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Holden is giving its fans a chance to win one of the first all-new Holden Commodore sedans to roll of the production line in an interactive online competition starting tomorrow.

The ‘Build The Commodore’ virtual scavenger hunt, which Holden says is the largest of its kind ever hosted in Australia, asks the public to find 101 puzzle pieces hidden around the country in both online and physical locations to make up the first image of the all-new VF Commodore.

Punters who register at buildthecommodore.com.au will receive daily clues to find the puzzle pieces, and anyone who finds a piece and shares it online will be entered into the draw to win a new 2013 Holden Commodore.

Holden marketing director Simon Carr described the competition as a unique opportunity to engage the public in the launch of the VF Commodore, which will be officially revealed for the first time on February 10.

“The last time we launched a new Commodore, social media was in its infancy,” Carr said. “Facebook and YouTube were not household names and mobile phones were for calls and texts.

“Fast forward seven years and most of us have a mobile device connected to the internet. Half of all Australians are Facebook users and social networking is ingrained in how we act as consumers.

“For marketers, it means that any new product launch can be a fully-immersive experience, but for well-loved car like Commodore, we can really take our activity to the next level.”

The first puzzle pieces will be released tomorrow (February 6), with the hunt to conclude as the production car is unveiled four days later.

We got our first hint at the design of the VF Commodore last November when Holden’s US-based sister company Chevrolet took the wraps of its new NASCAR racer (above). The racecar takes styling cues from the Chevrolet SS, the upcoming left-hand-drive performance sedan based on the new Commodore that will be exported to North America from late 2013.

The Holden VF Commodore will go on sale across Australia from April.

  • horsie

    i want to win this. i guess i’m a bogan. 

    • Dave S

      Agree, a great way to get people thinking about the new model.

    • Dimka100

      I’m a bogan from the Blue side, but since I have a double garage I would not mind having a VF SS parked next to it …

      • Doubleblue

        Your wheelbarrow would be more worthy of that “extra space” Dimka 100.!

    • Hark

      I know. I want to win this too, but only because I’m really competitive, lol.

  • Pro346

    Very interesting comp…might have to register.

  • F1orce

    I can’t wait


    • Barry

      Would handle and steer a bit better than your Korean car…

      • Wazza

        Only “a bit better”? That’s rather disappointing for a model that may decide the future for the company here. 😉

  • Splatcat03

    So is the VF Commodore, just a larger, more expensive and thirstier version of the Daewoo, I mean Holden Epica.

    • Kd

      Most. Stupid. Comment. EVER.

    • Pro346

      Splatcat….its rwd not a fwd pos.

    • horsie

      ok F1orce we heard you the first time.

    • Force-15

      You must be thinking of the soon to be released Chev… I mean Holden Malibu. I don;t remember exactly how much of the Malibu is based on the Epica but it’s just as forgettable. Hopefully so forgettable that Holden won’t remember to release the Malibu in Australia.

      • Kd

        The Malibu shares nothing with Epica. The Malibu is a shares its platform with the Insignia, so can’t be that bad.

        • Golfmother

          Pretty bad, already having a facelift in USA , sales have been dismal , comp canes it , especially lack of rear legroom , another epic failure coming up .

          • Mad Max

            You´re right in everything you say. I´ve driven a Malibu in the US and it is dismal. Its been rubbished in every single car mag in the States and often the US based mags try to see the good in all most Ford, GM and Dodge/Chryslers but none can see much in the Malibu. Its been so badly recieved that its undergoing a face lift in year 1. Sadly it needs more than just a face lift!

  • nugsdad

    So surely Car Advice should be able to get a sneak peek before the official roll out.

  • Noddy_of_Toyland

    Where would you find the clues? This competition is very strange

  • GT

    Hopefully sales will jump with this (they definitely will but by how much?) and we’ll see a bit less pessimism in this industry.

    • Fghj

      Why is it definite that sales will jump with the VF?

      There was no jump in Falcoone sales when the FG Falcoone came out. There was no jump in sales when the Mitsubishi 380 came out either.

      • Karl Sass

        There’s pent up demand from customers who are refusing to update to a ‘new’ vehicle that looks like their current one. Remember the VE was released in 2006.

        • Sdfgh

          Yea and Mitsubishi 380 in 2005 was replacing Magna from 1996 and Falcoone FG in 2009 was replacing Ba from 2002. Both these examples were replacing cars much older than the VE Crummer is now.

          • Karl Sass

            The 380 replaced the TW from 2004 and the FG replaced the BF lol. This isn’t an all new car, but a major update. Time will tell.

  • LowRezFez

    Lets hope the new model fires for Holden. Still, I can’t help thinking that such a large, heavy car with big engines is going to turn Commodore’s fortunes around, especially if fuel prices spike again.

    It looks like that the Holden brand will be dropped and GM will offer affordable global GM cars and Opel will offer more upmarket options… If Commodore dies.

  • Zaccy16

    i would deliberately lose the comp just to not have to have a commodore!

    • nugsdad

       I like the association of Hawks and losing the comp

    • Barry

      Cmon Zaccy . A veedud made in Africa doesn’t put you that high up the food chain.

      • Golfmother

        Yes and GM makes in columbia , vietnam , brazil , india, mexico and argentina , i would worry .

