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  • Phillip

    this car looks nice.
    however with cars such as this power and torque is what all of us authentic car enthusiasts are looking for.
    what really disappoints me is that my old 212,000k FG XT that i bought from my company in 2010, a 2 year old car then was a weapon on the road and still is as far as sixes are concerned.
    sure it lacks a few digital technologies and interfaces but the car is a rocket.
    we are talking about constant 208-210kW and over 420Nm of torque on RON98 petrol and that is for any 4.0L FG petrol whether 5 or 6 speed auto.
    Mine is 08 June, 5 speed, white with 215 rubber and plastic wheel covers. The car has over 200k, but runs like new.
    I usually use 0-30 oils, 5-30 or 10-30 , depending on the season, saying this, I change my oil every 3000k, i change a new air filter every 10,000k and all the fluids besides that every 10,000-15,000k including spark plugs.
    My car has been dyno tested five times and it made 155kW at its worst with RON91 and peak 162kW with RON98.
    It can manage 6.52s 0-100km when in PEF mode (D) or 6.84s when in D on RON98. These are the facts.
    Versus my brothers brand new RED series commodore 210kW at 7.4s 0-100km/h every time i try to time it using sat nav.

    So if you really want the performance, get a decent 2011 G6E with a smoother 6 speed ZF, run it on RON98 and you will forget about everything else.
    Or better…get a second hand XR6 TURBO or G6E Turbo. 2008 can be acquired for as little as 14,000-15,000 and you will save 30,000 by not buying a slow, lethargic overrated commodore.

  • MildCam

    Thanks for that Phillip…. you must have  a good crystal ball, no VF powertrains have been announced.

    • $29896495



    Anyone notice the badge on the boot of the clay model….SRI-V? SV6 out?

    • #888

      I’d hope they keep the SV6 badge, SRi-V just sounds too halo model Cruze and the SS-V is Commodore’s halo model. Also, the third brake light is on the boot lid and not behind the rear window.

    • Tornado

      Apparently it’s a joke, Holden workers did that on purpose to mess with people. Well at least that what I’ve heard.

  • Save It For The Track

    c’mon. they’re supposed to be lighter, maybe they’re putting the 1.4l turbo in it, hence SRi-V…;)

  • nugsdad

    better spend quick after launch there is an election this year