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The Kia Sorento is now available with a heavy duty towing package that improves the pulling ability of the recently updated full-size SUV.

Available for both front- and four-wheel-drive variants, the upgrade sees the Sorento’s maximum down ball rating increase from 120kg to 150kg, providing extra versatility for those requiring expanded towing ability.

Developed by Kia Australia, the new heavy duty tow package includes a tow bar, trailer wiring harness, new rating labels and uprated rear suspension springs to handle the increased down ball weight. Kia says the changes do not detract from the Sorento’s locally tuned ride and handling package.

Maximum braked towing capacity remains unchanged at 2000kg for vehicles with automatic transmissions and 2500kg for manual variants.

The complete heavy duty tow pack is available from Kia dealerships for $977.34 plus fitting.

Customers who have already purchased a genuine Kia tow bar with the 120kg down ball weight can upgrade with a conversion kit for $239.78 plus fitting.

  • Acfsambo7

    I thought that autos could tow more than manuals in general.

  • Noddy_of_Toyland

    Since a lot of the last gen Sorento’s sales were to grey nomads, looking for a cheap, strong diesel, this should pick them up a few more sales.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/FFLU42DZJ4E23NZKHN3UXJU44Q Aazz

      I think you’ll find most grey nomads would prefer a vehicle with a maximum braked towing capacity over 3000kg, normally a Toyota/Nissan.

      • Noddy_of_Toyland

        I’m just going by experience, I still see a lot of the first gen Sorento diesels pulling medium size caravans, but obviously if you’re buying a larger caravan a bigger vehicle makes sense.

        • Sumpguard

          ….and you’d be right Noddy. The previous generation Santefe was increasingly popular with the grey nomads also because many didn’t want the cruiser due to heavy fuel usage whether towing or not Well north of 20 ltrs per 100 k’s is getting expensive for anyone. The guy across the road uses 14 ltrs/100k’s when towing a two tonne van with his previous gen Colorado diesel. . Another neighbour up the road is not impressed with the consumption of his diesel territory and the starting price of the diesel ford is ridiculous. Kluger is even more of a rip off as are the Germans for what you get.

          I suspect Hyundai will follow suit shortly with the santefe and up their towball rating. Tow capacity for the auto is higher than the manual but the towball weight is not suited to heavier vans. But then they never went after the larger van market anyway. Toyota’s cruisers are perhaps best suited there.

  • Johnny

    Seeing a lower tow figure for the auto says the Kia’s auto isnt the strongest transmission, also note there is no mention of additional cooling for the transmission, I would expect these Kia’s to have some cooling issues while towing. The AWD Territory is rated at 2700 kg with a towball weight of 270kg despite having 5kw less power but higher torque figures.

  • Karl Sass

    Better, but still too low. Should be 10% of total braked weight.

  • Robbo Turner

    One of the best tow vehicles around was the Hyundai Terracan CRD, despite a few issues it is still a sought after model for the nomads. It would be great to see an updated version from Hyundai/Kia with their new look designs.

  • Don Quay

    I don’t think I would call 2000kg for the auto and 150kg tow ball rating “heavy duty”. There are plenty of other soft roaders that can exceed that. i.e. Kluger, Territory, Touareg, Q5/Q7 and so on.

  • Stiglet

    According to my owners manual the towball load for the Sorento has always been 150 kg.