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by Daniel DeGasperi

Volkswagen Australia Group (VAG) is targeting mining companies Rio Tinto and BHP in 2013, with the hope of securing lucrative sales contracts for its commercial vehicle range.

Speaking at a media conference in Sydney, VAG managing director Anke Koeckler (below) confirmed the aim for this year.

“Especially now with Amarok, we want to go into the mining areas.

“[We] want to be approachable to Australians.”

While acknowledging that Toyota has a stronghold on the mining sector with its commercial vehicle range, VAG director of commercial vehicles Phil Clark added that mining companies are now demanding “five-star vehicles” as rated by the Australian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP), and this gives Volkswagen an edge over its Japanese rival.

“We’ve got mining companies pursuing us,” said Clark. “[Toyota] HiLux is a four-star vehicle … Amarok is five star. There’s only two or three companies [with five-star utes].”

Despite the opportunity, Clark stressed that “we have to come with a really good offer [for mining companies]”.

Volkswagen says its first and foremost priority is to improve its reach into rural areas, and particularly “expand our service points in WA and North Queensland,” according to Clark.

He cautions that Volkswagen therefore isn’t expecting immediate and rapid sales growth in the mining sector.

“We can’t do it overnight … you [mining companies] can’t afford any downtime, so we must expand our service network first.

“We’re doing it [expanding] in a manner that we’re only doing it once.”

Despite targeting rural areas, Volkswagen says it has no plans to make genuine factory bull bars available on its commercial vehicle range like most ute rivals. It also cautions against using aftermarket bull bars, which may affect the operation of the vehicle’s passive safety systems and its overall crashworthiness.

Volkswagen’s Australian arm saw its commercial vehicle sales increase 52 per cent in 2012, with 12,050 units of Caddy, Transporter, Caravelle, Multivan, Crafter and Amarok sold last year.

The latter ute, in its first full year on sale, contributed 6700 sales to the total. The HiLux-rivalling Amarok is also expected to be Volkswagen’s strongest proposition to mining companies.

  • Zaccy16

    it would be a huge improvement over a hilux! 

    • Sumpguard

         Explain to us in detail exactly how it would be a huge improvement Zaccy. For starters these are way over priced so they’d have to sharpen their knives first! 

          But back to your comment. How will they be a huge improvement?

      • Jthj

         Sumpguard, you commented on CA’s Amarok review from Feb 23 2011. Maybe you should go read the review again, the Amarok was showered in praise and mentioned several areas where it was better than all the competition.

        • Sumpguard

          Thanks for your reply Zaccy. *Rolls eyes*.

             A lot has happened since Feb 2011, including a visit to the dealership to see just how overpriced they are.

               There are some real horror stories emerging in their own forums regarding failed engines. Zaccy stated that it would be a huge improvement over a hilux. Now he can qualify his comment.

                For the record I am not a fan of Toyota but they don’t seem to be having the issues this VeeDud is with blown engines and if you charge a premium to start with and then rip people off at service time there is no excuse for engines going pop at 20,000 k’s.

          • Jthj

            Again, if you would actually read that review, you would find several areas where the Amarok was said to be a huge improvement over the competition – mainly in areas of comfort/offroadability/ridequality/handling/interior/trayvolume/safety. You didn’t dispute these when you commented on the review, so why are you disputing it now? The car hasn’t really changed since 2011 nor have the prices.
            Perhaps there are problems with engines (which if true, is quite appalling), but there seem to be plenty of areas where huge improvements have been made over the competition.

          • Sumpguard

            I’m disputing it now because there is a forum full of issues with these cars. At the time the small capacity of the diesel was marked as a concern by some in the thread. Now it appears their concerns are playing out.

               I asked Zaccy specifically because he often comments without anything to back it up. Thanks for answering for him.  Other reviews weren’t as favourable as CA for the record .