        • Captain Nemo®™

           Yet none of those GM cars come here hey Bungel.   Unlike VeeDud which dump junk made in Africa, Mexico & Argentina on us, all cobbled together from the cheapest possible materials. 

          • Golfmother

            I forgot to add the notorious Daewoo factory where all of the self assemble kits are shipped to lisbeth for nailing and glueing .

            Soon be all daewoo’s  2016 draws closer , why buy a has been last of VF , no future in that investment .

          • Barry

            How do you know what Commodores future is.
            If the crummer goes back to number 1 as it did for 17 years.Why would Holden can it.All the US parent company has said is we want it numero uno again.

          • Golfmother

            Barry in the SV6 tray top , they want to be NO1, but it wont happen with the crummer , maybe with a paste and glue Daewoo range , i doubt it , toyota is no1 for the next decade .

    • Pro346

      Don’t you own a polo? 1.2 lts of ooh no its a hill I will have to get a run up and turn the air conditioning off and make everyone get out.

      • Golfmother

        Funny  i well remember the VE owners complaining about the failing aircons on a hot day ,’Sir just sit on the side of the road , wait 10 mins and restart the engine and drive to your dealer” , cool on a 42c day , not .

      • Zaccy16

        Have u driven a tsi engined car pro346? It’s very obvious u haven’t because the torque in any gear up hills is better than my 2.3l Mazda 6, and in sport mode from a standstill it is a marvel for the sweep capacity

        • Pro346

          my daily is a single turbo 5.7lt v8 don’t tell me about torque…..have you driven one and yes I have driven a tsi golf I think it was the 1,4 I stand by my statement

          • Fghj

             Actually a 1.4 Golf with 1320kgs and 240NM has the same torque to weight ratio as a Crummer Omega 1618kgs and 290NM (That’s using the LOWEST published weight of a Omega, many sources put a Omega’s weight as high as 1695kgs).
            Difference is that the Golf delivers that torque flat from 1750rpm through to 4500rpm whilst the Crummer peaks at 2900rpm.

          • Pro346

            1.4 tsi 90 has 200nm of torque……gutless load it up 5 people air con on hot day and hill and watch it struggle turbo engines and heat kill the power I know this because I own one.

          • Ghjh

             yea and 90tsi, 200NM peaks at 1500rpm through to 4000rpm and only has to shift 1270kgs. Prob best torque in class by far and quite similar to Crummer Omega at 1618kgs with only 290NM at 2900rpm.
            Compare Golf to Focus 1.6, only 152NM at 4000rpm and its heavier at 1311kgs.

    • Captain Nemo®™

       You should enter Zuppy so you can dump the POS Polio.    Gotta have something reliable to keep the Mazda 6 company.  Imagine that never having to ring for a tray-truck again no more VeeDud.

  • Dfgh

    A report in Fairfax today said Crummer sales were down to 1600 in January and Falcoone only managed 800!

    • Golfmother

      OMG it just gets worse .

  • VTiR

    Design wise, it will probably look ok until you see hundreds of them on the road every time you leave the house in dull, flat white and being driven by the more ‘questionable’ members of our society. 

  • Gtrxu1

    Good build up to the Vf..The Ve design is now over six years old and overdue for a change.Will be interesting to see the outcome of this competition.

  • Al Tungupon

    Win then sell.

  • jekyl & hyde

    whilst there is NOTHING better than a full sized car to take you and your family on long trips, it seems that dual cab ute’s , diesel suv’s, (rather large) small cars,and australia’s ageing population ( can’t get in/out), and fuel cost (following europe’s trend) is spelling death (by a thousand cuts) to the full size car. NOTHING can save it…

    • Monk

      There are as many reasons for the demise of the Commodore and Falcon as there were for the start of a WWI.
      Unfortunately they refused to change in the face of obvious shifts in consumer demand.  Couple that with sub-par marketing (FORD) and you have a death knell sounding.
      On that note – can I go on record to say that the current batch of Ford ads are rubbish.  A ditzy girl who drives with one zebra platform and one sneaker, someone who thinks people wave at him because he bought a Territory and some hipster who can’t park a Focus.  Brilliant.  Back to advertising school people.  I wouldn’t be surprised if sales fall as a result of these insulting ads.

      • Golfmother

        Maybe its just as simple as not building a large fat sedan which no one wants .

      • AJS

        I must admit the dude in the Focus is a bit of a wank. C’mon mate, its a Focus. Not a Kenworth. I think the Focus is a decent looking vehicle. But agree that the advertising could be better.

  • Fibi

    I would love to update my berlina with one of these beauties;

  • Marc

    I found some of those “pieces” on this website. But none of the links to claim it actually work. Good job holden -.-

    • Jason

      Did you register for the competition first Marc? :)

      • Marc

        Yes. It turns out that you can only “claim” pieces after the clues are out each day. Seems I found some of them early by accident, haha.

  • Oimate

    VF is a buy for me, SS plz

  • graeme avnell

    i am 53 years old and i have never had a new car mine have all been second hand i would love to win a new car just to see what it is like driving one i will never be able to buy one thanking you graeme avnell

  • Lauren Holloway

    I would really like to win a VF Holden! I have my full license, I live in SA and on May 3rd 2013 I had a t-bone car accident so at the moment my licesense is on hold. I would love if my first car back to driving to be a Holden VF considering I live close to Holden Elizabeth