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The Hyundai Azera large sedan and long-wheelbase Hyundai Santa Fe SUV have been spotted undergoing testing in Australia.

The undisguised Azera and camouflaged Santa Fe LWB were snapped by a CarAdvice reader on Epping Rd in Sydney, not far from Hyundai Australia’s Macquarie Park headquarters.

It’s likely the two vehicles – neither of which are currently sold in Australia – were undergoing hot-weather testing as part of the South Korean manufacturer’s continued development of the models, both of which were recently released overseas.

Hyundai Australia insists neither vehicle is on its radar for a local introduction despite both cars appearing on Sydney’s streets.

The Hyundai Azera – as it is widely known, although also called the Grandeur in some markets – is a large car similar in size to the Holden Commodore and Ford Falcon. It fits between the i40/i45 and the Genesis in Hyundai’s global product portfolio.

Hyundai Australia sold small numbers of the previous two generations of the Grandeur between 1999 and 2011, but chose not to introduce the latest model when it launched overseas two years ago, electing to instead focus on its (now-discontinued) i45 medium sedan.

The Hyundai Santa Fe LWB was unveiled at last year’s New York motor show and has recently gone on sale in North America. The full-size SUV is currently manufactured only in left-hand drive and was designed primarily for the US market, where it is sold as a seven-seater and marketed as the Santa Fe, while the smaller vehicle that we call Santa Fe in Australia is offered with only five seats and is called the Santa Fe Sport.

The Santa Fe LWB replaced the Hyundai Veracruz, another large SUV that was offered only in left-hand-drive markets.

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  • O123

    looks like the 7 seater will come here then, was it rhd or lhd.

    • syd123


    • Zaccy16

      the santa fe is already a 7 seater but very cramped, this lwb version should fix that

      • syd123

        agreed, but seems hyundai is reluctant. The previous model has lwb version but they also brought the short base and slap 2 seats at the back same as what they did this time…

  • F1orce


    I’ve always said Hyundai needs these models plus the Genesis to get anywhere in Australia..

    • MisterZed

      Azera is a pretty pointless model – in the USA, the Genesis costs about $1500 more, yet offers RWD and a larger 3.8L V6 and an 8-speed auto vs. 6-speed in the Azera. I don’t understand why anyone would buy the Azera over the Genesis.

      • bd

        The Azera only comes in one trim in the US – a loaded trim.

        The next gen Genesis will also be getting a significant price bump – putting it a good $5-6k higher than the Azera.

    • Dfdsf

      So how’ve they made it into the top 5 for sales without these models?

      • F1orce

        Top 5 isn’t anyhing special.

        Plus their sales have started to become stagnant.

        Mazda is beating them pretty hard with less cars and models to choose from.

        And Nissan, Volkswgen, Mitsubishi are not far behind.

        • Gfgd

           Oh dear.

          Last year, Mazda only sold 13K more cars. So that is “beating them pretty hard”….yet Mitsubishi and VW sold 33K fewer cars than Hyundai but that is “not far behind”?
          Nice to see you haven’t lost your sense of consistency.

  • Ted

    Jst a matter of time and they will be released in Aust – good work Hyundai !

  • jjustin

    i actually prefer the LWB Santa Fe. Looks very classy and muscular. Would definately consider this as my next vehicle if it ever came here

  • Bill

    I’m surprised they’re considering bringing the Azera here (since it’s very much like a larger i45), considering they just axed the i45.

    • Bill

      But then again, it’s only for “hot-weather testing”, so who knows.

  • Tex

    I’m quite pleased to see these cars doing testing in Australia. If they can bring in entry, mid-spec and fully loaded Azera (i50?) models into Australia I think they’ll do very well.

    Fantastic looking vehicle which isn’t too much bigger than the i45, but with a more accomplished design.

    The Sante Fe LWB on the other hand was an odd ball, given the Sante Fe (SWB) sells here in 7 seats – but I guess it will overcome the issue of cramped 3rd row.

    Looks like Hyundai is going to surprise Mazda and Nissan – could they be aiming for top importer?

  • Dave W

    Hah!! I shouldn’t be surprised it was tested in North Ryde. That’s where their HQ is. There’s even a small road called Hyundai Lane. lol

    • syd123

      Yes, we can read that from the article “…snapped by a CarAdvice reader on Epping Rd in Sydney, not far from Hyundai Australia’s Macquarie Park headquarters.”

  • Steven

    I’d buy the LWB Santa Fe if only to not have that stupidly small rear side window.

  • peddy.d

    I saw an i45 (sonata) hybrid and a kia optima hybrid being driven down lane cove road about 300m down the road from Hyundai’s Macquarie park headquarters about 2 months ago. I was driving in the opposite direction and it was peak hour so i couldn’t get a pic, but both of them were left hand drive so probably not being tested to be introduced here

    • Ted

      I do not think ” so probably not being tested to be introduced here” but being tested here to be introduced in Aust – that’s why they were on the road !

  • Camski

     And if CA bought the photos?