The first official sketches of the all-new Ssangyong Stavic have been released ahead of the second-generation Korean people-mover’s impending unveiling.

Set to launch internationally early this year, the new Stavic benefits from a design overhaul that sees the seven-seater shake the “world’s ugliest car” tag of the outgoing first-gen for a sharper, more confident look.

Mirroring the hard-edged styling of the Actyon Sports ute, the new Ssangyong Stavic features a broad trapezoidal grille and assertive headlights that are a signature of the South Korean brand’s new design language.

While retaining the generous glasshouse, strong D-pillar and wraparound rear window of the outgoing model, the Stavic’s designers have replaced its curves with square lines to create a more modern, sophisticated, and significantly less polarising overall design.

The new Stavic will be offered with 2.0-litre diesel and 3.2-litre petrol engine options around the world, with Ssangyong claiming it will be capable of both on- and off-road driving and meeting owner’s needs for “business, leisure and travel”.

Daniel Cotterill from Ssangyong’s Australian distributor, Ateco Automotive, confirmed the local division was working hard to bring the new Static to local showrooms before the end of 2013.

Cotterill said both drivetrain options were on the table at this stage.

The outgoing Ssangyong Stavic (below) is priced from $27,613 for the 2.7-litre five-cylinder five-speed manual variant.

Just 37 Stavics were sold across the country in 2012, down 41 per cent from the previous year. Ssangyong has sold 1297 in Australia since the car’s launch in 2005.

  • $29896495

    What can you say, they were the most bizarre vehicles on the road. With the release of their little SUV, which looks quite good, I thought they had gotten rid of the Korean who came up with those atrocities. The rear window would probably say they’ve given him or her a second chance.

    • Igomi Watabi

      I think you’ll find the current Stavic was designed by a European.

      • Noddy_of_Toyland

        The Brit Ken Greenley to be sure, who was head of the London Royal College of Art. In other words, he should have known better.

        • Al Tungupon

          He may have just been plain tasteless or he wasn’t paid his dues.

      • Gibbut

        or a europeans guide dog

      • Igomi Watabi

        well, point is, the statement “I thought they had gotten rid of the Korean who came up with those atrocities” starts with an incorrect premise.

        • $29896495

          OK, gotten rid of the guy who drew it, you would hardly call it “design”

          • Igomi Watabi

            Sorry, I didn’t mean to sound like I was taking the mick, just find it interesting that we forget that the styling disasters of Korean car companies are often foisted upon them by the “gun” Eurpean designers that they bring in the try and make them appeal to western car markets. We tend to get stuck in (and in the case of the Stavic/Rodius, it’s totally justified), but we’re okay with the most recent S-Class Benz or with Maserati replacing the gorgeous Quattroporte with a new one that looks like an Infiniti.

          • $29896495

            Well, no I’m not. I’ve got no idea what’s going on at Mercedes. They are bangalising their cars when that design philosophy has been proven a dud. There are some really questionable decisions going on at the moment.

            As for the Sang crowd, they pumped out one nice design, now it seems to be over?

    • Zaccy16

      yep they were hideous! this is a slight improvement but still very ugly

      • D987

         Sure still is very ugly. They need to follow Kia’s lead.

    • Without wax

      Dear CA,
      This site just reads more and more like a bad copy of car sales dot com.
      The news appears there first then a regurgitated form pops up here shortly after.
      Alborz have you lost the plot? This used to be first and foremost a car advice site. It hardly seems that anymore. Take your people mover reviews for example. You have people like Anthony Crawford review them who obviously has NO idea what a family are looking for in a people mover.
      Time you guys got serious about your name-sake CARADVICE.
      Quit trying to be a news outlet. You are failing dismally!

  • $29896495

    Really? Some one they just pulled in off the street? The Koreans still let those designs through.

    • Golfschwein

      No.. I forget the name, but was a British guy well known around the industry for generally having produced far, far nicer stuff than the Stavic. Someone should ask him how he was feeling that day.

    • Rod

      The car was designed by Ken Greenley, who used to run the transportation design school at London’s Royal College of Art.