              This from the article
             “It’s impossible to say if it’s better or worse than its Japanese rivals given we didn’t have one there to compare”

              and this

              “But there may be some potential bottlenecks for the Amarok. It’s only available in a manual, which may limit its sales to government departments and fleets. It’s not exactly the cheapest ute on the market (if its feature-list and safety credentials mean nothing to you). As for those that simply must have the best, at nearly 60K for the Ultimate, the powertrain doesn’t cut it. Not because it’s not sufficient or under-delivers, but because you surely don’t really want your Ultimate ute to perform the same as the base model?”

            and this

            Performance-wise, it’s no slouch. Nonetheless, it certainly doesn’t hold a candle to some of its Japanese rivals (e.g. Nissan’s 3.0-litre V6 turbo diesel which delivers 170kW and 550Nm). You can, of course, argue that Volkswagen’s 2.0-litre engine is sufficient for what the Amarok will do on a daily basis and you’d be right. But let me tell you why it doesn’t work as a single-engine option across the entire model range.

            and this

            “The Ultimate did seem to lack a few basic things, however. For example there were no audio controls on the steering wheel and the cabin could’ve done with a little more, well, bling.”

               and not one word is uttered in that entire review that says there is a “huge improvement” over the others. Granted it rides well, but it appears that’s where VW spent all their time. The styling whilst masculine is generic . I wanted to like this ute as Toyota’s dominance is accompanied by arrogance but entering the market at the price they have means they are no better!

          • Zaccy16

            This is my reply to justify my comment, the Amarok has a car like quality interior, it is safe, powerful, but refined, has great on road handling and an advanced 8 speed auto. My polo is now 2 years old
            And I don’t drive like an old lady as its like new!

          • Robert Ryan

             What has that got to do with suitability for the mining industry?

          • Sumpguard

              A car costing that much wouldn’t have omitted steering wheel controls Zaccy.  It’s certainly not a “huge improvement” on the others like you claimed. Infact the mazda has a better interior imo.

          • Zaccy16

            i never mentioned a bt50 sumpguard, i only stated that it would be a huge improvement over a hilux! no mention of any other utes, if i was in the market i wouldn’t actually buy a amarok i would by the bt50 for its bigger engine but a close second would be the amarok then the ranger in third. no way anyone who actually looks into buying one of these utes should even consider the old unrefined navara, hilux and triton

          • Robert Ryan

             The 2 Litre engine is under pretty sever stess without a load. So hearing their are now “blown” engines is not a surprse.

          • Lkjljk

             So are you going to provide balance by providing us with the many negative sounding, out of context comments written in the Hilux review?

          • Sumpguard

            This article isn’t about the hilux. I simply asked Zaccy to qualify his remarks regarding a “huge improvement ” and you yourself went on to claim was stated in the article.. This of course is a lie.

               As for the hilux I wouldn’t own one of them either . I’ve heard of transmission problems, injector problems and even leaking windscreens but to me nothing is more severe than an engine failing.

                The ranger would get my coin if I was in this market.

          • Zaccy16

            At of all the cars I have owned captain the vw after sales service in Geelong has been fantastic!

          • Don Quay

            You know Sumpguard, this irrational hatred of all things VW that you have, is really getting tiresome. Every opportunity your pull out some bit of information out of context or an anecdote you’ve heard and flog it to death. Don’t believe everything you’ve been told or read without trying a variety of their cars yourself. You need to have an open mind and not go on about a particular brand and constantly be so negative. VWs are well styled and built cars that have high engineering standards. I really wonder how much of the perception of quality issues is true and how much is self perpetuating myth and scuttlebutt. You must realise that, like most things,those who have a problem make a lot of noise. The happy owners, the vast majority, never make a peep. Likewise, the fanatics, some of whom I’m sure your familiar with, just won”t shut up about how much they love their VW.

            PS: FYI, I don’t now and never have owned a VW. I looked at them last year, Tiguan, Golf and Passat, but none really suited my needs,so I bought something else So, if your still wondering, you can cross that brand off your list.

          • Fght

             Oh, but he paid a visit to the dealer!

          • Sumpguard

              Yeah he stalk dealers too it seems. Hmmmm.

          • Don Quay

            Sumpguard, I don’t know how came to that conclusion. There is difference in me test driving a vehicle when I am in the market to buy and you lurking around dealers for years and wasting their time. Since my purchase, I have been to the dealer once and that was only for the initial 3000kn check over service. Hardly stalking.

