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    No folding back seat, FAIL
    No bench 3 seater Ute, FAIL
    No powertrain improvements, FAIL
    Far too expensive, FAIL
    But still better than say a i45 orphan :-)

    Oh and, *&^&PRIMA*^

    • Dansubs

      You’ve mastered copy and paste I see. Do you plan to repeat the same things in very online source?

      If you do can you please also copy my reply:

      Point 1 – Yeap would have been nice but was always highly unlikely as this is structural and the VE was never designed with a folding seat in its design.
      Point 2 – No information available. You are making an uninformed opinion.
      Point 3 – No information available. You are making an uninformed opinion.
      Point 4 – No information available. You are making an uninformed opinion.
      Point 5 – Yes.

      Overall. In your rush to actually put down the car, you didn’t let the little issue of no information being released yet get in the way of having a whinge. I rate that a FAIL.

    • Patrick

      Davidz, you are a huge fail as the majority think Holden have done a great job…hahahahaha

  • Zaccy16

    the ve omega was a joke, hopefully new base model doesn’t retain the worst v6 currently on sale but knowing holden it will be the same 

    • Caleb Johns

      And correct you were.

  • MisterZed

    Way too many news articles on this car. When Honda releases it’s new Accord in the middle of this year, I expect at least 6 articles devoted to it. Talk about biased.

    • Shak

      Why not be biased? Its an iconic Australian nameplate which still sells a lot of cars in this country. 

      • MisterZed

        Yes but it’s no longer the number 1 seller in Australia. There are many other nameplates that are more iconic than Commodore, that have been around for much longer. Plus, there are plenty of other cars that are made in Australia too, and GM is an American company remember.

        • c3vzn

          Designed and engineered in Australia too. It is deserved of the attention, so will the Falcon successor (is there going to be one?)

        • Piquetcon

          I know of 7 Australian built cars and only falcon or caprice is older nameplate. No other car in the Australian market has been no 1 for all of the last 10 years plus except last 2 years. Also besides 911 and falcon nameplate, not many longer lasting cars in the Australian car industry.

          • MisterZed

            The Landcruiser name has been around since the 1950s and is far more iconic than the Commodore could ever dream of being. I bet if a new Landcruiser came along we wouldn’t get 6 stories on it.

          • Mr Bogan

            If the LandCruiser was designed and built in Australia I reckon we’d get more than 6 stories on it!!!!

          • MisterZed

            Well, the Ford Ranger was designed in Australia wasn’t it?

    • Rocket

      Plenty of articles and photos but very little detail about specs or models. Not sure if the move from the Euro look to the American look will appeal overall but the interior quality looks to be a big improvement.

      • $29896495

        It’s all fluff at this point. We’ll probably go through the same thing again when  it actually goes on sale. I think calling it Australian designed is a VERY long bow. But I’m just about  over it.

    • DAVIDZ


  • Shak

    A good move would be for them to basically blend the Berlina and the Omega into one model and keep the Omega name.

    • Golfmother

      Thats because sales have been so dismal , dont need as many levels , fleet sales are all but lost , still no 4cyl , perception will be big juice sucker in new skirt .

      • Garrywhopper

        No that’s the perception we have of you.

        • Poison_Eagle


    • Mr Bogan

      Blend it in to the Bermega!

      • Poison_Eagle

         Or just Bega, with sharp, country flavour. They did have the Monaro, which is near Bega…

  • Use2b

    I thought the design looked more euro than yank now, not the other way…
    Also, I don’t think the number of articles points to bias here. It’s just that the success or failure of this vehicle or the next Falcon means so much more to the local economy. The decline of the Australian auto makers has had a definate impact on Australian manufacturing as a whole.

  • RIPHolden

    It’s still garbage. Engines and drive train are the number one reason people don’t buy this.

    • F1orce

      What’s wrong with the 3.6L SIDI engine..

      I heard it will have in excess of 220kW of power

      • matt

        as usual, your knowledge of power figures is way off, please, quiet now. Before you start saying it does 0 – 100 in 2.2 seconds.

        • Shak

          He’s pretty close. The current VE V6 motor has 210kW, and the same engine with a different intake manifold easily makes 235kW in the Camaro in the US.

    • Djkjhgcfgbn

      Just more rubbish and uneducated propaganda from yet another hating moron that is so insecure with himself he has nothing better to do than troll an australian icon from behind his desk.

      The Holden Commodores done a lot for Australia. Maybe you should too!

  • mike

    I have a current SV6 3.6 and this engine is a gem.  We bought a manual one new about 5 months ago and it is fantastic.  We have it down to 7.5ltrs on te highway and its only done 4000klms.  Love it and will be looking at the VF

  • Jimi

    Ummm… VE base engine in Omega is a 3litre SIDI. Is it that forgettable? Yeah, probably…

    • gtrxuone

      Jimi as an Omega which is a fleet car.The 3 litre was down on power but delivered good fuel economy.

  • Davo

    If the new wagon has seven seats, I’ll trade in my SUV.

  • Westcoast690

    holden just wasted there time with this new vf the only new features it’s got is parking sensers

    • Poison_Eagle

       nice grammer bro

      • Sumpguard

        When he sed it’s only knew feeture was parcking “sensers” it woz apparent he couldn’t reed eiver 😉

          So their !

        • $29896495

          To put it another way, all these launches are the same. They would have you believe a whole lot of BS. Some people who don’t know how they work, just soak it up as truth, when it’s usually just the opposite. 

      • Melrox93

        It’s spelt grammar…

        • Poison_Eagle


  • Karl Sass

    I remember may years ago my parents brought home a new VT executive, it was something to be excited about. That wouldn’t be the case for an Omega today. Holden are definitely moving in the right direction with more tech, better quality materials because it needs to become desirable again. The base model needs to be less ‘base model’.

  • Galvode

    How so? Name another large, powerful rear wheel drive that comes close to a Commodore.

    The closes rival is a 5 Series BMW or an E-Class Merc both over 100K. The Commodore offers exceptional value.

    • $29896495

      You conveniently forgot about a dozen cars some of which are Aurion, Falcon,the odd Nissan Chrysler just to name a few. BMW MERC no where near.