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by Karl Peskett

Internet sites seem to be like sheep. Once someone’s got a story, everyone takes it as gospel, and it gets reported as fact.

One such example is Aston Martin’s Project One-77. Around the world, sites reported the car as being sold out. Hell, even we fell for it.


But an insider at Aston Martin has exclusively told CarAdvice that customers who are willing to put down the 200,000 pound deposit right now, will in fact secure themselves an example. While he wouldn’t go on record, he categorically denied reports that the car is sold out.

The problem stemmed from a misinterpretation. Aston Martin had over 100 expressions of interest, not firm orders. As yet, there are still production slots available, which means that even Australians who want one of the world’s most exclusive cars, can still place an order.

Right-hand drive, and ADR approved, our man at Aston Martin assures us that the One-77 will be able to be driven on our roads – one of the few seven figure supercars to be able to do so.

  • crouchy

    thanks for the heads up, ill give them a call tomorrow and drop the deposit down on monday =D

    oh and then ill wake up.

  • Andrew M

    Uh oh,
    This will be like trying to get Pink concert tickets.

    Be prepared to wait in the long line for this one.
    My advice is take some shoulder pads Crouchy, its gonna be on to secure the last few now that the words out.

    This reminds me of time when a certain chocolate manufacturer placed golden tickets in candy bars. When it was originally thought that the tickets were all found, all the fuss died off.
    but there was some confusion and there was still a remaining ticket out there. Well I tell you, from then on it was on like donkey kong to secure the last Wonka ticket.

    Just be prepared I say

  • Austin

    oompa…loompa…so the song goes.

    Actually Andrew I wouldn’t be surprised if oompa loompas were involved somewhere in the manufacturing process at Aston Martin 😉

  • Simon

    Rule number one in journalism:
    Always check your sources!

  • Andrew M

    Yes Austin,
    you heard about that one too??

  • Biggles

    Ha, what a pointless beat-up. All the other motoring sites said that the One-77 merely has a full order book, not that there’s no longer a hope in hell of getting one. If you wave a $200,000 check in front of Aston’s nose OF COURSE they’ll give you one regardless of your position in the queue – that isn’t an “exclusive” bit of information, it’s a well known fact!

    Old news.

  • h0t fuzz

    Quick every1 buy the lottery and if u win go buy one of these. Then u’ll get it in like 12 months time and prob go for a joy ride only for it to end up in the impound lot with some corrupt cop taking it out for a joy ride… and he’ll prob crash it. Prob next to impossible to get insurance for this baby!

  • Reckless1

    The untruths are always perpetrated by journalists.

    Just the other day the original Golf GTI was a Turbo 1.5 engined car on this very site.

    There obviously was NO checking of facts and there will now be some people who will believe the lie and spread it even further.

  • geni

    The problem is reckless (and I’m not having a crack at CarAdvice, more just internet news in general), is that for lots of internet blog sites, you have no idea if the person writing the piece is a well-educated journalist or some 12 yr old working out of his mums basement. Yet because internet news is so ‘now’ and up to the minute, as soon as something is written thats remotely news worthy, all other internet news sites jump all over it, tripping over themselves to get it out first, that there is no time to actually check if its accurate, or even true. Also the sheer lack of source quality checking is terrible in online media. How many stories have you read that quote some ‘expert’ who turns out to have absolutely no qualifications at all? A lot of media use the right to hide sources as a way of producing really dubious reporting, because they don’t have to mention that their ‘environmental expert’ is actually some hippy who’s only solution to global warming is to cultivate more pot.

    Really, its our fault for putting up with it. Like any business, websites survive only on revenue generated through ads, so if a site continually reported crap news, then the only way they’ll get the point is if people stop visiting the site, wholesale.

  • Marc

    I don’t think its a beatup Biggles.

    I’ve had a look at all the other sites, and they either say that there’s a full order book, or firm orders. One site I had a look at said it was “according to Aston”! How wrong could they be.

    If there was a full order book, then why would someone from Aston tell Car Advice otherwise? And if the order book was full, why would they still take a deposit. The way I understand it, is once you’ve put down your 200K pounds, that’s a firm order. You can’t bump someone else off the list, because they’ve also put down their money too.

    Geni’s right. You just have to be careful. Good to see Car Advice being honest about it too.

  • Biggles

    Marc, expressing your interest in a car doesn’t mean you’ve bought it. Therefore having over 100 people interested in buying an Aston One-77 doesn’t mean the whole production run has been sold.

    I agree though, it’s good to see Car Advice being honest about it and admitting that they – along with all the other “dubious” websites – just follow everyone else like sheep.

  • http://amoc Brent Rasch


  • B-Man

    Your right Andrew M, this is like trying to get pink tickets.
    Except the end result is somewhat different. Instead of finding out you got duped into paying top dollar for a talentless product of marketing and advertising that is as ugly as a bucket full of smashed crabs, you get an extremly rare and beautiful car.

  • Bavarian Missile (.)(.)

    Yeah but you will pick Pink tickets up off ebay……..unlike the Aston !

    Looooove Pink……….Why is it most men dont like her? Could it be she doesnt take c..p from them ?

  • Marc

    “Biggles Says:
    February 1st, 2009 at 5:55 pm
    Marc, expressing your interest in a car doesn’t mean you’ve bought it. Therefore having over 100 people interested in buying an Aston One-77 doesn’t mean the whole production run has been sold.”

    Thanks Biggles. You just proved my point.

  • A-ron

    And here’s one the yank’s are working on ?


    (sorry couldn’t post actual pics, couldn’t help but notice some peculiar similarities at certain angles)