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by Jez Spinks

The Holden Commodore and Ford Falcon both hit record sales lows in a torrid January for Australian-built cars.

Industry sales figures released in the same week the new VF Commodore is unveiled reveal Holden’s large car slumped to just 1656 units.

The Ford Falcon continued its downward spiral, registering just 778 sales last month, while Toyota’s large car twins, the Camry and Aurion, were also surprise victims of local buyers’ continuing mass exodus to imported vehicles.

Toyota sold just 227 Aurions and only 557 Camrys in January, results that are likely to have been strongly influenced by a zero per cent finance offer for the cars than ran in late 2012 and ended on 31st December. More than 3500 Camrys were sold in December.

January is typically a difficult month for local car makers owing to fleet buyers – which account for the majority of sales of locally built cars – taking a respite at the start of the year.

The results are all comparable with January 2012, however. The Toyota Camry and Toyota Aurion were down 77 per cent and 57 per cent respectively, the Holden Commodore dropped 23.7 per cent, and the Ford Falcon fell 16.4 per cent year on year.


The Holden Cruze small car, assembled alongside the Commodore in Adelaide, didn’t escape the struggle, either, losing a third of its January 2012 sales with a 1638 result.

Total sales of Australian-built vehicles dropped 28 per cent, from 9592 to 6870 sales.

The Ford Territory was the only homegrown model to record growth, capitalising on another bonanza month for SUVs by increasing 44 per cent, from 804 to 1161 units.

Ford Australia will also have been buoyed by excellent results for its small cars imported from Thailand. The Ford Focus jumped 50 per cent to 2364 and the Fiesta light car rose by an equally impressive 44 per cent to 1275 units.

Those models contributed to a strong month overall for Ford, which increased sales by 32 per cent. Holden and Toyota sales retracted slightly compared with this time last year, down by 2.8 and 4.9 per cent respectively.

Niether the Holden Commodore nor Ford Falcon are expected to continue production beyond 2016. Holden and parent company General Motors are assessing the options for replacing the new VF Commodore in the second half of the decade and joining the Cruze, while Ford won’t confirm any local assembly plans beyond 2016.

Click to read a breakdown on the overall winners and losers for January car sales.

  • Robin_Graves

    Import tariff time, these stupid free trade agreements only benefit the other country.

    • Tony

      100% agree mate, on a whole I think Australia is in danger of loosing it’s character. More support needs to be given to Australian products. 

      • 451

        Australian products? Kogan?

        • Pete

          Its australian built products he means !!. Sure theyre foreign owned companies building cars here but thats the closest we will ever get to anything called an australian car . Its time we start to treasure whats local for once . It seems that many so called australians couldnt be bothered contributing back to the same economy what pays them !!….They cant think outside their petty little square , and theyre a disgrace to our country . Keep up the support to the local builders for as long as it takes , because if some of us wont support them in business , then we may as well support them with taxpayer assistance , and for the first time in my life i may well vote for gillard on this point , even though that may be a futile vote .

    • Shak

      If only our Government would grow a pair ad finally stand up and defend our local producers. They seem happy to let our local manufacturers get walked on by much cheaper imported goods all in the name of “fair and free competition”. They need to wake up and realise that no on plays fair with us.

      • Rocket

        The local manufacturers have already received millions to keep them going but not much point blaming the government if the public are not buying them. We only make one SUV here and no dual cab utes which are now dominating the market. Ford would be laughing if they made he Ranger here.

        • gtrxuone

          Rocket the profit margin on small cars made the Focus a 50/50 thing.Ranger made in Au would of been a fantastic outcome for Ford Au.

        • Andrew M

          I definatly agree on making Ranger here, but if you suggest we could justify making 15 different variants here than that idea is a bit skewed

      • Frostie

        Actually the shots are called from Detroit, not necessarily from the Government.
        There is a way to get the Americans at Ford to play ball, coinciding with their “One-Ford” rule.

