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  • Sumpguard

    I like the refresh of the commodore (insert Sumpguard is a Bogan HERE).  They’ve done a good job of making it look like an entirely new car externally and it certainly looks more modern.

        The interior is a massive improvement.

    Now for the haters……….

    • Mazza

      I am pleasantly surprised too. I was expecting a mismatch of new and old parts, but this is very cohesive and quite nice. I am waiting to see what the non-Calais models will look like.

    • Sydlocal

      I don’t think it is Bogan saying that and you have made a very valid point. Especially with the interior. Good to see that horrid hand brake lever is gone. Just a shame it is now an electronic hand brake as I can’t say I am a fan of them. I wonder if this set up is the same for the Omega etc?

  • Noddy_of_Toyland

    I prefer the big-Insignia look more than a big-Malibu. Well done Holden.

  • Bmfan

    Look good. Well done Holden

  • Sam

    I’m not a massive fan of the front end work but the back end looks sweet.

    • Haz

      I agree, the back looks great but I’m not so sure about the front.

  • nugsdad

    This is now a world class car, it has always had it’s typical Australian strengths and now with a level of sophistication.  The interior is fantastic.
    Say what you like but why wouldn’t you buy this for $50k sell it two years later for $25-$30 and get a new one. The Alternative is go German, Starts at $90k option it up with wheels tyres and a radio, pay $120k hang on to it for 4 years ( you got bored with it after 18 months) and trade it in then for $40k.
    Calling this a bogan car is an egotistical comment with no basis, but the german brands love it so you pay twice as much for their offerings and get half the car.
    Seriously lets support Australia. When I go to Korea at least 90% of the cars on their roads are Korean, lets show some national spirit.

    • TaxPayer

      I will show my Aussie spirit and key the paintwork of everyone I see. Still a fuel guzzling outdated car.

      • Darryl

        Will you really? So it’s off to the Chery dealer then. Good for you.

    • Fgjh

      So “why wouldn’t you buy this for $50k sell it two years later for $25-$30 and get a new one”.
      Well I can think of many reasons.
      1. You pay $50K, you’d expect your car to last more than two years.
      2. Why would you sell a two year old car only to buy exactly the same car again?
      3. To avoid losing $25K in depreciation.
      4. There are plenty of non- German alternatives
      5. There are plenty of German alternatives under $90K.

      How do you know it’s world class? No independents have driven it yet. All you’ve done if look at photos and listen to marketing blerb, so how is that enough to decide?

      Also, what cars, German or not, need to be optioned with wheels, tyres and radio? I have never seen a car that didn’t come with wheels and tyres.

      • $29896495

        My experience after buying a 35,000 dollar Holden was that it was worth 9,000 after 4 years. Not happy! Not to mention spending so much time in service for warranty faults. As some body said about giving ford a try, I gave Holden a go, and they blew it.

      • Frosty

        Um Fgjh, I have never ever had a Holden that has lasted only 2 years…. You must be thinking of Fords going by your title starting with FG coincidently… There are some who like going for the newest and considering the difference in price with the Euros you can save up much quicker for a Calais V when comparing to a Euro with similar features. There is also no way I would pay euro prices for a Japanese car when I can get the same for less and buy a Australian car which keeps other Australians in jobs…I hope you do not live in Australia if your FG part of your title is just coincidental because I personally think people who don’t care about their fellow countrymen and womans welfare a disgrace. Its the Fiberal Liberal “why should I care about the lower class” attitude that are the reason I would never vote for them even though I am a small business owner because they only favour the big business like the miners etc because of their political donations. You disgust me.  

        • Dfg

           Actually, if you would bother reading the comments properly, you will see that it is nugsdad that says you would sell it after two years. I in fact questioned that.

          • nugsdad

             My point was that it would be nice to have a new car every couple of years, not that it would only last that long.

  • DanielD

    The technology upgrade and quality of materials is impressive on the new Commodore and no one will ever be able to complain that this Australian built car is behind the times on that score. 

    I would say for me at least, this cars styling is underwhelming, I was actually quite disappointed when they revealed it as it just looked like and I hate to say this – a Malibu. The applause at the live streaming unveiling seemed to echo my own thoughts as you would describe the applause at launch as polite, rather than enthused.

    Admittedly the colour chosen for the Halo car is doing it no favours as some of the other press photos of this car in the dark grey or even white look a lot better.

    SS is next weekend but I really hope they have done something major to upgrade the drivetrain on that car. If it gets an LS2 that would make it a very compelling buy.

