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  • Roadtard

    The more I look, the less I like.

    • Guest

      Stop looking or you might go Blind

    • Strayamayan

      Anybody who thinks the 2014 falcon v8supercar will look much better, like this comment.

  • $29896495

    NASCAR by any of name.

    • jr

      You have no idea

      • $29896495

        I’ve got a pretty clear idea, how about you?

  • Aussiepride

    Ugh the back looks TERRIBLE!

  • Fairlane

    I think it looks OK and I’m a Ford man.

    Wanting to see the Merc which is supposed to be revealed on thursday.

    • Fairlane

      Then again I think any car would look good in V8Supercar form

      • $29896495

        Don’t know about that, but curious about the Merc myself.

  • http://www.facebook.com/UniqueBabyGifts Darren Johnson

    Not different enough to VE race cars from the front.

    • $29896495

      Well other than the hype, it was only a face lift. 

      • Monk

        But I think Dazza is right – it looks half VE, half VF – like they tried to adapt existing body work or knocked off at 5pm and said, ‘that’ll do!’

        • $29896495

          well, it is the old shell with a new front and back, I think they clash too. 

  • Al

    Why did they adopt the falcon style rear wing. T-spoiler looks better imo. 

    • Geoff

      yeah, what’s with the Falcon wing?

  • Ox

    So a preview of the face of the SS/SV6?

    • Roadtard

      Chevrolet SS images are all over the net already… 

  • Save It For The Track

    bet the race versions don’t have ‘electric park brakes’. Not that they have much in common as it is with the production cars.

    • $29896495

      The race version isn’t a Commodore. It runs a non production engine on universal suspension on a shortened frame and so – you get the drift.

      • Mad Max

        If you don´t like it, don´t tune in to the TV or go to a track. You could alway go to a production car race meeting. That way you can walk around and shake hands with all of the other spectators. That should take all of 20 minutes. The V8 SC´s are fast, race hard and are spectaular. The introduction of new manufacturers will addmore appeal and is a step in the same direction. As for the comments about NASCAR, well at the end of the day, so? We don´t run on ovals, our cars run individaul representations of the original car and V8 SC never claim to be a production class. 

        • $29896495

          They are trying to get new manufacturers in to keep the series alive. The shell is altered, it might as well be generic, it’s the only difference. I like racing I want to see it be the best that can be, I’m not convinced this is the right direction. But time will tell. Couple of things they should change engines should be contemporary. If a car doesn’t have  a V8, it shouldn’t be aloud to be altered.

          • Mad Max

            I think manufacturers should be allowed to race a V8 in any body style they want. I´d love to see a Mazda 6, a Honda Accord, a BMW, a Chrysler 300 and maybe a Mondeo. But it will take time. Something else I´d like to see is the franchise limit incresaed from 28 to 34 or even 36 but the current franchise (or REC´s) holders would be dead against it as it might devalue the existing franchise prices. I know a lot of people are keen to go back to production based racing but it won´t happen as the cars need improvements to make them reliable. Do that and you may as well go down the Group C path again.

  • Fairlane

    Where is the story of the redbull cars,come on CA I thought you would have 1.