        Make a slightly smaller Falcon to out-though the Fusion / Mondeo.

        Therefore the added R&D on the Falcon will take it up to a world class level.
        Maybe, the Americans will let us export it, but they’ll probably just build it in Detroit.

        • $29896495

          Of course that’s the way to fix it, and keep the big name plates.

    • dookie

      we can thank our greatest prime minister mr Howard for that. Why would he care for unionised labour in this country

      • JF

        It was Labor under Hawke and Keating that pushed for an open car industry and free trade agreements – John Button was the instigator for all of this.

    • F1orce

      That’s absolutely true..

      A country like Australia just cannot benefit from a FTA

    • Scout392

      Not sure is a price or a quailty thing.
      Inc Drive, perfomance, resale, MPG ect not the fact that OS need an other tax

      • $29896495

        It’s simple, not economics as such, or imported cars. The pattern is, cars which are large, aren’t selling. Without sales incentives, Toyota fell back to what you would expect. Actually making Falcon look good in sales. 

        Point is people want medium cars, The size cars like Falcon and Holden were in the sixties. It’s not complicated. Increased Tariffs won’t do dick in the long term. People and importers will  adjust. It comes down to product produced locally. Cruze is just terrible. and there is no other medium car built here. Which comes back to the manufacturers. Their product planning, when they grew the Commodore and Falcon in line with the US, was in the toilet. 

        Australia isn’t the US, and it isn’t the UK. We just want cars that fit into the medium category or compact. Not small as CA like to call them. 

        Small is a Fiesta. Light is a thing like a J1, or maybe Mirage.

        • Fairlane

          Speak for yourself,Not all of us want a small or compact car.

          People who drive long distance regulary,still want a larger car with a larger engine,if you have ever driven a long distance on country roads in oz you would find that the robustness of a larger car aswell as a larger engine is a great bonus and makes the trip less of a chore.

          A medium car with a 2.0l engine is an exhusting drive on a long trip compared to a big 6.Sure it will cruise along at 2000rpm on the freeway but when you come to a hill it will have to kickback(or cog swap) and rev to keep up momentum weres a big 6 has the torque to climb in a more relaxed way with much less fuss and noise.

          The main 2 reasons large cars are declining is Trendyness and an urbanized population.

          Instead of people buying large cars,trend dictates that they buy an SUV, even though 99% never see a dirt road.

          Trend dictates that they buy an SUV even though a large car is dynamically superior therefore safer.

          And trendyness to drive and imported car,mainly european cars.

          Urbanized population means less people travel out of the city,meaning they never know about the benifits of a big 6 or v8 under the bonnet.

          • $29896495

            I didn’t write “all” or “everyone” – the situation is as it is, the big cars have become a very small niche. But what should have happened, either they down sized the cars we know and love, and import a big car so you’ll be happy.

            I’m not having an opinion in this at all, just looking at the facts. The numbers and interpreting them. It what product planners are supposed to do. No point running some thing into the ground and then saying “oops” if only. Oh wait a minute, that’s just what’s happening. 

          • Ghjj

             Pffff, what a load of nonsense. Small cars can be just as comfortable and relaxing on long distance driving.
            Nearly everyone in Australia drives autos (with CRUISE CONTROL!!), so its hardly a issue if the car needs to go back gears for hills. So what if the engine was reving? It’s called REFINEMENT, cars can rev without it sounding horrible like a CRUMMER. Besides, if your in a Falcoone, you’d want it to be revving so you didn’t have to listen to that awful low rev whine that so many Falcoones make.
            Exhausting….pfff, your thinking about a bicycle. Driving any car uphill is easy, THE ENGINE does the work. The driver just pressed the accelerator.

            Another main reasons people aren’t buying large sedans is because they’re extremely impractical. Same bootspace as a small sedan, yet big and bulky on the outside with poor economy.

          • Fairlane

            Sounds like you are an Urbanized driver.