    Overall I think its a big step forward, but the styling is not making this car an emotional buy for me at least. Value for money will still have to play a big part in keeping any sort of volume I suspect for this car. On the other hand if you already own a VE and haven’t bothered to upgrade in years because all you see is the same car as your own, well now you have a reason.

    • Pro346

      Ls2???? That motor was discontinued along time ago…l76/l98 is vastly better than the old ls2 why do you think hsv dropped it.


    No folding back seat, FAIL
    No bench 3 seater Ute, FAIL
    No powertrain improvements, FAIL
    Far too expensive, FAIL
    But still better than say a i45 orphan :-)

    • Sumpguard

      Being DAVIDZ, FAIL.

    • Gamelec

      mate your a fool!

    • Ben

      How do you know what it has?
      The ute hasn’t been released yet!
      The engine specs haven’t been released!
      The price hasn’t be released yet either!
      Stop being such a know it all and making up stuff that is clearly beyond you!

  • Zaccy16

    like i said on the previous article, interior a huge huge improvement in design but still needs quality improvements, the rear looks much much better than the ve but the front on the calais v version looks to chintzy and like the rubbish malibu, maybe the lesser models won’t look as chintzy?

    • Declan Collins

      Guess you need to post the same remarks everywhere to keep your #1 status. My question is Zaccy, would you ever even consider buying a new Commodore? 

      If not, your post is worthless.

      • Sumpguard

           …..and Zaccy recently claimed I was the sites number one troll. Too funny.


    • Golfmother

      Desperate attempt to make it appear smaller , hence lets ditch yank look and go euro .

      Interior star wars , korea did the interior ? .

      Last of the line .

    • Tom

      I get the feeling you secretly like this car, but you don’t want to. You’re just a VW-Mazda fanboy in denial. 

      • Zaccy16

        i don’t hate it but i would never consider actually liking it!

    • Golfschwein

      Hmm, maybe chintzy. But chintzy can be celebrated in its own special way. Like the brocaid upholstery in a Brougham, or the quilted red velour in a Sigma SE, you’d rather have it than not have it. And years down the track, like I’ve just done here, people can say, “FAAAARK, look at that!”

      • Darryl

        The Brougham should be celebrated in it’s own right anyway! No-one else other than GMH could come up with something quite like that as a “luxury” car. Yeah, an enormously long boot just does it. Impala replacement? Look at what the Impala is now. Holden should re-introduce the Brougham name as a top spec model of the Caprice. The Caprice Brougham. Can just see Julia in that with brocaid (is that how you spell it) upholstery, should keep her ample posterior cool.

        • Golfschwein

          I’m right with you on this one, Darryl. “Bring Back the Brougham”.

          • Fgjh

             Complete with TWO speed gearbox?

  • David

    Hyundai called, they requested their interior design themes back..

  • Dansubs

    The other thought after studying the photo gallery is the bright chrome work on the dashboard is way overdone and frankly distracting. I appreciate this is trying to communicate its the top range, but the overall dashboard and door card design is already fussy and overflowing with styling cues. The brightwork is just trying to raise everything to 11 and looks very cheap for doing so. 

    The controls under the touch screen are just ugly and are pointing at a weird angle. I’m not sure how easy they would be to read in the car.  The whole center stack jutting out like it does, looks overdone too. There are some bold styling attempts around the cabin and some work and some don’t, but a lot of that will come down to personal taste, so you can’t be overly critical on that score.
    This looks like what Americans think is a luxury look not what the Europeans would put in their cars. I think it will age quickly too, but I guess thats the whole point when you have another model in two years time.Some bits I like, but overall like the exterior its comes out disappointing. Hopefully it looks better when you are sitting in the real car.

    • $29896495

      It is VERY American, the Dash is a GM staple. You are right, the US seem to be going through a chrome is luxury phase, unfortunately they are bringing it here. US Accord Malibu etc.

  • Rocket

    The more American look will please some while those who prefer the previous models Euro look will probably be disappointed. The interior quality looks to be a step up however and the reverse parking feature will be a bonus for those who are challenged in this department. No mention of drivetrain upgrades??

  • Mark

    Any commodore that looks this good in a photo will look sublime in the metal – the ‘sports’ model shown in a couple of those pics will be absolutely awesome!!

  • Golfschwein

    This is a little like being let in on someone’s secret family album. All of these people look jolly chuffed with themselves, and rightly so.

