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Details on the Volkswagen Golf R Cabriolet have been released, revealing that the German brand’s first-ever open-top R model and fastest-ever production convertible Golf will also be the marque’s first Golf R variant not be underpinned by a four-wheel-drive system.

Powered by a 195kW turbocharged 2.0-litre four-cylinder engine (down 4kW on the European specification Golf R), the front-wheel-drive Volkswagen Golf R Cabriolet comes standard with a six-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox, LED daytime running lights, bi-xenon headlights with black housings, tinted LED tail-lights, gloss black mirror caps, black R-stamped brake callipers, and a gloss black rear diffuser flanked by chrome-tipped exhausts rather than the current Golf R hardtop’s centrally located twin system.

Volkswagen Golf R Cabriolet - 4

The new soft-top Golf R will reach 100km/h from standstill in 6.4 seconds (just shy of a second slower than the hardtop’s DSG-enabled 5.5 second sprint time) and can hit an electronically limited top speed of 250km/h.

A unique front bumper highlighted by a gloss black grille and ‘R’ logo, join 25mm lower (than a standard Golf Cabriolet) ‘R’ suspension, and 18- or 19-inch ‘Talladega’ alloy wheels finished in either ‘Sterling Silver’ or ‘High-gloss Black’ in providing the necessary exterior look while four individual leather ‘R’ sports seats, a leather-wrapped multifunction steering wheel, handbrake grip and gear lever, and brushed aluminium pedals complete the theme inside.

Volkswagen Golf R Cabriolet - 5

A DAB radio with multi-device interface (MDI) and Bluetooth connectivity are all standard specification on the new Golf R Cabriolet, as is the car’s fully electric roof that can be lowered in 9.5 seconds and raised in 11.0 seconds, at speeds up to 30km/h.

From the first-generation Volkswagen Golf R32 (pictured below) in 2002 to the current Golf R, the German hot-hatch has always been synonymous with all-wheel drive, making the new Cabriolet a significant mechanical and philosophical departure for the go-fast R nameplate.

Volkswagen Golf R32 - 2002

As with the 155kW Golf GTI Cabriolet, the Golf R drop-top is not assured of an Australian arrival, with Volkswagen Australia previously saying the car is not part of its program planning.

The current five-door Volkswagen Golf R hatch starts at $49,990.

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  • Tex

    I doubt I’m not the only one thinking this – why didn’t they drop the top off the already good looking Scirocco…?

    Scirocco R Roadster would be pretty magnificent…

  • bob

    So this is basically a convertible Scirocco then?  

  • K20A

    Is this the ultimate hairdressers car?

    • So funneeeeeee

      Yes, and you’re only the third comment in. Congratulations on your highly original thought.

      • $29896495

        It’s going to muss up the hair though. Since when have posers wanted to go fast? They usually drive slow to be seen.

        • TG

          Nah, with the amount of gel and hair spray in their hair, they’ll be right.

      • K20A

        I’m sorry I’ve hit your funnee nerve. Didn’t mean to offend your profession.

        I get the point of a normal engined Golf Cabrio.. but this Golf R seems rather pointless. I’d take a MX-5 over this any day.

  • Poison_Eagle

    So they’ve taken rigidity out of the chassis by making a convertible R, and then the grip out of the equation by making it FWD. I suppose the former isn’t such an issue since the Golf is extremely rigid to start with. Suitable for a bitterly divorced woman who wants to draw attention from her sagging jowls.

    • Tex

      It’ll be just like a CooperS JCW Convertible… only more spacious and cheaper.

      • Hung Low

        The Cooper S has some personality though, this looks as interesting as a golf without a roof

        • Golfmother

          Fung high , its a bit like  a crummerdore without  a roof , bogans dont like air .

          • Hung Low

            Bungle, I think a lack of oxygen is your issue. As a child, left in the car too long with the windows up while the folks hit the pokies. Once a window licker, always a window licker I’m afraid. A car like this would have been a preventative measure for your current condition you banana.

          • Golfmother

            Fung high , lower your pants man their riding too high , restricting the blood flow to your brain ,holden has never sold a decent drop top in oz , and the mini is not even in the same league as this .

          • Hung Low

            Bungle this is as anonymous as a public fart. The Mini has a bit of flair, personality and presence…..pre-requisites for this type of car.
            I don’t care if Holden did sell a soft top or not, Hsv aside the current Holdens do not interest me just in case you are wondering. They will be lucky to sell a dozen a month of this leaky roofed failure.

          • BMW_for_life

            MINIs are so much better quality than VW, the common peoples choice. I was looking at a Golf R fully spec’d, but the upgraded stereo, leather and material quality of the Golf was appauling. I went for a fully loaded Countryman Cooper S ALL4 Chilli. Sure its not as fast, but the quality of every component is so much better. Not plastic or foam. Every time I see an R, it makes me happy to think I never went for that tacky boy racer.

    • K20A

      I’ve heard that the glove box will be dealer fitted with Fifty Shades trilogy.

    • Zaccy16

      as convertibles go this is a manly one, a 188 kw 2.0 turbo engine and fantastic hatch like handling, the interior even as its a mk6 still looks great, high quality finishings everywhere

      • Captain Nemo®™

         You,re living in la la land Zuppy cheapest interior plastics this side of a Cadbury milk-tray chocolate box.

  • Save It For The Track

    Firstly, whoever said “it’s a convertible scirrocco” is clearly wrong. Secondly, I’m guessing that the AWD system has been taken out to reduce weight, as there will no doubt be strengthening of the body and chassis to cope with having no roof. Laslty, isn’t the Scirrocco available in Aus the Scirrocco R. If so, then this is not the first departure from AWD for the R nameplate. Certainly the first non AWD Golf R, but not for an R model persay. It’s just a pity that Passat R models don’t have a proper handbrake, as is still appearing in Scirrocco and Golf.

    • Tex

      I think they covered that when they mentioned “marque’s first Golf R variant not to be…”

      They were referring specifically to the Golf. The Scirocco R has always been FWD, as per the Golf GTI. Golf models (R and R32) have always been AWD.

    • Monk

      per se – from the Latin meaning ‘in itself’.

      Persay – not a word. 

  • Al Tungupon

    The Golf Cabriolet, along with CrossPolo, is the most useless car in VW’s lineup. Why not make an Eos R instead?

    • $29896495

      Because no body bought the EOS. This thing is no contender for drop top good looks. that going to the Opel Astra convertible.

      • Monk

        If they made the EROS, it might sell better. 

    • Tex

      Because the Golf Convertible is selling. The Eos is not.

  • Dave W