      • Golfschwein

        yes! Thank you.

      • Sandy

        Hope his “stupidents” are not into car designing. How come the Royal College of Art appoint such a person without any aesthetic sense to run the transportation design school. May his career RIP.

  • Iggy

    They can’t make it uglier than the previous model

  • Peanut

    Back to the design board. Yes an improvement in looks, but you have not nailed the design.
    With this design sales will increase from 37 to about 100

  • Noddy_of_Toyland

    And if you can cop the looks, 27 grand for a diesel MPV of that size (bigger than the 60 grand Tarago) then it is tremendous value. But like I said, only if you can cop the looks.

  • Robin_Graves

    That stylist should get a job at skoda, he’d fit right in.

  • Aazz

    Definitely an improvement and looks great as a sketch. Mind you, anything looks good sitting low on 22″ wheels, except maybe the original Stavic and Actyon.

  • Lumpycamel

    OMG! Who were the 37 lunatics who bought one of these in 2012 ( I didnt even know they still sold them)

    • Dave W

      Probably some Korean expats in Australia.

      • Zaccy16

        yep like the only people that i see driving the rubbish corrola based box rukus are asian people too!

  • Whatthe

    The first thing they should do is change the name. The Stavic has no “good will” whatsoever.

    • Heystupid

      Neither has Ssangyong!

  • Joe

    …….as always styling is up to the owner, but the negative assesment by everybody of the brand is very unfair.

    Having talked to owners of various Ssangyongs every single one of them said they would buy another one in a heartbeat. They appear to be very reliable, economical and reasonable to drive. And remember that unless you are a car fanatic those characteristics are more than enough for most people. It would certainly be my first point of call if I required a well priced ute or People mover. $60K for a Hi-lux, no thanks.

    ……..and to talk of styling, BMW Z4……….makes the Stavic look like a Rembrandt…….I rest my case….

  • Force-15

    To be honest the design sketches of the new Stavic already look outdated. But at least it doesn’t make me want to throw up like the current model does.

    • Zaccy16

      i agree, they could have done anything to the new model to look better the the current monstrosity! 

      • Zaccy15

        I agree!!!!

  • Cars

    They need to change a whole lot more than just the looks. Try a segment-competitive engine & drive train. Solid dynamics (for a people mover) and the sharpest pricing in the segment!
    As someone said – changing the Ssangyong name was where they should have started!
    My advice to them is to look over their neighbour’s fence and see what Hyundai are doing. Do like-wise and they will increase sales dramatically! 

  • Sonic

    “Ssangyong has sold 1297 in Australia since the car’s launch in 2005.”

    They sold these in Australia before 2005. I remember seeing a few in 2004. 

  • Al Tungupon

    With their catastrophic styling, Ssangyong shouldn’t even be in the car business anymore. You’d much rather drive a hearse than that ugly piece of Stavic junk.

  • dave

    37 in 2012? 37 too many…what are people thinking!?!

  • Sam

    Hmm..and these were probably the same people who wrote off the Hyundai and the Kia also a decade back? When these things start selling,these would be the same chaps who will be buying them surreptitiously. The same who rubbished Toyota vis a vis the falcodore. These guys are incorrigible but harmless as no one takes them seriously…just silent and faceless ozzy whingers!!

    • $29896495

      You do realize of course that Ssang have been as long as the others with some really horrible looking cars. Which have not been cheap. They managed to bring out one nice looking vehicle, but this one would indicate that was an accident.

  • Peter Ms

    Nice try Ssangyong 😉 They hide the rear three-quarter view by [lack of] lighting, as if that could hide the fact that they have kept that awful wraparound rear glass.  One of the main reasons that it was an ugly car in the first place was that “rear verandah” which looked like it was tacked onto a car with a “coupe” roof line.  It looked like a BMW X6 with a patio added.  It still will.  They’ve just fiddled with that look by raising the belt line a little at the rear.  Pity.  This one design is maintaining the old Ssangyong image, in the face of improvements elsewhere.  Ssangyong’s new Indian owners should have known better.