Honda Australia has added a host of in-demand features to the 2013 Honda Civic hatch range while bumping up the price of its British-built small car by more than $1000.

The entry-level Honda Civic VTi-S hatch is now $1400 more than before at $20,650 (auto: $22,950), although the price increase is offset by the addition of a rear-view camera, cruise control with speed limiter, and Bluetooth phone connectivity with audio streaming. Despite the increase, the new price is still $2000 cheaper than the car’s original launch price from June 2012.

At $25,490, the mid-spec Civic VTi-L hatch is now $1100 cheaper than the MY12 version, however, as its leather upholstery is downgraded to standard cloth trim. New features for 2013 include keyless entry with push-button start, auto-dimming rear-view mirror, electric front-seat lumbar adjustment, leather-wrapped gearknob and tinted privacy glass.

New to the line-up is the range-topping $29,590 Civic VTi-LN hatch. Costing $4100 more than the VTi-L, the flagship hatchback adds satellite navigation with live traffic updates, DVD player, leather upholstery and heated front seats.

Honda Civic sales grew 76 per cent in Australia last year to 11,442 units on the back of the launch of the new-generation sedan in February and hatch in June.


2013 Honda Civic hatch manufacturer’s list prices:

  • VTi-S manual – $20,650 (+$1400)
  • VTi-S auto – $22,950 (+$1400)
  • VTi-L auto – $25,490 (–$1100)
  • VTi-LN auto – $29,590 (new variant)

  • Daniel

    Price rise? Really? Wow they really don’t understand how they’re being percieved these days…they need to win people over again, we all know that neither of the new Civics are particularly amazing (not bad but nothing special), if anything they need to do a price reduction and then make some more interesting cars again. 

    • Zaccy16

      i agree, it needed to be cheaper specially the awful sedan, if the hatch back was cheaper it would be more competative

  • Shak

    Just when we thought Honda were finally starting to understand their place in the new pecking order, they go and pull a move like this. Admittedly it probably wont cost them too many sales, but a price drop would have GAINED them many many more sales. 

    • Matt

       Price drop of any product would likely gain more sales for any manufacturer, but if you really compare drive away prices for the 2012 model to the 13 not much difference actually. And comparing the car to other models in its class its actually quite cheap…see some of the comparisons below

  • Tex

    But what is the drive away price?!

    • Crummydore

      Add around $1500 – $2000 for that!

      Which then brings the cost to around $22,300 – $23,000 – compare that with say the base Focus which is $2500 – $3000 cheaper (drive away) and it starts looking pretty darn pricey.

  • matt

    lol whinging about it not being cheaper? yet it was apparently $19,250 before this price rise (really? when did that happen??) which now puts it on par with a 3 or cruze at a touch over 20k….

    • Lucas

      Agreed, I would have thought there’d be more of a brouhaha regarding the $19,250 price, which would’ve made it the lowest starting price in the segment. Well, I guess it’s now gone as quick as it came.

      • $29896495

        Here’s the problem with that, Ford, Mazda and Holden start around that price DRIVE AWAY on the road! Honda have to have on roads added, Thanks CA.

        • Matt

           would rather drive my honda then a ford so the etc few $$$ are nothing

          • $29896495

            good for you

          • Matt

             and you compare the features of them, this honda civic starts to actually look cheaper

    • PS

      I completely agree. The article is very misleading.The Civic hatch was never officially $19,250 RRP – it was $22,650 when it launched, and Honda later on ran a limited offer, discounting it to $21,999 driveaway.

      Saying that “The base model VTi-S is now $1400 more than the 2012 version, at $20,650 plus on-road costs for the six-speed manual.” is really misleading.

      • ted

        The VTI-S Civic Hatch (2012) is advertised (in Syd) for $21,490.00 drive away in manual.

        • PS

          Yes, which was an annual clearance driveaway deal – NOT an RRP.

  • nugsdad

    Good luck Honda if Golf starts at <$20k.  Honda must have their heads up their Ars#

    • Fred

      If people are willing to go for that base Golf, then okay, good for them. Anyway, I’ll believe the sub-20K when I see it.