            A small sedan does not have the boot space of a Falcon or Commodore FULL STOP

            As for poor economy Large cars hve the economy or better then an SUV,the whole economy argument against large cars is BS when you consider the amount of SUV sold.  

          • $29896495

            SUVs give people some thing a normal sedan doesn’t, a commanding view of the road. Not much else. But the physiology of that is very strong especially if you are a woman (or a short man). 

            Small cars like a Barina, would be acceptable on a long trip. When I had a CRX I often took on long drives, eg Sydney to Melbourne – that was great. Would have been OK for a passenger too, but no one in the back. Which is where the medium cars come in. You get day to day manoeuvrability  and if you want to pack up the house hold they can do that too.

            Why would you pay 45,000 to 75,000 for a big car when a medium car like Focus, Corolla, Astra, etc, for 20,000 to 30,000 will do the same job for less with more day to day convenience? 

          • Dfgjh

             Wow Fairlane so ignorant. Here are some boots pace figures for you:

            Skoda Octavia: 560L
            Renault Fluence: 530L
            Nissan Pulsar 510L
            VW Jetta: 510L
            Proton Preve: 508L
            Honda City: 506L
            Ford Fiesta sedan: 502L
            Holden Barina sedan 500L

            Compare this with the BIG sedans:

            Ford Falcon: 535L
            Ford Falcon LPi: 464L (no spare wheel)
            Holden Commodore: 496L
            Holden Commodore LPG: 484L (no spare wheel)
            Chrysler 300C: 462L

          • Fairlane

            I concede Dfgjh you’re correct.
            but to take any of those cars carrying 5 adults and 50kg of luggage from Melbourne to Sydney over a Falcon, Commodore or Aurion,would be a absolute slug fest and i’m not talking about boxing.
            Not to mention the VW powered one’s might even blow up on the way.

          • AMG63

            Torque? None of your  so so-called big sixes have much of it.  Last time I checked the SIDI commodore had a pitiful 350 nm or so to hall around its boat-like lard.  

            There are any number of 4 cyl turbos and diesels that have more than that, and they weigh much much less.  

          • Dfgjh

             Actually Crummer only has 290NM. Progress be blowed, back in 1989 the VN Crummer series had 290NM but was almost 400kgs lighter!

          • Fairlane

            Actually the 3L Commodore has 290nm the 3.6 has 350nm
            Nissan 3.7 has 363nm and the 3.5 326nm
            Toyota 3.5 336nm
            benz has a 3.5 with 370nm
            please name 1 unboosted 4 that even comes close to 300nm.
            And if you want to compare boosted engines for agument sake the Ford 4.0 turbo 6 has 533nm.

          • Reg Harris

            agree with your Fairlane i live 400ks n/w of Adelaide 5 years ago brought a Focus good little car but cramped traded my AU Falcon in on it after nearly 3 and a bit years brought a Ford Territory traved through NSW , Vic and Tassy great Australian car strong good engine and i brought my latest car 3 weeks ago a FG  Ford Falcon XR6 no regrets about buying Australian love the local Ford quirky Aussie sedan love it

    • SuperChar

      It is economics, Thailand and the like have a comparitive and absolute advantage in building motor vehicles compared to Australia.  They can produce cars for less money and get the quality right and their labour cost is lower.  Australia needs to get with the program and start exporting more of what it can be globally competitive at producing.  The demise of the car manufacturing industry is not the end of the world for Australia.  We need to find ways to produce globally competitive sub components or products in other markets. An example I can think of is the Holden engine plant.  They use top quality engineers to design and build engines for overseas markets then build the engines for export.  This makes sense as we are using our knowledge workers to add value and be globally competitive. (if you want to investigate this a bit further, look at theories around the production possibilities frontier).  Propping up an assembly industry with tarriffs only serves to delay the inevitable as we dont have economic advantage in full vehicle manufacturing.

