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Toyota has announced the recall of more than one million cars in the US as part of a global recall of almost 1.3 million vehicles, in what is the Japanese manufacturer’s third million-car-plus recall since October.

The recall of approximately 752,000 Toyota Corolla and Corolla Matrix vehicles produced in 2003 and 2004 stems from a fault with the cars’ airbag control module that could have been manufactured with application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs) that are susceptible to internal shorting.

Toyota Corolla 2003

According to Toyota, “These ASICs could experience an internal short that creates abnormal current flow and increased heat. If this occurs, there is a possibility that the ASIC could become damaged. In some instances, the front airbag(s) and/or seatbelt pretensioners could inadvertently deploy.”

Approximately 270,000 Lexus IS vehicles from 2006 to early 2012 have also been recalled for a secondary issue relating to the wiper arm nut of the front wipers not being “sufficiently tight”. Toyota says, “If movement of the wipers is restricted by an external load, such as a build-up of heavy snow on the windshield, one or both of the wipers could become inoperative.”

Lexus IS 350

Toyota Australia’s Beck Angel told CarAdvice neither recall affected local cars as the specific Corolla model was not sold in Australia and the impacted Lexus vehicles were left-hand-drive models only.

Back in October, Toyota Australia recalled almost 300,000 vehicles as part of a global recall that affected approximately 7.4 million cars, followed soon after by a second recall of 2.76 million vehicles globally in November.

  • Brad

    WTH is going on at Toyota, they were the absolute epitome of reliability!

    Very impressed though that they have offered recalls and fixes even though it damages their brand than try to bury them and hope for the best.


      Well documented on sky business channel, Toyota denied denied denied to there customers there was anything wrong with there cars as faults like throttle sticking was intermintant. TOYOTA WERE FORCED TO RECALL FAULTY CARS HENCE WHY IT GOT TO COURT IN THE FIRST PLACE

  • Zaccy16

    another recall for the supposedly “reliable choice”! the only reason to buy a toyota was for the reliability but now there is no reason!

    • Robin_Graves

      It’s hardly a reliability issue Spaccy, like Brad says above, its negative but good to see them fessing up and not trying to cover up the issues like VeeDud are masters at.

      • F1orce

        Well said..

        Toyota actually mans up and issues recalls to fix any problem..

        Where as VW hides and tries hard to cover up their flaws.

        • Heystupid

          What do you mean when you say your Golf supercharger whines? You are hearing things!
          Of course no DSG has ever failed and needed expensive replacement so don’t say that! Stop it – it’s not true!

          I can’t hear you!

          – VW Service Manager

          • Daniel D

            I wonder if VW Service managers, are ex Ford ones moving up in the world?

          • Rick

            Isn’t toyota the company that got taken to court and fined millions of dollars for failing to recall faulty cars . So yeah I guess they do man up , just after they go to court . Brand loyalty on this page is incredible , it’s easy to see why Toyota can sell the crap they sell and get away with it .

    • Joseph

      They’ve recalled cars built nearly 10 years ago. As much as I would opt a lobotomy over ever owning a Toyota, that’s a pretty descent effort. It would give me as a consumer of their product the confidence that they will still help me even after the warranty has run out. 

      • Sydlocal

         Ssshhhhhhh Joseph, you can’t use any logic here…… 😉

        • $29896495

          I see the point you are trying to make, but, they were forced to do the recall. It’s not off their own back.

    • Gazza

      At least they dont try and hide there faults like VW HOLDEN FORD BMW etc!

      • Sydlocal

        How is that Gazza considering Holden and Ford have more recalls in Australia than Toyota?

        • $29896495

          Gazza, Toyota have been the ones WORLD WIDE who have been hiding and suppressing fault reports. They have now been FORCED, to do recalls. 

    • $29896495

      Toyota quality and reliability, can’t beat it. 

  • Goblin

    Just proves once again that Toyota are no longer a reliable brand.
    They try to recall their cars before they break down or kill people.
    Interesting strategy but their  fan boys still can’t handle the truth. 
    Brainwashed for sure.

    • +1

      Surely consumers rather have their cars fixed BEFORE they break down or kill people.

      +1 for Toyota’s actions before something goes horribly wrong!

    • Gazza

      What would you rather buy a KIA OR HYUNDAI that once the warranty expires you are on your own and dont think for once they have a OBLIGATION!

      • Guest

        If Toyota have a recall, they’re considered a good brand for doing so. If other manufacturers (in particular Hyundai) have a recall, they’re doing it cause they’ve got poor production line methods. There’s a clear double standard!

    • JooberJCW

      There’s a distinction in terms of something Reliable and something Defective, 

      Recalls serve to fix something defective as in a part or product or service/assembly not built to standard for its purpose. Whereas Reliability is where a product that is built to standard for its purpose but failing to do so along its use.

      Overall I’m suprised they are good to look at cars back in 2003, I’m sure other manufacturers are happy to sweep it under the carpet and blame it as an old car.

      • $29896495

        Once again, it wasn’t their choice. They were forced to do it. How would you like an air bag blow up in your face for no reason, or not go off in an accident. These are faults found through owners not Toyota. Pretty dangerous situation.

  • Dave W

    Looks like Toyota needs to tighten up their quality control. I’m guessing those cars weren’t assembled in Japan.

  • Sash

    The only reason Toyota is facing up to the recalls is because for so long they covered them up by fixing car when they went back for service without the owners knowing their car had a fault in the first place so from a customer point of view these cars never had problems. But now after court hearings and cases with compo payouts to families who lost love ones in Toyota cars due to fault they have to act on them now to avoid it from happening again. But the truth is no car in the world is recall free or reliable they all have problems some are big and some are small it’s just which ones the automotive media want to blow up and pick on the manufacture because they don’t pay them to write good reviews of their cars.

    • Noddy_of_Toyland

      I’m sure there were hundreds killed due to inoperative windscreen wipers.

      • Bc

        Yeah exactly not tight enough window wipers and all the haters have to say is TOYOTA RELIABILITY IS OUT THE WINDOW c’mon Guys grow up.

        The fact Toyota is Actully fixig this is the proof they look after the customer the airbag is a genuine fault and being the cars are 2004 etc it’s good on toyota to fix it.

        • $29896495

          The frozen wipers seems pretty frivolous in this country but when you are driving in snow I bet you’d have a different opinion. Especially after spearing into a snow drift burying a car. By the way, you forgot to mention the air bag issue. Which wouldn’t fire because of a short or did fire because the wiper seized, and you lost control.

    • rangerdanger


  • JJ

    This is news? Toyota have always been a bad brand. Unreliable cheap cars.

    Nothing new here.

    • Doctor

      I didn’t think that Toyota sold cars on whatever planet you’re from – they might be bland but they’re not either cheap or unreliable.

  • Stop_the_boats

    oh what a feeling .

  • 451

    go hyundai


    I love how toyota lovers cry “at least they recalled them!!!!” then go to rant about “veeduds” like it help’s their cause

    the fact is you would only buy a toyota for reliability, now there is no reliability either 

    that has always been a myth though that people are slowly starting to find out the sad truth

    now go cry some more about how unreliable vw gearboxes are to wash away your pain 

  • Mark

    In the case of the wipers big deal and in the case of the airbag I think all of you are missing a big point, autoliv do all the design tooling and manufacturing of airbags and seatbelts globally for Toyota so its their US team that will be footing the bill.