  • Cwangv

    The centre grill looks like the Epica!

  • G

    For the interior: I like the lower centre console and steering wheel and dials are an improvement. The infotainment system looks like a cheap knockoff of a Nissan system with the more horizontal controls under a recessed screen, the user interface looks dated already (early 2000s look). Were they worried if they made it look too good, Apple would sue them? The engineered the VE chassis to imitate a 5-series BMW, why not just copy the iDrive system this time around.

    For the exterior: The back is ok, not a fan of the front, reminiscent of cheaper failures like the Epica.
    Why couldn’t they just put the Torana concept into production instead, just use the engines they use in the Malibu and a twin turbo ecotec for a performance model? If they priced it just above the camry (only enough to justify extra cost of RWD) they should sell well IMO

    • matt

      “Why couldn’t they just put the Torana concept into production instead” 

      please it was nearly 10 years ago it isnt gunna happen, get over it!!!!! grrrrrr, seriously nearly ten years of reading comments like that and i am over it, it just simply is not going to happen.

      • G

        That’s a better idea than bringing over the Malibu to compete with a Camry in a market they’ve dominated for ages. At least have a differentiating feature like RWD, you have to go up to a Lexus/BMW/Mercedes to RWD in a medium car otherwise.

        I guess an AWD Insignia OPC is the closes we’ll get to anything decent in that size from GM.

  • $29896495

    I think it looks pretty dull in dark silver. I guess the whole thing was bench marked against the Malibu. For the Ford haters, Falcon and territory had a lot of that stuff already.

  • Barry

    Sophisticated European interior,very classy.At an Australian price tag,well done Holden.Rear view looks a bit like the old 380.Front looks more rounded makes the crummer look smaller.
    Given time for mechanical upgrades and a few other pieces with the series ii,but so far its a 9/10.
    Bugger me it parks it self.

    • Golfmother

      I would say Korean interior , not euro too starwars , and this is the top liner, the bottom feeders will be cheaper .

      • Sumpguard

        You know all about being a bottom feeder Flogmonster.

        • Golfmother

          No mate , but kia owners certaily would as they suck up to the bogan fan club .

      • Barry

        Its not to star wars,not to Korean its Aust/Euro styling.Quiet unique,not the cheap ice cream container plastics we get in Jetta,Polo,Passat.

        • $29896495

          Jesus, there’s absolutely NOTHING unique about this at all. outside or inside. Go have a look at the US GM sites. Nothing Australian either, it’s good ol’ USofA.  Which is how they want it.

          • Poison_Eagle

            Sadly, I agree with you at this point. Well executed but pretty homogenous GM, as if they are trying to slowly dilute the character of GMH.
            I hope the 2014 Falcon has some character and isn’t just a portmanteau of global design cues that are clinic’ed to the point of oblivion. On that note, If Ford follows this tack and only plays catch up, they needn’t bother.
            The stakes were very high for this car, and Holden have put serious effort into it. The stakes are higher for Ford, so they need to make a greater leap with probably less cash, or not bother.

          • $29896495

            That’s true, Ford really need to pull their collective fingers out. In some ways technically Holden have caught up and in about 3 areas they have some thing that Ford doesn’t. Ford have a better drive train but it’s what people see, which is what Holden have tinkered with and may make the difference.

        • Golfmother

          BAZZA on the tray ute , the yanks picked the dash , got it done in korea , cause thats the star wars look they wanted , nice cosy picks of OZ boys designing it though .

      • gtrxuone

        Just admit its pretty good flogmonster

        • Golfmother

          Yep maybe 2000 a month for  a year or so and then the comp hits them with new models and kaput , here comes the crunch falling sales and bingo its Impala time , with FWD handling and 4 cyl power .

  • Gibwater

    I always felt the VE was too in your face with its huge size,excessive flares and awful rear treatment.The VF softens up the the tones a little,but is still too big.If you want to know why the Commodore is no longer the top seller,go and have a look at the car that has displaced it-the Mazda 3.Its stylish,well appointed,safe,well built,reliable and about the same size as an EH Holden or VB Holden from 1978.The VE/VF are the size of an old WB Statesman-hardly a volume seller in its day.With the next model-and I’ve heard there is now going to be a next model after 2016-Holden need to contain its size to make it appeal to average buyers.If not,they shouldn’t bother.Sales have dived steeply in recent times.They must wake up. 