      • Martin

        GM should turn Holden into a global design centre to keep the skill base here and evolve themselves into a thinktank for its global operations.

        • Zaccy

          And how would that benefit GM?

    • LowRezFez

      Compounded by policy that makes petrol and LPG expensive thereby killing the local large cars. Any govt department that buys Hybrids over local LPG cars should have their heads examined!

    • $29896495

      You missed the pattern. It’s a big car thing. In other words, the product planners got it wrong. Next step is to fix it.

      • Robin_Graves

        You are right too. When I bought a falcon it was for the ride / handling, rwd and awesome drivetrain. Size was not really a selling point for me but it is handy to be able to fit two child seats and still be able to use the middle seat. A lighter, nimbler and faster falcon would definitely have my wallet out in a hurry especially with a wagon option. I dont want an suv.

        • Golfschwein

          “but it is handy to be able to fit two child seats and still be able to use the middle seat.”

          Good for you when you have the kids on your access weekend, you mean? Isn’t is time to tell us more about your stinky divorce?

      • SuperChar

        Very true.   Territory sales are the only positive at the minute (closer to what the market wants).  Build an Aussie small car, a 4×4 ute and a compact SUV and we could be on the money, but I suspect by the time that happens the market may have changed again (and we probably couldn’t produce it at a competitive price) .  Maybe Ford and Holden should do something radical and share more parts / platforms like the french do.

        • Luke Brinsmead

          Volkswagen had to develop a small SUV and an off-road utility just to keep up with the Japanese, and they’re in a country with a rich history in design and engineering.

  • Peanut

    How about some 0% finance on the Falcon including FPV models.

    • Robin_Graves

      The upgraded nose on fg mk II definitely didnt help either. The mk I looked much better.  Hopefully the 2014 update is better because I want a G6E Turbo but I dont like the mk II

    • Barry

      Your on to something there Peanut.Special finance offers could be made available for locally made cars.A way around these free trade agreements.

  • dave

    Wow at the Camry dropping off so much! 

    • Dave S

      That’s what i was thinking. The all new Camry did not stay in flavor for long. Last month the Camry outsold the Commdore, this month Combine Camry and Aurion and it’s around the same the Falcon.

      Unfortunately the Commodore has a tough couple of months until the VF is available for sale.

      • Doubleblue

        Commodore is going to have more than just a “tough couple of months” ever with the release of the new? VF. Dave S

      • Darryl

        Because of the 3586 they “sold” in December probably over 1000 of those did not find actual customers til January. I’d say the real numbers would be about 2600 in Dec and 1600 in Jan.

    • Robert Ryan

       No surprise. SUV’s and “Light Commerical Vehicles” 4 X4 Pickups. grew by an enormous amount. Sedans are getting flogged. That is why the Territory was still doing well. We are starting to resemble the US car market.

    • Zaccy16

      people relised how crappy it is compared to the new mazda 6!

      • davie

        If I was Holden – I would be taking the new Mazda6 very seriously.

        New Mazda is approaching commodore in length – but not width. It has a surprising  amount of grunt and was trying to spin the front wheels around corners with a bit of throttle (before electronic nannies intervened).

        Having test driven both recently, I found both of them intimidating in tight car parking situations where they both spend much of their suburban lives. However the Commodores sheer size makes it all the more difficult.

        The mazda interior presents well and has a few party tricks like stop start etc. But on a hot day with aircon working, it needs the engine re-started after a min or so.

        One thing the commodore has is better rearward visibility.

        • pixxxels

          …and rear-wheel drive.

    • matt

      mmm seems fleet special to me, (i30, cruze, camry) all peaked after a few months on sale and now dropping off accordingly

      • $29896495

        Camry’s true position

  • Aussiecars

    So this is what Commodore sales figures roughly look like without fleet sales. Pretty good considering it is a 7 year old model with a new one due next month. Another doom and gloom article from a city hippie who has no idea on what people living outside the city areas want to drive. VF will come and Commodore will be back in the top 3 making all these Commodore doomsday articles look stupid.