          • Don Quay

            Gee Sumpguard, you seem a little upset about something, but, meh, who cares? You do go on a bit about VWs, claiming all this anecdotal knowledge, which doesn’t prove a thing, of course. I really doubt your claim about injectors failing repeatedly, when they are the same Bosch ones as used by just about every other manufacturer. Do you just make this stuff up, or are you just gullible and believe everything some stranger you harrass tells you? I have never had a failure with an injector on any car. What do you hillbillies up there in Bumcrack put in your cars?

            You’re never shy about telling us how clever you are in purchasing a car, so why not mention it now? Come on, tell us all about the new Chery or Great Wall you’re driving. Perhaps it’s a new Barina Spark or an FSM Nikis or Lada Niva 4WD. I’m sure they are all comparable to what you’re used to driving. I know, I bet it’s an i45. No one else would be silly enough to buy one!

          • Don Quay

            Sumpguard you are repeating yourself a lot today. You must have figured out how to cut and paste. However, you’re like a broken record and about as interesting. You fail to realise that the VW lady is referring to people’s perception on expense and reliability, she isn’t admitting that’s the actual case.
            Despite all your raving, you never offer any credible examples for any of your whinges, just friend of friends, people you stalk and second or third hand stories or unsourced copies from other websites. You have no credibility on this site and that is reflected by many comments from others who post, not just me.
            I must say I’m surprised that you still have your cherry. I thought you and your sister sorted that out a long time ago.

          • Sumpguard

            Still in denial despite the evidence being right under your nose. Silly little boy. Surely you’re not now saying this woman has no credibility?

                She is after all talking about the actual owners of the vehicles which directly reflects what I have been claiming all along.

               Here’s your comment from above in case it slips your tiny little mind,

              “You do go on a bit about VWs, claiming all this anecdotal knowledge, which doesn’t prove a thing, of course. I really doubt your claim about injectors failing repeatedly, when they are the same Bosch ones as used by just about every other manufacturer. Do you just make this stuff up”

               Now you have the evidence smacking you in the face you still can’t deal with it. Classic!!  I never show credibility? it doesn’t get anymore credible than their own Australian CEO. You can try and twist it all you like.

               Psst you have my sister (which I have never had) confused with your peroxide/silicone bride. Meanwhile it is hilarious that you are looking to lobby support from others in cyber land. It shows you are weak. 

          • Don Quay

            Sumpguard, I find it astonishing that you paste multiple times the quote from the VW lady but cannot grasp the meaning of what she says. Are you just incapable of comprehending it or are you being wilfully ignorant? There is a different between fact and perception. She is referring to what she thinks is a perception. Show me where she says the “VWs are unreliable and badly made”.

            As usual, when you are called on something you’ve made up, you ignore. Give me some credible examples of chronic injector problems. And I don’t mean a fantasy from some other trailer trash that lives next door.

            I am not engaging in “Lobbying for support” mate, I’m just referring to comments that others have made to you. If you really interpret that way it just demonstrate a weak mind.

          • Sumpguard

            “Volkswagen’s Australian boss has acknowledged customer concerns surrounding vehicle quality and servicing costs.
            The managing director of Volkswagen Australia, Anke Koeckler, admits being concerned by customer feedback and a study that ranked Volkswagen last in a study of Australian car buyers last year.”

          • Goblin

            The Amarok does have steering wheel controls and an auto transmission.
            Quoting reviews from when, 2011?,Get with the times Sumpy.
            Quoting some forum about blown engines is hardly credible.
            Please name the forum.
            It’s the same if someone now quotes you. Saying “Caradvice forum says the Amorak has a major problem with blown engines”
            Silly nonsense Sumpy. Facts only please. You’re trolling aren’t you?

          • Sumpguard

            Nope not trolling Gobbler. I have actually stated in the past on numerous occasions that I love VW’s but from a distance. Something lost on your mate the Donkey.

               Most of the accounts of poor reliability are actually talking to owners directly. Though surely claims that the belts letting go and destroying engines is not the stuff people post for the fun of it? It all sounds too intricate to be a trolling exercise . Wouldn’t you agree?

               As for getting with the times I haven’t bothered to read any reviews or updates since that one I posted in early 2011 simply because the vehicle doesn’t interest me . It’s too dear. I saw one outside our local dealer with steel wheels and a sticker price of $56,000 on road. They are kidding right?