    • $29896495

      Good comment

    • Darryl

      Unfortunately they already have a car of that size. The Cruze. Where did it’s sales head in 2012? A car the size of that in the same concept as the Commodore, ie rwd, just isn’t going to happen. Sadly. This is the only rwd passenger car (not coupe) GM make, so get in now, and buy that VF. Or buy a Cruze.

  • Guest

    I expect to see a few of these parked at the retirement home (Bogan Villlas)… but seriously this looks OK to me.

    • TooTrue

      Or public housing estates and those permanent caravan site homes. SS will be their preference.

      • matt

        retiree’s? caravan park people? housing commission people? they can afford a brand new car? maybe im in the wrong job…. of having one….

      • Golfmother

        ROFL you kidding , lay down your pipe man.

    • Sydlocal

      Or in a Hertz/Europcar/Avis carpark! Not that there is anything wrong with that. It gives people that can’t afford a new car access to them in a couple of years and keeps the factory going right now.

  • Sam

    There were a few extra images of the SS on here that now seem to be gone, it resembled that NASCAR quite a lot. 

    • Smoov

       Looks like they got removed ‘cos we weren’t supposed to see the sport model till next week, when it’s released in the U.S. for the start of the NASCAR season.

  • Peter Harris

    Tax Payer is a complete KNOB. The car looks sensational, I love it and we all should support the Aussie motor industry. We don’t need to but any imported cars that cost the world. What’s wrong with what we have in Australia.
    Great job HOLDEN.

  • Gdhsmith

    Im not a diehard Holden or Ford fan, but I was wowed by the VF Commodore. I really hope that they can maintain build quaility when in production, because it makes me quite chuffed to think here in oz we design, engineer and build a car that shows thw world we can make things in this country that are world class at that price point.

    • $29896495

      designed in the US, for the US. 

  • Second best not good enough

    Everyone seems to like it, so I’ll have to go against the grain then. It’s front end looks Sebring mated with a 300C and its back end looks like Cruise mated with a Malibu. The VE geometry of the midsection does not match the boxes and curves mishmash at the back which does not match the ridges, curves and i-don’t-know-what driving light clusters of the front end. The interior is a less-sleek version of the Cruise. I get the sense that significantly retooling the production line was out of the question so they opted for cosmetic and gadget updates. In doing so they seem to have made a list of design features from all over the GM range and said “let’s do that, oh and add big gills on the side like the Jag”. I can’t imagine Johnny Foreigner is going to buy this car, so it will remain a sheltered workshop project for the government to fund through import taxes and subsidies.

    • $29896495

      I agree with you, over all. Those grills on the side and the excessive chrome I don’t get either. But the yanks love chrome. Case in point every car designed in the US like this was. Personally I’d rather see black trim.

    • Dima

      This car was meant to be launched 2 years ago and was put on the back burner because of the gfc and the situation gm was in. We will see a totally new slightly smaller commodore in 2016 as it will be built on the same platform as the Cadillac CTS. This isn’t a new car from the ground up, nor does it pretend to be so most of your comments are unfounded.

      • $29896495

        The Holden GM said FWD 4 cylinder on the news. Where do you get Cadillac?

        • Frosty

          Where has he said FWD 4 cylinder. I have read over and over on the transcript and have heard it on video as well and nowhere did I see the claim you make. He only said the Commodore will live on. You are quoting journalists. You are misleading people so your quote should be removed. 

          • $29896495

            Said it on TV when asked about the future of the Commodore
             – I’m not the only one who caught it. 

          • dima

            you are the only one to re write it again. there will be two cars rolling out of elizabeth and one of the will be a cruze the other will be a top 10 selling vehicle…commodre is number 4. no brainer and mike devereux has stated that the commodore nameplate will live on. huwtm you dont know…

          • $29896495

            I know what I saw and heard – believe it or not makes no difference to me.

        • Jordan_dima

          wait and see bud

          • $29896495

            But then there are front drive Caddies too. But there was mention of a new front drive platform. Do you think that was a hint. They do want to see cars you know.

  • Waterloo

    I wonder if they have improved the vision. Having driven the wagon (hatchback?)  I have found that it is almost impossible to see anything out the letterbox rear window and when pulling out to overtake, looking over your right shoulder to check for other vehicles leaves me looking into the B pillar and not much else. And the thick A pillars are wide enough to lose a semi in at a cross roads, I’ve done it!

  • Mkstrat

    Mismatch, looks dated already.
    The bogans might like it, hahaha.

  • Mkstart

    Holdens are looking more and more Korean every new model they release?