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by Daniel DeGasperi

The Holden VF Commodore SS will be available in two interior colours – a full black, and black-on-grey – with darker ‘galvano’ chrome and piano black finishes, red lighting, and more aggressively-contoured seats and steering wheel rounding out the changes compared with the Calais V-Series shown earlier this week.

Unlike with the outgoing VE, the Holden VF Commodore core interior design is shared between all models – including the Calais shown on Sunday, and the SS revealed here. GM Holden design director Andrew Smith said the strategy for designing the VF Commodore interior was to simplify the number of interior options compared with the outgoing VE.

“When we did VE we tried very hard to develop multiple models that had very distinct interior themes,” he explained. “The guys decided this time around to simplify it, to do one interior theme and differentiate it with materials.

“So what we’ve really done is focused on giving the customer a really premium interior, but not get so hung up on whether an SS and a Calais look completely different … they have different themes.”

The broad, horizontal fascia of the VF Commodore, and the switchgear, dials and touchscreen display, are shared between Calais and SS models, with design difference in the detail.

Chief colour and trim designer Sharon Gauchi said that advancements in technology since the VE program meant that designers could now differentiate ‘themes’ between models using different decorative elements and different materials. The objectives with the SS interior were, however, broadly the same as the Calais.

“With the sport interior, we wanted to inject a sense of luxury,” she added.

“We’ve abandoned the large colour blocking that we did with VE. With VE we launched the [SS] interior with a big expanse of orange, with a big expanse of red.

“What we’ve done with the sport interiors is create that sense of ‘I’ve grown up, I’m sophisticated’.

“The full black [interior] is not an oppressive, dark interior because you get layering effects of materials… It’s very sensory from a touch point of view, and very sensory from a visual point of view.

“Typical sports cues [are] the chrome, perforation [leather], the suede, the carbon-like finish in the instrument panel and door trim. With the black interior … it doesn’t get the red stitch, it gets a grey stitch.”

Compared with the full-black interior shown, the second interior option gets grey alcantara inserts and lighter lower trim colours. The front seats are all-new, but while the seat base is shared with the Calais V-Series, the backrest has more aggressive contouring than the luxury model. Other changes include bespoke ‘SSV’ stitching on the alcantara-clad passenger-side dash panel (the Calais does not get an interior badge). Conversely, the SSV show car does not get the front seat heating function of the Calais, with the button left beneath the central air vents blanked out.

Although the Holden VF Commodore SS show car was equipped with a manual transmission, interior design manager Joe Rudolph confirmed that for the automatic models “paddleshifters are enabled, it’s just a choice model by model whether we implement it…” The Holden VF Commodore Calais V-Series show car did not get steering-wheel mounted paddle shifters, however it is believed that the SS automatic will get paddles for the automatic transmission’s manual mode.

Rudolph would not confirm this, or whether the paddleshifters are being reserved for the HSV range of VF Commodore models, however he did say that for design development purposes “they [HSV] have been up here twice, I’ve been down there [Clayton] twice”.

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  • Josef

    Looks good.

    • lolniceone

      It looks good cause its been blatantly ripped from an F458 Italia.

      • Dfgf

         It doesn’t look anything like it. I think this looks better anyway as the 458’s steering wheel and console look just like the ones you can buy for a Playstation or Nintendo.

        • Got_rice

          Well the Mario Bro’s probably drive ferraris anyway sooo……wait what?

  • Shak

    Honestly, i think the single thing which has lifted the ambiance of the interior as a whole has not been the new materials, or the different design. It has been the change in the headliner colour. The switch to a lighter colour really appears to have visually lightened and opened up the interior in the VF Commodore. 

    • G

      I reckon that’s the one thing that ruins it, darker headliner for sports models looks better, makes it less distracting so you can focus better. 

      • Igomi Watabi

        Wow, that’s obscure

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/RGPFZ4FKOCXGTJDJ7OGIPB3NBE TG

    Interiors looks good, comfortable and classy; may not be class leading, but definitely looks decent and considerably improved since the previous model lines. Like it! :)

  • Me

    Wow!  I just want one.  But Holden, please make the heated seats / memory seats available on SSV, even if only as an option.

  • Poison_Eagle

    Interior looks fantastic. 

  • Hung Low

    Huge improvement in this department

  • filippo

    It seems that Holden has finally discovered that just about every other car maker in the world moved their electric window switches from the console to the door 10 years ago. Well done!!