                Back to the issues. I have mentioned people I know with DSG issues in the golf (one in a GTi at 11,000 ks) , injector issues in the golf, ripped off at service time for the golf. But I have until now failed to mention an associate’s two VW caddies that have been a disaster from the outset. He is too scared to sell them on out of sympathy to the poor soul that buys them!

                It’s ok for some twit like Donkey (quay) to stalk the Hyundai/kia threads and troll away but not ok for others to bad mouth the ones he obviously likes? Get over yourselves. We very nearly bought a jetta a couple of years back but thankfully some research stopped what was most likely going to end in heartache!
                I think they are a fantastic car when they are running so his rubbish about me being a hater is just that. Rubbish! I just am not prepared to take a risk on a car that is so often down the bottom of the surveys for both customer satisfaction and reliability.  At least not until they improve in the quality rankings.

            Dash rattles and squeaks seem to be another issue with their cars. Infact I can find literally thousands of complaints in the net. Do you really believe that it’s all a conspiracy?

          • Sumpguard

              Meanwhile google “vw amarok worst purchase of my life”

               Have a good read and check the evidence one guy goes to great lengths to prove he isn’t spamming rot. he even says his dealer admits they are having issues with them after providing all the evidence. Hmmmm. I don’t post rubbish to troll. I post my accounts of product.

                It amazes me that VW have perhaps the best ride of any vehicle on road (for intended purpose) but still can’t sort their reliability.

          • Rjhj

             Right Sumpguard. So as I quote you: “I am not prepared to take a risk on a car that is so often at the bottom of the surveys”.

            Aren’t you the same Sumpguard who bought a Kia? They’re usually down in the surveys too. In fact Kia TIED with VW in the J.D. Power 2012 US Vehicle Dependability Study and they ranked several spots underneath BMW of whom you often accuse of having electrical faults.
            In the 2012 US satisfaction survey, VW came 7th, Kia 16th and BMW was 5th. The UK one had VW 8th, Kia 13th.

          • Neal65

              Go check out whatcar . com for their reliability survey and various others that this site won’t allow me to link. They all rate  VW well down the list from Kia/ Hyundai. Whatcar is a European site so has no reason to be biased against its own.

          • Sumpguard

            Exactly. I can find plenty of them that shove VW well down the list.

          • Goblin

            Sources Sumpy, sources?
            You need credible sources to back your claims.You know this person, that person, heard something from another person…blah,blah,blah.
            I know 5 people with VW’s and they are all happy customers. 
            I’ll ask again, please reveal the name of the VW forum with the horror stories so we can check it out ourselves.
            If you don’t then you’ve got ZERO credibility.

          • Captain Nemo®™

             I did what you suggested Sumpguard and googled “Amarok worst purchase of my life”
            Don’t know whether to laugh or feel sorry for this bloke, laugh because he was foolish enough to buy a VeeDud
            or feel sorry because he has had so much trouble.  But one thing that stood out was the VeeDud fan-boys straight away accused him of being a troll talk about thin skinned fan-boys.  looks like after sales service from VeeDud is rubbish the world over Australia , Dominion republic, USA .UK U-name it. 

          • Don Quay

            So Sumpguard, let me get this right. You think VWs are fantastic cars, but overpriced and have chronic unreliability. Do you like them or not? Perhaps you aspire to cars that you think will cost you too much and spend too much ime in the workshop. Like most things you write, that opinion just lacks credibility. Just like your mate you reckon won’t sell his cars because he is not happy and doesn’t want to upset anyone else. Yeah, sure. Caveat Emptor. I don’t believe that there is a conspiracy, just that those with problems make even more noise than those who are smitten by VWs.

            One of the reasons I didn’t buy a VW is my research found the service and parts costs are higher than other brands and I found the DSG too jerky at low speeds. Regarding the reliability, yes that was a factor too. Reading the Aus Amorok forums, there is the tale of a bloke in Canberra who couldn’t get 1st or 2nd on his manual and it took three weeks and a new gearbox and clutch master cylinder to fix it and no answer as to what the problem was. Yet this bloke seems happy, go figure. The Japanese and the other Euros I decided were a better bet for total running costs and that’s were I looked after VW.

          • Sumpguard

            In case you missed it donkey. Feel free to cut and paste in google.