  • Blair Waldorf

    Despite the price rise, it’s pretty decently equipped and still not particularly expensive. Is the hatch still built in the UK? Honda makes great manual transmissions, it’s a shame they’re only available on the lower spec models.

    • Dapt Funk

      Yep, I think the Swindon factory is the only one that produces the Civic hatch.

      • Blair Waldorf

        Then it’s not too as value considering its euro built. I dont know why Honda didnt capitalise on it and call its the ‘Civic Euro’ or something.

        • Able

          Like they do in NZ… (Euro Civic)

  • Martin

    The Civic hatch is such an eyesore. It reminds me of the Hutchback of Notre Dame. There’s a blue one in my building that I’ve nicknamed Quasimodo after the character.

    • Aazz

      I agree. Definitely better lookers in this class.

  • Doop

    Drive Away prices are only part of the picture. I was recently considering purchasing a Hyundai I30 but found Hyundai dealers very inflexible on the trade I was offering. I settled for a Focus because of the very significantly higher trade deal offered by Ford. The difference in changeover price was $3-4K. I am keen on the new Civic and will be interested to see what the Honda dealers can offer.

  • Vti07

    I don’t regard the VtiLN as a flagship model. They should’ve added the panoramic roof, HID, radar cruise from the UK flagship model to make it one.

    I wonder how the diesel variant will be priced?

    In regards to pricing I’d imagine Honda would have more scope to reduce the price of the sedan rather than the hatch as they are built in Thailand and UK respectively.

  • Vins

    Looks like VTi-L is the best value among the badges

  • Crash Craddock

    I actually think the option of Sat Nav and improved spec is good.  Yes, a lower price would have been welcomed, however, I reckon a  5 year Civic hatch would age far better than an i30, so I think its decent value.  The only blots on the Civic hatch’s copybook are a lack of a 6 speed auto, 6mth/10K service intervals and the top of the range has no foot room for rear passengers.

  • mo

    Cruise now standard? FINALLY!!!
    Honda has been ridiculously reluctant to include (or even make available) cruise control on its lower models. About time. After all… it involved what… a software update and a few buttons? 

    • John

       Yes, finally. I predicted last year that Honda would make cruise standard on the base hatch sooner rather than later – but you didn’t need to be Nostradamus to figure that out. Should have been standard from day one, what were Honda thinking?

      Now it has cruise I could consider the base model Civic hatch. Or would have done, if I hadn’t seen the rear end – that is one seriously huge backside it has…

  • Blake C

    How come England can Export more cars than us.
    Why do our local car makers say our dollar is too high.
    Last time I checked the English currency was wort a lot more than ours.

    • Yetiman

      Because we only produce large cars. (Except for the Cruze) 

    • Richard

      The Oz dollar has gone up against the UKP massively in the last 4 yrs.  That’s one reason why the price of the Civic hatch has come down so much since its first release here.

      in 2009 – 1 AUD bought 0.44UKP
      Now – 1 AUD buys  0.66UKP

      That’s 50% more buying power.

      • Matt

        Yet the price of the car has gone up?

        • Daz

           When the UK Civics were first released here they starts at $39k – no joke, and then went down to the low 30s. So they’ve cheapened a lot.

          • Guest

            Those that had bought the previous 8th Gen Civic Hatch @ $39k or even @ low $30k+ are facing whopping depreciation if they’re selling on the used car market. Look at the used car websites like Carsales – they’re listing at $23k – $28k when @ those prices, you could get a brand new 9th Gen Civic Hatch. The sellers are in denial about the true situation of their car’s worth – they had just been chopped off at the knees by Honda Australia’s new pricing on the new Civic Hatch.
            The problem with Honda Australia is that their pricing & standard features policy is so inconsistent with Civic Hatch – previously, premium pricing with so-so standard features, initially lukewarm competitive pricing then aggressive price cutting to $19k with glaring omissions like cruise & bluetooth, now back to semi-premium pricing with features restored.

          • Vti07

            I believe that the previous generation hatch initially sold at $42990. Similar spec to the vtiln now but without the Sat nav. The price of the new model hasn’t really gone up, there was a sale 1 – 2 months back hence the lower prices.

