by Daniel DeGasperi

Click the photo tab above to see images of the Holden VF Commodore SS. Read CarAdvice’s full coverage of the Holden VF Commodore here.

  • Tony

    Nice…..looks stunning….GIGGITY GIGGITY GOO!!!

  • peddy.d

    I like this more than the calais, it’s sort of like the Holden equivalent of a 5 series with an M body kit, very sporty yet very luxurious and sophisticated.

  • Pro346

    Love the dark colour wheels classy.

  • Shazi

    will defiantly smoke a golf down the dunny

  • Poison_Eagle

    Shockingly bland and underwhelming. I hope HSV delivers a more adventurous look (short of the OTT hackjob they sell now).

  • Daniel D

    Gorgeous interior. Exterior front is nice and the back is ok. I think the choice of colours they are using for these halo cars is missing the mark and not making the most of the cars styling,

    Honestly the only think I could wish for with this car is a LS2 under the bonnet. I certainly wouldn’t bother looking at HSV if they did.

    • Pro346

      Ls2 was discontinued along time ago l76/l98 is vastly better! Why do you think hsv stopped using the ls2?

  • Zaccy16

    better looking than the calais v but grill too big and that plastic strip is cheap

    • Sam

      If this exact car was the new Mazda 6 you would love everything about it. 

  • mike

    I’ve have only had my new SV6 VE for 5 months and I love it but bye bye.  I can’t wait to get a VF.

  • Fastcraig74

    Designed for bogans by bogans, surely we have become intelligent enough to see that there is far better available on the market, 

    • Pro346

      “Fast”Craig drives a bog stock 1.8 corolla

  • Fastgreg64

    Awesome I’m a bogan and its just what I’m after, the BMW 335i Coupe in the garage is gone, Fastcraig74 what does that refer to your hotted up Datsun 180B, this VF is the right car at the right time, Either a V8 Calais V or a new HSV Clubby for my garage. Craig maybe the Greatwall dealer has something you can afford, long live the bogan Aussie culture!

  • Riker

    Good looking car. It has a powerful stance but doesn’t shove it in your face. However, just a few things I cannot see, xenon lights, auto anti dazzle rear view mirror & possibly a few other things that this cars rivals (not falcon) will have as standard equipment. Of course these could be added at launch or be part of extra cost packages but they should be standard now days.

  • Holden forever

    Love the fact the toyota and holden have the same design team.