            “Volkswagen’s Australian boss has acknowledged customer concerns surrounding vehicle quality and servicing costs.The managing director of Volkswagen Australia, Anke Koeckler, admits being concerned by customer feedback and a study that ranked Volkswagen last in a study of Australian car buyers last year.”

            How’s that for a source Goblin 😉

          • Sumpguard

            Notice he actually went on to provide a list of evidence Nemo? Hardly a troll.

            …but as you say he copped the same treatment as we do here. Too funny. but then they are trying to peddle some sort of prestige with their vehicles so they should be disappointed I guess.

            It’s blatantly obvious this poor guy is no troll. Just as it is blateatly obvious that VW’s Australian CEO is aware of the issues with their cars.

    • Gazza

      There is no way those companies would replace the Hilux with a UNREALABLE & LOW RESALE  product like a VW Amarok no way Tell them there dreaming!

    • Ricky

      Hey zack I work in the mines and we have had 4 not one made it any time at all, 2 left in a month with drive train problems one did an engine at 10,000 and the other well they just told the hire company to come pick the piece of crap before it shits its self to

      • Kaminari

        Here is one comment that is relevant and factual ~

        • Bulldog

          Agree, I often work on construction sites and we won’t touch them, particularly when we are out bush. Its not the reliability per se, but they just don’t have the fleet backup and support. When a HiLux (very occasionally) loses the plot, its straight on the blower and a spare part or new luxy is on site the next day.

          Go stick your fancy ride, buttons and seats. We want something that works and gets fixed quick if it doesn’t. I couldn’t give a toss if it rides 1% better. Understand that VW and you might get a sale.

  • Luke Brinsmead

    But four wheel drivers love bull bars to feel more tough.

  • Karl Sass

    VAG don’t seem to understand that durability and off road accessories are often vital in remote locations. If you hit a Kangaroo, you’d rather be in a 4 star Hilux with a bull bar than an a 5 star Amarok without one. If mining companies get rid of Hiluxs, they’d be better off with Rangers. 

    • Pro346

      A lot of the mining companies spend thousands on accessories , I can’t see many of these being sold to miners.

    • rangerdanger

      Of course the kangaroo hit by Hilux sporting a bull bar Oh what a feelig.

      what happened to Amarok  at Dakar blaze of glory a couple of years ago and this year ????

  • Noddy_of_Toyland

    “Especially now with Amarok, we want to go into the mining areas.”
    Previously they were offering Polos and Passats to the mining companies.

    • MisterZed

      Er, before the Amarok they had a Transporter cab chassis “ute” as well as an LT/Crafter cab chassis .

      • Noddy_of_Toyland

        I know champ, I used to own one. The line was just too good to ignore.

  • Captain Nemo®™

    Plenty of better 5star utes on the market than this POS.  Ranger/BT50, Colorado and now Toyota are working on making the Hilux 5 star. And all with better reliability that VeeDud can only ever dream of

    • Rjhj

      CA gave this “POS” a better review rating than the BT50, Colorado, Hilux and the same rating as the Ranger.

      • Golfschwein

        As have others. One of the 4wd magazines did the same thing.

      • Doctor

        Don’t take too much notice of magazines – Wheels gave the Leyland “P38″ (the nickname suggesting that its half a car) Car of the Year!

        • Golfschwein

          Nooo! Come on, the p38 joke is almost as old as the car itself, and WHEELS gave the award to the P76 V8 only, a decision they still stand by.

          If we take no notice of magazines, who do we take notice of? A website that gives umpteen end of year gongs?

          • Karl Sass

            The issue with car reviews is that they’re new vehicles. By all accounts the Amarok is a good drive, economical, nice interior etc. However these points are only part of the story. Longer term reliability/durability, cost of parts, ease of repair etc. are not really covered in a car review, which is where the issue is. That can only be measured from ownership experience from a large sample size of people actually on the road. Car reviews are important but only give a piece in the puzzle.

    • Subfoz

      The problem with all these so called 5star safety rated vehicles is most of them are twincab only and top the range models, The company that i work for have recently put in place a 5star/auto diesel policy on all our new work vehicles (we run around 100 utes/vans) and now the only commercial vehicle avaliable in Aust the suits this is the Merc Vito van (we already run around 50 of these and they are massive money pits)

  • Sinlessviking

    Just read the Ausamarok forum… gearboxes are dying… One by one…

    • Robin_Graves

      Omg that forum is riddled with horror stories. Didnt expect them to be that bad even being a veedud. That woman in the article really looks like she knows what vehicles are required in the pilbara – not! Stick to flogging the up! love.