          • $29896495

            Weren’t they the type Rs priced that high. I would have sworn the standard one was around 29,000

    • reg

       Exporting ex Oz at 1.05 versus 80-90cents is not easy. The dollar is high retrospectively

      • DAVIDZ

        Its Made In England, you know GBP, as in Pounds currency, not US$

  • PS

    Like the article said, the hatch still equates to being cheaper than the launch price after this price rise…. So really, it’s price drop and an extra features. It’s amazing how much people like to dog Honda these days.

    • Guest

      Those that dogged Honda are in 2 categories; the first, probably those who couldn’t even afford to buy Honda in the 1st place; and the second, those who are living in Honda’s performance-focused era clamouring for discontinued models like Preludes, Integras, EG & EK model Civic & the NSX.
      Honda has moved on from performance-focused in light of high fuel costs to fuel efficiency & hybrid technology. For all that matters, Honda is still a technology-based car company which is more than most car companies can claimed.
      The Civic Hatch is still a desirable car with functionable utility like Magic seats, flat folding seats backs & one of the most fuel efficient engines ie, iVtec SOHC with ECON function. Together with the famed Japanese reliability & longevity, what else would anyone want from Honda?
      Styling-wise, it may not be in everyone’s taste but beauty should not be only skin-deep. Besides, Honda’s styling design tends to age gracefully, if not why there are people still desireing the iconic CRX, Integra Type-R DC2 & the NSX?

      • $29896495

        Those cars you mentioned are from a different design era. Honda hasn’t put a car out like those in years. maybe this new small hatch will be the start of something good, but up till now they haven’t been looking that good.

  • Pablo

    Remember when the Civic was the model of excellence for this class. Where has the magic gone.

  • MisterZed

    The article is incorrect – the new price is lower than before, not higher. The Civic was never $19,000 – the last time the Civic was below $20,000 was in 2005, and that was only the sedan.

    • Yetiman

      Remember not long ago, AC was a $2000 option.

      • $29896495

        Yeah, that was like the early eighties.

    • DAVIDZ

      Idiot Zyk, AND WRONG AGAIN, on the 10th Dec. the Civic was reduced to $19,250 + ORC, google it

      • Ted

        The Civic Hatch is advertised (in Syd) for $21,490.00 drive away.  the price that you quote plus on-road charges (ORC) would push the Civic Hatch to around 23 plus !

    • Matt

       well I have just placed order with my local dealer in qld for a new 2013 base model civic hatch and its $22600 drive away including tint (cost me $500 extra) and the metallic paint ($not sure on how much extra that was).  Pick up Friday 22nd Feb

      • Matt

         and that was for a manual too to be precise!

      • MisterZed

        Sounds like you got ripped off on the tint. I got mine tinted at Tint Professor for about $230. They do a really good job.

        • $29896495

          Yeah the average price on good quality tin when you do it yourself, (usually higher quality than a dealer supplies) is $200.00

  • Ted

    The Civic Hatch is advertised (in Syd) for $21,490.00 drive away.

  • Guest

    I have ordered one and yes it’s 23000 drive away… For base model and paint.

  • Ted

    Hi Guest, was that for Auto or manual ?

  • PS

    Just did a quick comparison with the competition, choosing the cheapest model with *comparable features.

    Corolla Ascent Sport (the base model doesn’t include alloy wheel): $23,350  – no bluetooth
    Mazda 3 Neo: $20,990 driveaway (2012 model run out) – no reverse camera
    Hyundai i30 Activ: $20,990 (2012 model) – no alloy wheels, no reverse camera and no bluetooth. Next Model up is $27,726 – additional feature: sat nav
    Kia Cerato Hatch SLi: $23,990 driveaway – 17″ alloy, auto headlight, 
    Ford Ambiente Hatch (2012 model): $19,490 driveaway – no alloy wheels, no reverse camera, 1.6L engine, no bluetooth, 5 speed. Next Model up is Trend Hatch, that brings alloy wheels, 2.0L engine and 5 speed manual on top of Ambiente 
    Golf 77TSI 5 Door 6 Speed Manual: $25,669
    Honda Civic Hatch: $23,000 – 6 speed, bluetooth, alloy wheels, reverse camera

    Now, if you still complain about the price, then you’re just complaining for the sake of posting a comment. This, I have to say, is the most competitively priced Civic I’ve seen in Honda Australia era. If I had to nitpick, it will be the lack of Manual gearbox in anything but the VTI-S model. That will actually stop me from buying the Civic.

