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by Daniel DeGasperi

Holden VF Commodore is go from Sunday 10th February at 10:30am (AEST) and CarAdvice will bring you immediate coverage from the in-depth pre-launch event held Friday at Holden headquarters in Port Melbourne.

We’ll deliver full details on the exterior and interior design of the VF Commodore, the technological and equipment additions to the car, and interviews with designers and engineers, from the moment the embargo lifts at 10:45am (AEST) on Sunday.

At that time, you can also log on to watch the reveal, streamed live from the Docklands precinct in Melbourne.

Full coverage of the VF Commodore public launch follows today’s bombshell by Holden managing director Mike Devereux that a next generation Commodore will be built in Adelaide from early 2017, ending speculation that the iconic nameplate would be replaced.

Click here to countdown until the new Holden VF Commodore arrives, and watch the live unveiling from 10:30am (AEST) Sunday…

  • Golfmother

    Cannot wait , iam all twitchy like the night before bathurst when all through the land bogans are waitng in anticipation of the latest incarnation of our beloved crummerdore .

    • Zaccy16

      hahaha! just a new face stuck on a 7 year old design

      • $29896495

        It’s going to be a pretty old car by the time they bring the replacement from overseas. 10 year model run.

        • Tex

          And the BF still strings back to the AU days… from 1998.

          • $29896495

            Well if you are going to look at like that, the falcon still has parts in it from when it first got here. The platform is a development of the original. That said and done it’s more Australian than a Commodore.

      • Karl Sass

        So what’s the FG? The merits of a vehicle aren’t determined by it’s age.

    • Roadtard

      And why not be interested, if not excited.  Bring on the anti-SUV!  To hell with poor handling, wannabe offroaders and those awful my-life-is-over people movers!  Get yourself a Commodore, make it a manual SS V8 and get a freak’n smile on your dial!

      • Golfmother

        Thats the point r&tard , not wanted as a taxi , not wanted as a fleeter , not wanted by families , just a few old school brogans .

        • Roadtard

          But those bogans are happy.  Surely that’s what matters.

        • gtrxuone

          Your jealious,Vw don’t have a large sedan rwd with a V8 available.Remember Top Gear Uk when the Maloo blew the doors of that pos Audi

          • Golf

            They do – Volkswagen Phaeton V8 AWD, not imported here :(

          • Captain Nemo®™

            And what a POS that fat ugly barge is. Mega flop worldwide for VeeDud only sells a handful in China now. 

        • Poison_Eagle

          I have seen some pretty affluent and educated people behind the wheel of locally made Ford and Holden products.
          Do you feel sad that its life was extended and you have been proven wrong again?
          Less than 48 hours ago you said it was doomed past 2016. So did Joshua Dowling in his article about the VF technology. This assurance will help boost sales, if only temporarily.

          • Golfmother

            Effluent yes , educated no , doomed yes , it will be FWD with a 4 cyl turbo , oh no, no v6 or v8 .

          • Poison_Eagle

            Clutching to stereotypes is all you have.  A frantic avalanche of posts by you on the Commodore articles; so clearly you’re cut about it.
            If nobody saw what a joke you were before, I bet they do now.

        • Repus008

          If you check Holden decided years ago against building a Taxi special as they said  Taxis always look run down
          Well again what do you drive that is  so good  Let us all know and spread that enormous knowledge you have around

        • Karl Sass

          VAGmother of all the models from all the manufacturers Commodore is in the top few % of sellers. Outsells the Golf 2 to 1, makes it twice as wanted.

          • Sdfh

            Not really, most Crummer sales are bought by faceless corporations or Government departments. When it comes down to real people putting their own money down for a car, more people would be buying Golfs here.
            Also those Crummer sales are only achieved with heavy discounts, usually a minimum $5000+ off RRP + free on road costs. Minimal discounts on Golf, often none at all, particularly when there are waiting lists for some models like Gti & Sirrocco. Occasionally they do a “free on road costs” promotion for a month and sales double for the month. Would Crummer sales half if they stopped the discounting and free on road costs? Who knows, I don’t think Crummer has ever been on sale without some kind of promotion running.
            Additionally, Golf sells in moderate to high numbers all around the world unlike Crummer which is only restricted to a handful of small markets.

          • Karl Sass

            Fleets need cars too. They need reliable vehicles that are cheap to service, so fleets buying Commodores isn’t a bad thing. Yes they do ‘discounts’ to make the deal seem special, but in reality that was always going to be the actual sale price. Holden are shooting themselves in the foot here because resale percentages are based off official  retail prices. That gives an unrealistically bad resale image.
            The Corolla is sold in huge numbers around the world too, doesn’t make it a good car. The Commodore was always designed principally for the local market with some exports, nothing wrong with that.

