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  • Declan Collins

    Not amazingly keen on the orange, but the Regal peacock green sounds tantalising

  • Golfschwein

    The green is showing up on the last of the VEs, a little trick Holden has pulled in the past. It’s not on the website, but I’ve seen it on a car in a sales yard fully a month ago.

    • Shak

      Yep. They’ve done the same with that stupidly named Fantale colour. I’ve seen one on the road about a week ago.

    • Schreiber

      Yeah, it’s a pilot colour. Guess they have to test it out before the big release.

  • Dissapointed!!!

    Alto Grey! Why drop a classy colour and go with others that date in a couple of years? at best!

    • Love a stylish car

      I wouldn’t be putting my name to this colour range, what a fizzer! The Regal Peacock is the only colour with depth and clarity. Fantale looks like a rotting orange, Alchemy should have stayed in the last century and Perfect Blue looks cheap and tacky. The hero colour shouldn’t just be different for the sake of being different, it should pop, have definition and wreak attitude! A lame historical theory does not make Fantale a must have colour choice.