    • Matt

       re the lack of manual in anything but the base model…I felt the same but have bit the bullet and ordered the 2013 civic hatch anyway – wasn’t much in the higher models that was worth the extra dollars anyway.

      • Ted

        I have just ordered the VTI-S Auto Civic Hatch myself.  I picked the white colour that includes an extra charge.  I am in Sydney and the VTI-S Auto, White Hatch cost me $23k drive away (they included mats)  A nice discount from the RRP of $25815.00.

        Thoughts !

        • $29896495

          Why extra for white? Would be my preference too.

          • Ted

            The extra charge for white because it’s a pearl colour, and not a flat white. I am not sure why most manufactures charge for these colours, as Mazda does not.

      • Ted

        By the way, it was 2013 model with cruise and bluetooth.

    • Ted

      I have just ordered the VTI-S Auto Civic Hatch myself. I picked the white colour that includes an extra charge. I am in Sydney and the VTI-S Auto, White Hatch cost me $23k drive away (they included mats) A nice discount from the RRP of $25815.00.
      Thoughts !

  • Gueshtyu

    I may be odd, but i really, really like the styling. Feel it could do with 18s under those arches. Good looking, well equipped, well priced solid car. When the lease on the 1er is up in a year we’ll see what’s out there, if i was buying today if get one of these. Base model in black/manual.

  • Ted

    Have just returned from Honda Dealer (Syd) after looking and driving the VTI-S Civic.  Nice car, but needs more get up and go – also 6 speed auto would be nice.  However, the salesperson tells me that Hondas will progress to CVT over the next few years like Toyota are starting to do on their m odels…  It appears that this will allow geat fuel usage.  In addition, the Sat Nav cannot be optioned in the VIT-S or VIT-L, as only being standard in the VTI-LN (some 34k …)  I did have a price for after market fitment of Opal Sat Nav and this is some 2k.  This now makes it interesting as to whether the Mazda Maxx Sport / Toyota Corolla SX (ot Accent Sport with optional San Nav installed) is a beeter choice.  Today’s model you would think that Sat Nav could be optioned, but Honda does not offer this in the lower models of the Civic…

  • Dsqld

    For every dissatisfied Honda owner, you will find hundreds for almost any other competitive maker. Honda build quality, say no more!

  • Sashabenson

    does anyone have a problem with vision through the rear window

    • $29896495

      At bumper level, that would be everyone.

  • Nikz

    Hi Ted, that was a great bargain $23k, drive away, VTI-S auto civic, 2013 model!!! Could you tell me which dealer did you go to? I am going for test drive tomorrow. thanks Ted!

  • Ronaldw5

    The actual price (for a white car that is $500 extra than red) was $25815.00 on the road.  The discount was $2,500.00 and the price down to  $23315.00 – if you bought a red it would be another $500.00 cheaper. The dealer is in the inner west of Syd, and this price was given to me by a well known Eastern Subs dealer.  Any new car that you buy has aleast 10% discount that they will give away, but you have to go in hard.  However, i feel now that I would had go a better price if I shoped around more.  If you need any more info, please let me know.  thank You

    • Nikz

      Thank you Ted for the advise! yep I got exactly the same price $25,815 RPP from an eastern suburb dealer. I think the $500 extra is to cover the metalic paint (apparently only red color comes with standard metalic paint). I am still cheking on the price and seems like the 2012 VTI-L demo model price has dropped to around the brand new 2013 VTI-S model (with leather seats feature) but i am not sure if i could go in any harder on this.

  • Warrend1

    If its made in England as suggested hope that it is not plagued with reliability problems,would have been better if masde in India like Jaguar Range Rover E’tc.
    Also have many people looked at KIA/Hyundai like Samsung LG Et’c Made in their Country of Origin Korea.

