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  • Golfschwein

    I would really like it if the Omega looked like the drawing shown. So, what’s the betting that this is a hint or just a rejected proposal?

    • Zaccy16

      my opinion is definitely rejected proposal

      • Garrywhopper

        Bet you’ve had a few of them in your time

        • Sumpguard

          More than a few.

    • Dansubs

      It does look nice – actually nicer than the car revealed today.

    • Fsdf

      It kind of looks like a Dodge Dart. Probably just one of the various designs they were toying around with.


    No folding back seat, FAIL
    No bench 3 seater Ute, FAIL
    No powertrain improvements, FAIL
    Far too expensive, FAIL
    But still better than say a i45 orphan :-)

    • Dansubs

      That is the third exact same posting. You are the copy and paste master. Now if only you had the facts to base an opinion on. See my detailed reply in one of your numerous postings.

    • TimeForActionAgainstDZ

      Davidz, you really have no clue (and no friends I bet).  Hopefully this site realises the gutter-trash your postings are and kicks you off the site.  Go find a girl to look at instead of wasting our time with your useless un-justifiable comments.

      • Darryl

        Exactly, as everyone’s mum says, unless you have something useful to say, shut the …….up.  You’re right, go and look at some other sites that might do it for you .I’m sure it won’t be far too expensive, ignore retail, the price you pay when you leave the dealership won’t take too long to match what VE’s are now going for. It has to.

  • Declan Collins

    I’m extremely excited to see the more aggressive (hopefully) design of the VF SS-V and SV6 models. Can’t wait for Daytona now!

    For me, the exterior is a huge step-up and I love it. You can’t beat the Zeta platform profile. The backend looks all class and the new sculptured front end draws my eyes. One one problem is the grill. It’s alright, but design wise, is a bit behind the rest of the car.

  • Robbo

    Being a more luxury car, no doubt for the price aimed at those looking for a premium sedan (as in the CalaisV), am I fair to say that Bi-Xenon or Xenon headlamps would have been a must?  Washer systems are a ADR requirement (dumb one at that) and I see none in the images.  Hope they are in production car images.  Just a small thing to mention.  Otherwise looks way better than I expected!

  • Roadtard

    Styling is subjective, so each to their own.  Me, I much prefer the VE’s geometric look.

    • Darryl

      The rear of the car looks good from directly behind, but in three quarter view doesn’t now match the geometric look of the doors/ side profile which is very noughties now. the 2 styling ëras clash a bit. The front just looks generic GM bland, looking at the ad for 2012 plated VE’s across to the right here, it looks geometrically sharper. Incidentally, anything happening to the Caprice?

  • Poison_Eagle

     I do like the way it looks, but did Cheverolet call the shots? Doesn’t look as if they had much autonomy.  The sketches look like they had sharper ambitions for VF,but had to reign them in to comply with the Chevy look.
    Also when are the specs coming out? Will they even release the Cd factor? VE is between 0.33 and 0.36 I think?

    • Force-15

      The drag coefficient of the VF will reportedly be <0.30 Cd.

  • Barry

    Does look great.Cant wait to see the SS,SV6 and especially how HSV work on it.

  • Blitzkrieg

    Those wheels look similar to the 19s on Fords G6E

    • Zaccy16

      I thought that too, they look better on the g6e turbo!

      • Zaccy16


  • Adf

    think that they forgot to mention that great big antenna stuck on the back is left over too from the VE

    other then than thinks it looks great

  • Luke Brinsmead

    Looks quite good…refreshingly modern.

  • Timtam600

    The ugliest commodore I’ve ever seen. VE series is even better

  • Truck85

    Disapointed , no LED Tail Lights or DRLs in the headlights, They should have asked for help from DRL Trading for that or at least get the idea from their VE LED headlights and tail lights Designs.
    It does have the Korean appearance a lot.
    Very nice interior, Thank God, they finally changed it, although it is very American.
    Overall, good to see a major change to front and rear.
    Nice car. 

    • Julia_Gillards_No_1_Fan

      Rear LEDs are a big mistake to miss out on… Koreans have them on $20k cars.

  • Jober As A Sudge

    Doesn’t look too bad. Interior dash looks a bit busy but a definite step up from previous interior. Took them long enough to get rid of that finger breaking handbrake lever though wish they stuck with a traditional handbrake (not a fan of electronic or foot operated parking brakes). Downside to this is no news of new V6 engine. Holden seriously need to get a decent 6 or turbo 4 into this (keep the 8 as it’s a great engine and there will always be a market for it)

    • Monk

      Maybe a turbo diesel 4 as a marketing winner (fuel efficiency) and potential new entry level engine. S/C or turbo the 3.0L V6 for a bit of fun and to fix the gutless torque situation. 

  • FOcused

    Bring on Friday – I want to see the SS

  • Raymooney

    The rear brake and blinker lenses look to much like a Japanese import (Mazda)…or could that be Toyota….Not a good look…..esthetics are very important and engineers did not consider the famous models that were made by Holden in recent years. Disappointing.