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The first Toyota 86 GT4 is being readied for an upcoming European testing regime, powered by a turbocharged version of its 2.0-litre Boxer engine.

The pre-season “balance of performance” sessions devised by GT4 series organiser Stephane Ratel Organisation (SRO) will put the Toyota 86 GT4 built by GPRM – the Buckingham-based motorsport engineering group behind Britain’s first racing Toyota 86 – through its paces before the car finds its way onto a competitive GT4 starting grid.

Toyota 86 GT4 - 2

GPRM directors Gary Blackham and Roger King believe the new turbocharged 2.0-litre four-cylinder direct-injection Boxer engine, developed with the help of Nicholson McLaren Engines, is capable of producing between 265kW and 294kW, a significant step up from the standard Toyota 86 road car’s 147kW output.

Blackham and King say GPRM have gone all out to engineer quality, reliability and competitiveness into the new Toyota 86 racer, to make it an ideal GT4 contender for both British and European GT class racing series.

Toyota 86 GT4 - 4

Though not officially a factory team, the Toyota 86 GT4 project has had the backing of the Japanese manufacturer, with Toyota GB providing technical support to the GPRM crew.

The Toyota 86 GT4 will hit the track later this month, with its initial shake down to take place at a yet to be named UK circuit.

  • Ash298

    The Engine that should be in the car……..

    • Roadtard

      But then it would invite comparison with 911’s and the like.  The way it is, at $30K is just right.

    • Dave W

      As if the average driver can handle cars with 265kW and 300+Nm of torque at its limit.

    • Gazza

      Theres a 86 drift car in the states with a LEXUS ISF V8 producing 380kws!

  • Ted

    Why about for the road version, turbo would be nice !!

    • Peter

      my 70 something year old mother has ordered one (manual and red, champion effort) – I’m kinda glad that they don’t have it in a turbo

      • Roadtard

        Peter’s mum rocks!

        • Peter

          I hate to be a mummy’s boy, but in this she does.  We had to talk her out of spoilers etc. 

  • Zaccy16

    i think for a road going turbo version of the 86/BRZ should have around 180-190 kw so its faster than the na 2.0 but still doesn’t destroy the pure fun handling!

  • S_hunt144

    Probably a lot better than the ls1/ls2 swaps that the Americans seem to favor for the Scion FRS.

  • Toyboy

    WOW !!!
    This is a Toyota, the worlds best sports car makers shaming Lambo, Ferrari & Porsche as usual.

  • horsie

    i am sure it won’t be long till you can buy an off the shelf turbo kit. i would be suprised if you can’t already. 

    • Monk

      They were essentially available the moment the 86/BRZ first hit the docks