A new Jaguar sedan to rival the BMW 3 Series and Mercedes-Benz C-Class is a great likelihood, according to the company’s North American President and CEO.

Speaking with the media at today’s Chicago auto show, Jaguar Land Rover chief Andy Goss hinted that plans are well and truly underway for a new smaller sedan model with massive investments being made into the JLR brands going forward.

Asked outright if a sedan smaller than the Jaguar XF was on the agenda, Goss said, “We kept being asked the question, it clearly makes a lot of sense.”

The volume that Mercedes-Benz and BMW get from their respective small sedans certainly seems to justify Jaguar’s plans to introduce a true competitor, one that has been lacking from its range.

“If we want to try and ape the German brands, we recognise the model ranges that they’ve got and that’s certainly on the agenda, – it’s not anything more than being on the agenda yet, but it’s on the agenda. It’s certainly a big marketplace,” Goss said.

Though he was quick to rationalise his statement by noting that “you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to work out the fact that, it’s a great likelihood”.

Jaguar Land Rover is currently investing around $3 billion per year in research and development, which will see the brand launch two new cars per year for the foreseeable future, one for Jaguar and one for Land Rover going forward.

Despite the improved pace, the 3 Series and C-Class rival from Jaguar is not expected to make any sort of appearance this year, even in concept form. 2014 will likely be the year where we will get the first glimpse of what will potentially become Jaguar’s best selling car.

  • Ata

    Wow that front is very agressive

    • Zaccy16

      yep it looks fantastic, jags of today are great alternatives to the germans

  • Noddy_of_Toyland

    It’s funny that Jaguar got such a great reception for that front end on the XF Concept, then put those dopey lights on the first gen. Then they brought the proper ones in on a facelift!

    • Rob

      Noddy, I think they made the comment that the technology at the time of the original XF wasn’t available to produce the lights from the concept.

      • Peterm

        and also the XF concept actually wasnt a concept at all.  The production version had been built, I think the C-XF was just done to generate interest (which it did) and also the feeling among XF owners of what might have been (which it did as well).  And also I think that it wasnt so much that the technology wasnt available, but I think it wasnt approved to be legal in all markets (but I’m not sure where I read that, I might just be making it up!). 

    • Anthony

      Well said. I can’t believe ANYONE bought that overpriced car with those headlights. BMWs leave these cars for dead. Cheapskates think they can pick these up cheap to look prestigious but their used car prices are also a scandal!

      • Peter

        I did.  I bought the 4.2 in 2008, loved it to bits, then got the 5 litre last year (new headlights), like it even more though to tell you the truth even though I prefer the new style of lights, the first gen cars still look good on the road.  They are cheaper now, and the trade held its value pretty well.  They are a beautiful car to own, definitely the best cars I’ve ever had, and Jag are great to deal with as well.  But unfortunately the class of the car hasnt rubbed off on me, I’m still a bogan.

      • Brett

        That’s not true, Anthony. So many car magazines have
        criticized the later BMW’s for losing its original motto of being a driver’s
        car, investing purely to reach volume sales instead of driver perfection. Many
        often state that you must add a maze of options to actually produce a decent