    bentley basher 

  • Zaccy16

    This the ultimate gt car for german autobahns!

  • StevieP

    The rear reminds me of the Renault Laguna coupé.