          • $29896495

            No, Holdens in general have bugger all resale value. Once you drive it out, 20,000 gone. 4 years time, 35/40,000 gone just like that. Not to mention time wasted in service departments

    • Repus008

      So what do you drive ? I have driven Holdens all my life I can assure you I am not a brogan
      Also I am not a 2 bob snob either

      • Golfmother

        Who cares its just a crummerdore nothing special , unless you believe the myth that holden has created over 60 years that its unique , hahhaahha .

        • Golfmother

          Or the myth that I’m into women, it’s just not my thing you see

        • Repus008

          I have never commented before on this site just a couple of others but i must say Golfmother dont you have anything else to do you must sit and wait antil someone comments about your comment and away you go i think you  need a hobby may i suggest knitting you could make yourself some nice cushion covers for what ever you drive   i find the word Bogan offensive Now willi wait for your reply .No i wont waste my time

    • Captain Nemo®™

       I was going to say you must be getting all excited you & Zuppy can post 30+ comments each. Plus a few from your bogan alias “stop the boats” all with your legendary poor spelling.   Then you can like each others comments.  

  • Golfmother

    Whe I was younger I was touched in my off limits zone in a VK commodore, I have blocked most of it out but still remember working class man on AM radio

    • Sam

       O well, at least it has happened once for you.

  • davie

    Good luck to Holden – the will obviously seek to address key issues such as weight, thirst and interior presentation. The base size and visibility can’t surely change much though until VJ?

    Its amazing how similar VF circumstances are here to the HZ Kingswood
    – car has grown over 30 years from its original size (VB vs FJ)
    – weight has grown by 500KG+ in 30 years from original weight
    – fuel pricing and green concerns a buyer priority again
    – next model known to be using a different plaftorm of some sort.

    • LowRezFez

      I have always thought that the VB Commodore got the packaging right… The current car is too big. I think a Aussie 5 series would hit the spot.

      • Fg

         5 series is the pretty much the same size, in fact 5 series has a bigger wheelbase.

      • $29896495

        Spot on to both above comments. By Aussie 5 series, you aren’t talking the current one are you, that’s a very big car? the one that was the size of the VB I could picture though.

        • Poison_Eagle

           I’m pretty sure from E34 onwards 5 series has been bigger than a VB.

  • nugsdad

    Although to be fair it has always been a good looking, good handling car. If the interior and technology are brought up to world standard, should we as Australians, not consider a quality product that is made here in Australia. After paying $900 for a run of the mill BMW service this week which included the car coming back with no Air Con, and an overflow of oil on our garage floor ( thanks Brisbane BMW) – why shouldn’t we help keep Australians in jobs by supporting this car – if it’s good?

    • LowRezFez

      Well said.

  • Allay 62

    It will keep RACQ happy..

  • Unfair

    I really want to see the end of Holden. Why are my taxes paying for a car I don’t want to buy!!!!!

    • Tom

      It’s really disappointing that 4 Australians agree with you. Obviously you know no one whose life depends on building these cars. Stop being so self centred.

      • $29896495

        You know, aside from the corporate BS, and over the top positivity which would give you the impression this is a brand new car, what we have is a new front and back on an old shell, with a dash which can be seen on many US GM cars. There are no real innovations, just catching up after a long period of no refresh.

        But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t build it here, or it’s replacement. Of course we should. All that was shone is typical corporate hype, You have to look past that if you’ve never experienced it before personally and look at the product.

  • http://baji192.wordpress.com/ Baji

    Im probably in the minority here, but i am really looking forward to seeing the new VF. Hopefully they can step it up a notch in terms of technology and perceived quality as those are the two things that let down an otherwise good car.

  • Mikemulrooney

    Hi,  Visited Melbourne a few weeks ago. Great place. Hired a holden sv6 from Europcar. Fantastic drive. Unfortunately they invoiced me for a Audi A4 also. Don’t know who hired that but hpoe she was hot. Drive a VL wagon here in NZ but hope to update to a VE sidi 3litre sportwagon soon.

  • The Real Wile E

    This used to be an event keenly anticipated but now sadly it is a yawn

  • Johnsmith


  • MK1

    Yes scroll to about 30 mins on the clip.

  • Danielaebi

    Love how all the Little Ford Toddlers search and need to justify their lifes by finding all the Topics about Holden, and comment how awfull it is, Guess it could of been better with 30k sale in 2012, but then again Falcons didnt even make 8k sales…..

  • TG

    Yawwwwwwwwnnnnnnnnnnnn. Die Holden, die.