    • Jfk

      Did you read the article? Compared to January 2012, Crummer was down %23, Falcoone down %16. So if your taking January as non-fleet sales month, private sales are well down (despite CA claiming the figures were “comparable” to last January).

      Don’t be surprised if the new VF model makes no difference to sales. FG Falccon did nothing to stimulate sales when it replaced a 8 year old model. Likewise, Mitsubishi 380 did nothing for sales when it replaced 9 year old Magna.

    • Doubleblue

       Sorry, in your dreams Aussiecars.

      • RegHarris

        You got a problem with Aussie cars double blue i like them own a lot over the years my latest FG Falcon XR6 is sweet mate

    • LeStori

        89%of Australians live in a large City.

    • $29896495

      Commodore are now turning up as taxis now that Ford have pulled out, so you have to take that into account.

  • TG

    CA, you’re showing a picture of an old 40 series Camry.

    • http://www.caradvice.com.au Jez Spinks

      Quite right, TG; we didn’t mean to select that pic… the one we did want is now updated into article. Cheers

      • TG

        You’re very welcome! :)

  • Golfmother

    Build a large sedan and watch your market disappear , tariffs wont help when no one wants your car .

    • Tony Abbotts No 1 fan

      I dont always agree with what GM says…opps thats a freudian slip, but, I think I have to agree with that sentiment.

      Made even more relevant by the absolute canning of the Aurion & Camry. It does not bode well for the VF 

    • Robin_Graves

      I’ll take a downsized falcon sportswagon with IRS and the turbo I6 with ecoLPI

      • Golfmother

        Keep dreaming grave robber they dont give a toss in detroit about OZ .

        • Robin_Graves

          Thanks for that sherlock.

          • Roadtard

            What Grave Robber really wants is Torana.  We all want Torana.

          • Monk

            They teased us in 2004 with the TT36 and then gave us the finger by not producing it.  I think most people (even Golfmother) would agree that a smaller RWD turbo GM/Ford would be great.  It responds to market demands, gives something to the enthusiast and, in wagon form, to those who currently go for the ‘practicality’ of an SUV. 

          • Robin_Graves

            No I want a tincorner (Cortina) seeing as I’m not going to get a Centura.

          • Golfmother

            Agree monk ,  maybe bring back the gemini , or the viva/torana , surely Daewoo can conjure up some junk .

            Grasping at straws , blame juliar and her gang of monkeys , with penalty rates putting in the last nail .

          • Guest

            I would say you’re understandably bitter about a lack of education GM, but rambling on a car forum isn’t going to fix that, is it buddy :)

  • Julia_Gillards_No_1_fan

    Our local cars should be buried, not bought.

    • Troll No. 47

       Much like yourself.

  • Zaccy16

    The falcon should have 1600 sales and the commodore should have only 770, the falcon as i have said before is a much better car than the crummerdore in handling, engines and value, the torquless sidi v6 in the commodore is not match for the 4cyl in the falcon! that shows how bad their v6’s are!

    • Captain Nemo®™

       You might want to edit your comment Zuppy.
      “the falcon as i have said before is a much better car than the falcon in handling” 

      • Golfmother

        Oh nemo is still with us , bad day for the general , VF,  RIP 2016 .

        • Barry

          Rolf sales down again this month.A bit of a trend developing there.

          • Golfmother

            ROFL get ready for the mk7 onslaught in march , its runout time , oh is that why the crummer is falling too , i think not its  in its death throws , joining its mate the falcoon , what was it in 1990 ,together 15,000 a month , man that is a crisis .

          • Barry

            A decline of 80% in a bit over 22 years.Dont give up with the VF on the way,just yet anyway.They say this year manufactures will pull out of AU because of low sales.Skoda looks like one of them.That will help the big Aussie sedans.

          • Golfmother

            Barry your grasping at straws , the market is up again in january and the big cars are way down , reality .