      • Hung Low

        Notice that owners are having engines go kaboom under 20000km due to the fan belt stripping out lengthways and breaking the PLASTIC lower timing gear cover and having the timing belt slip. Consequences like this could only happen to fragile VW drive lines, quality my ass!

      • Golfmother

        So thats you robin stalking the forums creating mythological stories about VW . 

        • Sumpguard

            How’s this for a myth!

          “Volkswagen’s Australian boss has acknowledged customer concerns surrounding vehicle quality and servicing costs.The managing director of Volkswagen Australia, Anke Koeckler, admits being concerned by customer feedback and a study that ranked Volkswagen last in a study of Australian car buyers last year.”

      • Jthj

        Auto gearbox not made by VW. It comes from the same company that makes the gearbox for  Falcooooone!

        • matt

          who mentioned the auto gearbox? just had to have a dig at the falcon in some way or form huh? pathetic…. i just read the same forum, they dont seem very ‘tough’ at all

        • Robin_Graves

          Its quite often the ecu that causes the box to fry. Seeing as falcons are not frying boxes in stock tune, its another vw tune failure.

          • Hgj

             Actually I recall Motor Magazine attempting to test factory standard Falcoone F6s a few years ago. They experienced multiple gearbox failures across several brand new examples.

          • Turbov8

            You are referring to the clutches? Ford fixed it soon after that event a looooooong time ago.

          • Robin_Graves

            Yup, that was the clutch issue in manual trans form.  It was fixed soon after release.  Something to do with a spring on the throw-out lever if I recall?  The ZF’s are pretty reliable in stock trim engines.  Once you start playing around they can fry the clutch packs – understandable with the amount of power and torque the I6 turbo whacks out especially with a few mods.  The engines have heaps of headroom unlike the highly strung Veedud grenades, despite the tales flogmother spins about his stage 1 time bomb.

          • Golfmother

            Yes cost ford a bomb , gave about 300 customers a V8 loaner , burnt cash on that one , most lost their car for upwards of 3 months , shocking .

            Gti manual box is bomb proof .

          • Sumpguard

            It would need to be because it is in a bomb.

              “Volkswagen’s Australian boss has acknowledged customer concerns surrounding vehicle quality and servicing costs.The managing director of Volkswagen Australia, Anke Koeckler, admits being concerned by customer feedback and a study that ranked Volkswagen last in a study of Australian car buyers last year.”

        • Zaccy16

          But is a 8 speed not 6

        • Pro346

          auto variant does not have low range…fail

        • Barry

          The original gearbox in Amarok was a DSG.That was changed quickly to fz6 after starter motors burnt out inside the dsg.

  • Car Fanatic

    Robin talking with forked tongue again, the amount of rubbish that comes out of your mouth is immeasurable

    • Tony Abbotts No 1 fan

      Yeah but it sometimes makes for interesting reading, especially when he & his nemesis start going for it 

  • Morphian

    I’m sorry, but I couldn’t help but snicker a little at the sight of “VAG”. It’s way too early in the morning…

  • jekyl & hyde

    i heard a strong rumor that these so called ”mining companies” had trialed the amarok ,and dismissed it because of the oil pickup in the sump wasn’t that great in “uneven conditions”. no such thing as a flat mine.

    it’s a “pretend 4wd” anyway…

    • Ghj

       According to CA’s “Amarok off-road review” from July 12th 2011:

      “Compared with dedicated four-wheel drives, the Amarok holds its own. But
      compared with its competition, with stock dual-cab utes, the Amarok
      beats them all, hands down. I don’t care which one you name, Toyota Hilux, Nissan Navara, Holden Colorado, Isuzu D-Max, Mitsubishi Triton – the Amarok is better.”

      I don’t find CA’s reviews particularly good, but their comments on the Amaroks off road ability and in line with reviews from every other source I’ve seen.

      • Tony Abbotts No 1 fan

        You named most of the popular dual cabs, except 2, the Ranger & the BT50.

        Thats a much closer call & one can’t help but think any preference to either of these cars, VW, Ford or Mazda is pretty much a personal preference. 

