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The Honda Civic Wagon concept and next-generation Honda NSX concept will make their European debuts at next month’s 2013 Geneva motor show, highlighting the Japanese manufacturer’s push towards future models.

Expanding the Civic range to three variants once launched – adding to the existing hatch and sedan body shapes – the Honda Civic Wagon concept follows a teaser image seen back in October and gives the best hint yet at the final design of the production version expected to make it into European showrooms by late 2013/early 2014.

The Honda Civic wagon will be built in the UK at Honda’s manufacturing plant in Swindon alongside the Honda Civic hatch, although Honda Australia has previously confirmed it is not on the agenda for our market.

Honda NSX Concept - Next Evolution - 1

The updated Honda NSX concept will make its European debut following the car’s appearance at the Detroit auto show in Acura guise.

An evolution of the Honda NSX concept the car maker revealed in Detroit in 2012, the new NSX concept maintains the previous car’s purposeful stance and sharp exterior look but adds new interior styling that suggests a potential direction for the next-generation supercar’s final interior packaging. Based on Honda’s ‘Human Support Cockpit’ theme, the new-look minimalist cabin is intended to reduce interior clutter allowing those behind the wheel to focus solely on the driving experience.

Honda NSX Concept - Next Evolution - 2

Also joining the two headlining cars in Geneva will be Honda’s 1.6-litre i-DTEC diesel-powered Honda CR-V, which is available only in front-wheel drive with a manual transmission. Honda Australia is committed to introducing an oil-burning CR-V to our market this year, although the model sold here is likely to be powered by the larger 2.2-litre diesel engine already available in the CR-V in Europe.

The 2013 Geneva motor show starts proceedings on March 5.

  • Zandit75

    Thats just a better looking Hyundai i40 Sportwagon!

  • Able

    Hell yes to the Civic Wagon! I’d love to see that sold here.

  • Zaccy16

    Civic wagon looks good! nsx has been a long time coming! i remember a early sketch in a 2003 issue of Wheels, theres a great ad for the nsx that was played on the superbowl, it involves Jerry Seinfeld so its funny. Google acura nsx superbowl commercial

  • Jeff

    That NSX Concept interior looks very nice.

  • F1orce

    Very nice..

    I wonder how the NSX will drive

  • John

    I wonder what bogus reason Honda Australia will come up with when they tell us they won’t be bringing the Civic wagon here.

    • Mark

      People always complain about car makers (not just Honda) not bringing wagon (and other) models over here, but I wonder what bogus reason they will come up with when the model does comes and they don’t buy it.

      • John

        Name me one wagon variant being sold in the Australian market that doesn’t sell well. There’s a market for wagons – the Hyundai i30 shows that, amongst others. Sure, people are buying SUVs, but maybe because they can’t get a wagon version of the car they want.

        Some manufacturers won’t sell wagon versions because they’d rather upsell you an SUV. I remember reading something an Australian Toyota company rep said on the issue: you want a Corolla wagon, we’ve got the RAV4. You want a Camry wagon, we’ve got the Kluger. That about sums it up I think.

  • Vti07

    Judging by the number of i30 cw and older Corolla wagons on the road, Honda would be silly not to bring the Civic wagon here (in diesel form).