            The golf/focus/corolla/mazda3 category will boom more than ever .

          • $29896495

            Barry, rubbish. If Skoda pull out, it will barely make a ripple. The thing is you would have to legislate against cars of all other sizes, to make your plan and some of the others work. I don’t know about you but I don’t want to live in Cuba. The simple answer is their size. Unless you fix that the graph goes the wrong way.

        • Poison_Eagle

           If it turns out you’re wrong, how will you go on living?

    • davie

       Not sure if you are serious with the above post? Ye olde Red vs Blue bragging days are long gone! The world has moved on.

      Both these cars are loosing sales to other segments ‘perceived’ by buyers to meet their needs better.

      Are you aware that the Falcon 6 is past end-of-life? It is only still there because ford lost interest with its original intention to use the 3.7Ltr V6 (same as the Mazda CX-9) a few years ago – look back to that date for the original death warrant for a uniquely local falcon chassis and engine.

      For all its death by 1000 different cuts, Falcon is ultimately a victim of the one-ford world platform strategy

      Equally – the Commodore zeta architecture/low cost platform is being phased out according to GM. It simply has nowhere to go.

    • Dave S

      Maybe the Falcon would have better sales if it offered a wagon and a V8 option. For some people a turbo 6 wont do.

      No ones cares about the 3.0 V6, it is all about the 3.6 and the 6.0 V8.

    • Reg Harris

      agree with ya mate my FG Falcon XR6 is sweet

  • Kd

    The high AUS$ and stupidly low tariffs and one way FTA (like the one with Thailand) is killing our car building industry and if the government doesn’t act soon it will be gone. Forever.

    • Tony Abbotts No 1 fan

      You wont win by getting rid of the FTA, if it’s removed, the manufacturers will only claim price increases to cover the loss they gain through the FTA.

      So as Ford, Toyota, Mazda, Honda..not sure about GM-Holden all produce cars in Thailand they would all implement massive price increases.

      So all that will happen it the sale of local products would stay as is & the others, Focus Ranger, BT50 Hilux etc would be more expensive with probably no noticeable affect on sales…and it would still be the Govt’s fault..regardless of who was running the show.      

  • Rocket

    Name a market in the world where large sedans are top sellers??? Australia is just late to follow the rest of the world. Large sedans are seen as a luxury overseas and are priced accordingly whereas in Australia you can buy a Commodore or Falcon for a song. Yes they are not Mercedes quality but nothing much beats them for long distance driving comfort and safety.

    • Golfmother

      Well said rocket , even the US is ditching them .

  • Journalistic garbage

    Publications like this keep emphasizing  the negatives of the Australian built cars rather than concentrate on the market as a whole. This drives the pessimism factor deeper into peoples minds. You have to admire the journalists of this country who are doing their utmost to kill off the auto industry in Australia.

    • Golfmother

      Pray tell me what the positives are , do we have 2 minutes .

    • Mark Kevin

      Get back under your bridge Golfdouche, CA and the author of this article are active in the negativity which is also demonstrated by censoring comments people post to this site – why wasn’t my comment posted Jez? So they are trying to manipulate the opinions posted here to support their point of view.

      • Golfmother

        I would say your getting  a little paraniod , never had any problems , they do draw the line at filth and outright hostility .

      • $29896495

        I’ve got to admit, I’ve noticed some of that myself. Bit more frequently after people complained about Golfm, so I suspect it’s the sensor settings that they’ve set, are a little to sensitive. 

  • Save It For The Track

    fairly sure that Thailand altered the FTA at the last minute and Aus just accepted the shaft…

    • Jacob

      These Asian Governments are very clever, dont underestimate them.

      This is what happened:

      Just after enacting the FTA, Thailand put a big tax on big engines…guess what AUS makes? Yep, big cars with big engines!

      Given how polluted Bangkok is, you cant blame them for putting a big tax on big engines.