  • Bobby

    Like Ted I also just purchased a 2013 Vti-S automatic polished gun metal with carpet accessory for a drive away price of $23,200. An absolute bargain. It drives great. Suspension setup is much better than the previous civic (I had the 09 Type R with the same torsion beam but terrible to drive). The 1.8L is not bad either esp. if you know the vvti dynamics of the civic then it is relatively easy to tap in to the power band. Interior is remarkable for a car of this price and its practicality/versatility is  perhaps unchallenged for a car in this price bracket (smart rear seats that fold up and down to create unprecedented space like a van). Moral of the story? Blitz the dealership and negotiate hard.

  • Gidge

    Had not been looking for a hatch, been needing new car for a couple of years, but just hadn’t seen anything that I could bring myself to spend money on,. Saw the civic hatch in paper last week and straight away, knew, “that’s the one’ , have only looked so far in closed dealers window,. Being mature female the above comments certainly help with a decision as far as the performance goes and not just wanting for  the looks, I would be looking at base manual model, just wondering if any readers that have had their’s for awhile are still happy with choice of the manual. I am in WA so wondering also what price I can expect , seems Sydney posters can get some good deals on the base Auto.  Green is not a favourite of mine but just love it in this car, though i am concerned that down the track not a good resale colour. Cannot believe I am so excited about a car, “just gotta have” is usually a phrase for a dress or shoes.

  • Port fan

    Hi Gidge, I have the manual.  It does the job, the ratios are sensible and the shifts are mostly pretty slick.  It’s a good manual box I think.  A bit tricky to pop it into / out of reverse sometimes, but at least reverse is near bottom right which is what I am used to.  You will be wanting to switch off the “Eco” mode because it is naff, all it does is reduce the power. 

    Beware: I don’t think it looks as good as the old model hatch, and indeed most people don’t.  You are giving up a comfortable and light filled rear seat for a car that doesn’t look good anyway, essentially.  
    But it sounds like you are sold on the looks and won’t be disappointed everytime an 8th gen Si or Type R drives near by!  Apparently they have improved the QC (a far cry from “worse (built) car I have ever owned” by some owners of the old car)… there no issues on my car apart from some bits of trim and bodywork which don’t align quite right, a very minor whistle at 100 kph and some flimsy plastics on the door trims… but hey it’s not a Volkswagen.

    Port fan

    • Guest

      No one has mentioned the left hand blinker stalk??
      My wife & I frequently swap our cars as they are used for different purposes.
      I test drove a base manual today & thought it was great but kept hitting the wipers when i wanted blinkers -i actually really like the look of the car but can see this as being a real PITA when swapping cars & a possible deal breaker in comparison to the i30 Elite we are trying to decide between.

      • VTiR

        I really don’t think a left hand indicator stalk should be enough to turn someone off a car. If you like it better than the i30 (The Civic is a MUCH better car, in my opinion) then buy it! You can get used to anything. I drive a Japanese-built Honda most of the time, but jump into a relatives Civic hatch quite often and have no problem adjusting to the different indicator side.

  • Wheresbear

    I just bought one after almost 2 years of searching for the right car. 900 hatches are being sold a month in Australia so perhaps your perception of pricing is a little off the mark. Alternatives? Holden Cruze – tacky interior and just a car I couldn’t love. Mazda 3? My next choice but at the end of it’s model cycle and can’t wait til the end of the year (or possibly longer though suspect it will be a winner); Subaru Impreza? Does everything OK but nothing well. Nice interior but really doughy performance on PULP. Subaru’s look like an 80’s Korean throwback – nice interior though. Corolla? Er…grey cardigan anyone? Fell asleep reading about it – slow, boring and the worst dashboard design known to man. Ford Focus – a good deal but handbrake digs into my leg, wipers annoy me to death and Powershift trannies just shudder and clunk all the time. No thanks. Cerato? Fantastic spec’s etc but just couldn’t love it. The Honda came out with great looks, the right features, decent performance / economy mix and buckets of space. Done.

  • Dion

    Just brought a Honda Vti-s yesterday…I looked at the Mazda 3, ford focus, toyota corolla and the Honda. The Honda was a few thousand more but hay…. Quality build and with the reverse camera and the rear seats that fold down but also lift. Alloy wheels and paddle shift. Where’s the comparison