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With Jaguar ranking second in the well respected JD Power Initial Quality Study (IQS) in the United States last year, the question remains as to why sister brand Land Rover (Range Rover) continues being listed below the industry average.

The 2012 JD Power IQS study showed Jaguar ranking second only to Lexus with an average of 75 problems per 100 vehicles (Lexus was 73), which put it in a tie with Porsche. With the industry average last year being 102 problems per 100 vehicles, the improvement for Jaguar was enormous, as it was ranked 20th in the 2011 study with 114 problems per 100 vehicles.

Nonetheless, Land Rover remained well below the industry average in 2012 with an average of 119 problems per 100 vehicles, putting in the bottom half of the chart.

At the Chicago auto show, CarAdvice asked Jaguar Land Rover’s North American President and CEO, Andy Goss, why there’s such a disparity between the two British brands.

“The issue is, [that] so many changes are taking place. It’s interesting on Range Rover, one of the biggest issues in the survey were not per say of quality, it was a fact that for example the tailgate was not electric, and we got hammered in the IQS because of that,” Goss said.

He also pointed out that the results are not necessarily based on quality, rather perception as Jaguar and Land Rover get different feedback on the exact same infotainment system fitted to both brands.

“All the time it’s the same process, we even get different reactions to the same entertainment system on Jaguar and Land Rover – it’s a perception thing we need to overcome.”

Nonetheless, the changes are coming and Land Rover appears to be taking the results very seriously, expecting to improve in the IQS rankings with the new Range Rover and Range Rover Sport.

“There’s a laser-tight focus [on quality], we have a German quality director. I say to you [that] if you want a quality director, make them German. We have a German quality director and he hangs onto the fine detail of the process. We are making progress, always a long way to go and that never changes but we are making progress.”

The new Range Rover launches in Australia this month, with the Range Rover Sport destined to make its world premiere at next month’s New York auto show.

  • Jacob

    No, they should have a Japanese Quality-Control manager.

    And VW desperately needs a Japanese guy to raise the reliability of their lemons.

    • Sdfg

       But Land Rover did BETTER than JAPANESE Mitsubishi in that quality study and VW tied with JAPANESE Mitsubishi. JAPANESE Subaru and Suzuki barely did any better.

      Lemons come out of Japan too you know.

      • Fisker

        Agreed, it is nonsensical to pick a Quality Control manager simply from the country they hail from, whether it be Germany, Japan or any other country. That’s just stereotyping. The manager should be picked on their merits.

      • Jacob

        That is such a typical defence of VW.

        “VW engines have 1 failure in every 52, Honda has 1 in 344″.

        Fanboy response: “see, all carmakers have faults”

        Neutral man: “um, VW is a ‘premium’ brand and it costs a fortune to service and repair, why should it among the most unreliable brands of cars?”

        • Fhg

           No one is defending VW here? Though most VWs are cheaper to buy and service than Honda’s despite this claim they are premium and cost a fortune.

          The point was that it would be pointless to specifically hire Japanese quality control for VW or Land Rover when some (non-Honda) Japanese brands do worse for quality.

    • Zaccy16

      german guy is a great option! my old german teacher back in high school was the strictest person i have ever known!

      • Karl Sass

        My German teacher was great, an absolute laugh. Probably not typical though lol.

    • Fisker

      Goss’ comment was so over-the-top, I almost laughed out loud. How many times did he manage to fit ‘German’ in those few sentences? And then in the article about Jaguar’s likely new small sedan, he’s quoted saying: “If we want to try and ape the German brands, we recognise the model ranges that they’ve got and that’s certainly on the agenda, – it’s not anything more than being on the agenda yet, but it’s on the agenda.” Ape? Yeah, that sounds like a good way to put it. Anyway, I’m glad it’s on the ‘agenda’. Lol

  • davie

    There used to be a long running joke email that british cars were filled, with and ran on smoke.  When you saw smoke coming out the exhaust – it was just some of the pre-loaded smoke escaping…

    • rfn

      Drive the New Range Rover, feel the ride quality, see the finish, then tell me it’s not the best  car in the world

      • AD

        Best car in the world ! Think you are getting ahead of yourself.
        Don’t think so.
        Check the worst car reliability scores in the UK.
        Any guesses who was the worst. Yes you right it was Landrover with over 70 percent reliability issues reported on cars over 3 years of age.
        Honda the best 10 %, Toyota 17%
        Give credit where it’s due. Landrover sucks.

  • TG

    First it was VW, now this mob. Tell ’em they’re dreamin’!

  • Art

    to put these into perspective. my understanding is that Australian quality ratings from early doors, not released to the public had the Toyota Lexcen and Toyota Corolla both exceeding their direct rivals Holden Commodore and Holden Nova by considerable margins.

    Conservative people have been the hero purchasers and mainstay of these types of ratings, they service regularly, don’t push their cars, don’t have high expectations of technology etc.

    Racism is assigning a trait of one to all.

    The statement is highly racist  I say to you [that] if you want a quality director, make them German i 

  • AD

    What they say bout Landrovers
    It a vehicle that takes you anywhere.
    Then it leaves you there. (Stranded)