  • gtrxuone

    Wow,really nicley done.The Vf has gone to a new level.Not just the quality interior,but the whole package.
    Also well done to Car Advise. For there coverage of the new Vf.Small cars,mid size cars,hatches,suvs.There all a dime a dozen,this vf like Falcon and Aurion are quiet unique cars these days.

  • Spfire28

    I’d like to see Alcantara on the mid section of the seats where you sit. With Leather bolsters.
    Side support bolsters on the seats need to be adjustable so us slim guys are ‘hugged’ by them. We love that.
    I hope the head lining and side pillars will be dark or black too. I hate the ‘2 tone’ light grey head lining effect. The current VE SSV looks awesome with black head lining, especially with sunroof.
    The centre console touch screen area looks a bit “jetsons” for a sports car :(
    Paddle Shifters…YES!!! Put paddles in please!!!!
    Would prefer a more sports looking steering wheel design.
    I hope the SSV come with the HUD.
    I hope its affordable.
    I’m seriously considering getting one of these. I’m in the market now, but I’ll wait.

  • Chad

    Well done. I like the seats, kinda old school

  • WH

    Where is the handbrake?

    • Kd

      Its in front of the cupholders on the right hand side

      • Save It For The Track

        That abomination is an ‘electronic park brake’, it is in no way a ‘handbrake’.

        • guest

           It’s great. Have fun with your hand-brake turns!

        • Poison_Eagle

           What happens if the brake circuit fails? Careful appication of the handbrake isn’t possible now. And how are cops going to perform 180 degree turns? I don’t like this, hope Falcon retains mechanical handbrake for its next update.

          • Jfghj

             I dont know about the circuit but when it’s not working, you can leave it in gear or Park. When its working, it should be applied as one setting – maximum. Why would you want “careful” applications of the park brake? If you want to do parkbrake turns, you want the wheels to lock, little applications won’t work.
            Never seen cops do 180 turns (except in movies), even when  doing U turns to chase people.

  • Zaccy16

    A huge improvement over the ve but the disappointing thing about it is that its a ‘global design’ not a homegrown one

    • Sumpguard

      LoL. The exterior was a huge improvement for Zaccy in the other thread but the wheels were rubbish.

        In this one he is bagging the global design. ….you’re veedud pooloo is a global design too 😉

         How is it that you could not find a single positive thing to say about it in 2 days of spamming the VF reveal but now it’s a huge improvement? 

      • Zaccy16

        You don’t read very well do you? I stated that the ss version is a improvement and global design is good for global cars but the commodore should be designed by Aussies for Aussies not from old Chevy sketches!

        • Sumpguard

          I read fine thanks. You on the other hand…..

  • Monk

    This interior is actually nicer than the Calais V

    • Jober As A Sudge

      A lot less “button happy” too which is good

    • guest

       They both look great, but this one really looks the business. In fact, the SS V itself looks stunning as well. The whole interior ambience is just really much, much better. It looks very premium.

  • Aayayu18

    Cannot wait to get into a taxi in a few months time !!!! Just joking . The interior is definitely a step.  up

    • guest

       If you like the newest model Chrysler 300C, come to Sydney. We have those as taxis now too, diesel ones.

  • gary

    new ss looks great I have the number plates for sale in south australia VFSS in gold with black background. $5000 gmainwg@gmail.com.

    • Daniel D

      Thats great Gary. Hang on to them for a few years and they will be worth $50000!!!!

      Leave them for your kids as an investment.

  • John Walker

    Terrific looking interior, except for the steering wheel, it’s way to big, looks plug ugly.

    • Sydlocal

      I was thinking the same thing. The interior is a huge step up, except for the Cruze steering wheel!

      • Hector

        i think the steering wheel is a massive improvement over the old wheel. it looks smaller than the old bus steering wheel. chunky with nice grooves. 

  • Hector

    all it’s missing now is a lightning fast double clutch transmission and some paddles on the steering wheel 

  • http://www.ozmazdaclub.com/ Tien

    I really think the new VF Commodore interior is a huge improvement over the VE

    Looking forward to seeing and sitting in one

  • Vt363rwkw

    His just screams class, looks better than a M5 inside and has more technology, mate the HSV with the supercharged v8 will be faster too ha ha, Holden will exported to Europe soon as a luxury car

  • Hughesy11

    Have noticed that in all sports model spy photos so far that the interior roof is all a light grey colour now… have they steered away from the dark interior roof and A pillars compared to the VE?