        Besides I’m too busy now that the election has been set in stone  

    • Amlohac

      Pretend because it doesnt have 4wd low range?

  • Kidding Me

    Add a bullbar to these VW and you have a 4 star safety rating… why… because they are not crash tested under ANCAP. Exactly the same as the ranger.

    So, 5 star… please….

    • Tony Abbotts No 1 fan

      Are you saying that both the Veedub & the Ranger are 5 stars without a bullbar & 4 star with a bullbar?

      Is this documented or your opinion, either way thats interesting 

      • Kidding Me

        Actually, I made an error in my assessment, thanks Karl for pointing it out.

        The Ranger, like the Colorado,  retains it’s 5 star safety rating when fitted with GENUINE bull bars.

        The Amarok doesn’t have a genuine bullbar accessory, so

        The Amarok, unless it’s changed recently, doesn’t have a factory backed/approved bullbar. However, there are bullbars that meet the requirements for cooling and all, but not backed by the factory.

        So I do apologise for that.

    • Karl Sass

      The Colorado gets 5 stars with the steel bull bar, not sure about the others.

  • Turbov8

    The marketing departments’ job is to market and sell the product, that’s what they are paid to do. They wouldn’t care if the product is unreliable.

  • Turbov8

    The Amarok uses the 2.0 engine from the VW Golf. It’s like putting a Corolla engine into a Hilux. Also the VW auto gearboxes are exploding every where. 

    • Jthj

       Corolla has 103KW @ 6300rpm and 173NM @ 4000rpm.

      Amarok has 132KW @ 4000rpm and 400NM @ 1500-2250rpm.

      The Autos are optional. Stick with the standard manual if you think the autos are exploding.

      • Turbov8

        In other markets there are Corollas with more power and torque.

        • Jthj

           Oh? Which market can I buy a Corolla with over 400NM of torque?

          • Zaccy16

            Exactly, the corrola has a weak 173 nm

          • Sumpguard

            “week”? A week to do what exzaccy?

          • Turbov8

            For for info you could get a Mazda3 (no way I am going to tell you if it’s a petrol or a diesel) in AUS with 360Nm and it’s a PETROL lol *being funny*.

            That Mazda3 petrol *lol* 2.2L with 360Nm is meant for passenger cars and they don’t put small cars’ engines into pickups/trucks/utes/workhorses unlike VW putting the Golf 2.0 engine into the Amarok. The BT-50 petrol *lol* 2.2L is a different engine from the 2.2L in the Mazda3.

          • Turbov8

            In case you’ve missed my point, just google Corolla or Auris petrol (diesel) lolol

          • Lkjljk

            I asked which market has a Corolla with over 400NM and you start talking about the Mazda 3? *CUCKOO*
            Apparently the Amarok actually now has 420NM not 400NM too.

            Also, why can’t a ute use the same engine as a small car if it’s strong enough? A typical small car only has 150-200NM so one with 400NM should be fine in a much bigger car. As for any reliability issues, why would they be due to the engine being in a Ute rather than a hatchback (or are you saying that this engine is trouble free when used in the Golf?)?

      • Turbov8


        “The Autos are optional. Stick with the standard manual if you think the autos are exploding.”

        There are 2 issues here.

        1) Most cars are auto these days. What if an auto is required. Obviously.

        2) For them to stick a cr4ppy auto gearbox into the car, how do people know other parts they put in the car aren’t cr4ppy too?

        • Jthj

           VW doesn’t make this auto gearbox. It’s a ZF 8HP gearbox also found across the BMW and Jaguar range. ZF is not part of VW and they do not supply any other parts in the Amarok.

      • matt

        on the forum mentions above by robin…. manuals dont seem to be holding up much better…. but i guess the darling child of the automotive industry gets away with it, because… que zaccy…. “but but but… the interior….”

  • Dennis

    The Mining Companies are getting clever now… Apparently they are importing LHD Vehicles to minimise costs.

    What i’ve read is that there are few Landcruisers coming in that way. 