  • Marksmanr

    I want the Camaro and Mustang.

  • F1orce

    The sad part is that the Ford Falcon and Commodore SV6 and V8 models are actually good cars at a good price

    Nothing but perception that is hurting them..

    And also the devils at Detroit would probably love to see the demise of the Falcon & Commodore.

    Their new strategy to compete is to make cheap and cheerful and desposable grade cars and platforms.

    • Ace

       You know, I keep hearing the “Oh, Falcons and Commodores are great cars, the media are just picking on them and/or people just buy what’s in fashion” and while I agree performance-wise, whenever I step into one I just shake my head at the terrible interior quality.

      Hard plastics galore, squeaks and rattles (especially in Falcons), poor leather/fabric quality, unintuitive audio/sav-nav systems, huge pillars which swallow up your vision and so forth. That just turns me off, especially when you see how far ahead the Japanese/Koreans are in this regard.

      Plus, no matter how efficient they make their engines, they are still inefficient for city/heavy traffic/stop-start driving. Highway and all that is fine but the former they are just not efficient enough.

  • tomtom

    Hilarious seeing all the Commodore/Falcon fans throw a tantrum. Who cares if they go under – no one buys them anyway.
    Spend the subsidies on the NDIS or education instead.

    • Sam

      It’s really disappointing seeing opinions like this. I buy them and have bought them for years. You do realise that if they go under their will be thousands and thousands of people without jobs? Then you need to spend the subsidies on more dole payments. Also, don’t you want our country to be unique and have an identity? These are our own creations, and they’re not bad cars at all.

      • $29896495

        Ford falcon is the only true Australian creation (bland as it is) the others are all created OS.

      • Fairlane

        Nicely put Sam

        • $29896495

          By the way, it’s really not a question of being Australian, it’s their size and price. That could be fixed easily next new model if the manufacturers were serious.

          Down size them a bit and lighten them, you’d have winners.

  • stevo

    At least there not made by 8 dollar a day slaves.

    • $29896495

      You know it’s all relative, eight dollar a day, is like 100 dollars a day here,

  • Luke Brinsmead

    The thing is, back in the simple 50s, easy 60s and less easy 70s, local cars didn’t have all that much competition. Now people have so many other body types and brands to choose from it leaves the poor old Falcon and Commodore with fewer homes. If all body types of Holdens and Fords were still made in Australia, only then would we be able to keep up with the rest of the world’s insatiable appetite for choice.

    • $29896495

      I don’t know, other than Koreans, we had just as many car Brands, in fact maybe more, in the 60s and 70s. Far more European and and UK brands. Far more manufacturers and assemblers. Ford, Chrysler, Holden, Nissan, AMI which did Toyotas, Mercedes, AMC, also BMC/Leyland, VW to name but a few. We had just about every badge you could think of, plus the small niche builders like Bolwell (not sure of the spelling).  

      I think whinging about the number of makers on our market is pointless. One thing is obvious when you look at sales of al BIG cars. People have gone off them. It’s not just the locals. It’s BIG imports too. The obvious answer to this is people find they can get just as much space and more versatility in medium cars like Focus and Corolla etc.

      The big cars are no longer affordable to buy or run, unless the manufacturer is offering a run out special or 0% finance, which caused a spike in Camry/Aurion sales, (which later dropped back to normal) They are NOT good value, and Australians are voting with their wallets. 40 up for a behemoth, or high teens up for a medium car. 

      Where would you put your money, the difference being 15 to 20 thousand? 

  • Sumpguard

    “Volkswagen’s Australian boss has acknowledged customer concerns surrounding vehicle quality and servicing costs.The managing director of Volkswagen Australia, Anke Koeckler, admits being concerned by customer feedback and a study that ranked Volkswagen last in a study of Australian car buyers last year.”

  • Barry


  • Golfmother

    Last skivvy i saw was on an audi sales man who told me the A3 was in no way built of the golf platform or shared any parts .