    • matt

      not landcruisers…. dodge RAMS

  • Jack

    Personally, I would not go near a VW, especially if I worked as a tradesperson. Constantly coming last in quality survey’s, not to mention consistent problems with DSG and the twin charge engines. Granted, not all cars are perfect, my C63 had a “rear parking sensor module” replaced because the system was not working from day one and Q7 had to get the rear climate control changed in replaced the first 4 months – but both cars are now approaching 50000 km’s and no issues since.
    But it really does not instill much confidence when today the MD of VW Australia herself has recognised that there is an issue with servicing costs and reliability.

    • Ghjhj

      You have gone near a VW, your Q7 is just a reskinned VW Toureg from the same Slovakian factory.

      There is no DSG or Twin Charger in the Amarok.

      • Jack

        Yes, the Q7 shares the same platform as the Toureg as well as the Cayenne. Its also interesting to note that Bentley will also be using the upgraded platform (on the current Toureg) when they release their SUV.
        Thats where the similaraties end. The Q7 has an Audi designed and developed 3.0 Turbo Diesel, a unique interior, suspension setup and of course the cosmetic differences. Further to that, the Q7 has an 8 Speed ZF transmission, again, not developed by VW.
        In this day and age, manufacturers do share platforms, but they are not the same car. Look at anything from the Audi R8 and Lamborghini Gallardo to the Ford Ranger and Mazda BT50 – shared platforms, yet the finished products are very different.
        Irrespective if the Amarok has a DSG gearbox or a Twin Charged engine, when blogs are riddled with complaints against VW, and as I mentioned earlier, when the Managing Director of VW Australia herself has recognised the issues with the vehicles being sold in our country, there is an obvious need for concern for potential customers.

        • Fght

          Wrong, the 3.0 “CR180″ engine in Toureg is identical to your Q7 engine. Funny that isn’t it, considering they both have 180KW/550NM and a 7.4L100km rating? Little wonder they come from the same factory in Slovakia.
          The transmission? Well Toureg has a ZF “8HP”. Amarok has the same ZF 8HP. So take a guess at what transmission is fitted to your Q7? Why it’s the ZF 8HP!
          As for suspension setup, there aren’t too many changes or they wouldn’t be able to share platforms. Besides, I don’t hear any reliability complaints about VW suspension or cosmetics.

          Going back to engines and transmission, the Amarok engine is shared with the Audi A4/Audi Q5 and Audi TT. VWs’ the twin charger engine is used in the Audi A1. VW’s DSG gearboxs are used in multiple Audi models.

          • Jacj

            I agree that the engine is the same fght, I said it was designed and developed by Audi (I never said specifically for Audi) which is also being used in products in VW (Porsche are using this engine too) my point was, the engine was originally developed by Audi, not VW. The transmission, again, is not developed by VW, it’s made by ZF.
            So the components used in the Q7 are in fact engineered from Audi or external manufactures eg ZF.. not VW.
            The platform was built in conjunction with VAG engineers from across the parent and sister companies – not specifically VW.
            Also with reference VW providing components to Audi vehicles, DSG, twin charged engines etc – i would not go near them for the simple fact that they are prone to issues – as i mentioned before, VW’s Australian MD also realizes these problems.
            Have a great evening mate :)

    • Tony Abbotts No 1 fan

      I know what you mean Jack..my DBS9 had faulty front seat stitching & my Panamera had a faulty rear door lock, such a pain & try to get them fixed…problem what problem.

  • Sam

    I dont mind the Amarok but I think that if it were my money, I would choose something else.  We KNOW a hilux is as tough as nails and is up for anything, and will take it all day long.  But the Ford Ranger also makes a strong argument.  Its an excellent vehicle and has stunning good looks in higher trim levels.  

    • Robin_Graves

      The latest model Hiluxes are not what they are cracked up to be either, but they are much better than the amaflop.  Rangers are starting to filter into the mines in WA, will see how they go over the next few months.  I think the main issue will be that the mechanics will take time to learn the intricacies of them – what parts they need to stock, weak points etc.

  • F1orce

    This VEEDUD is a joke. It cannot even handle semi heavy duty work hahhaaaaaa

    The Hilux at least has specific parts designed for heavy duty application. Such as a strong block, extensive reinforcements, extra vehicle rigidity and a belt driven fan.

    The VEEDUD should just stay home or should just stick around latte sipping metros LMAO

  • gtrxu1

    The reason They havnt sold these utes is because they overpriced them.Ranger and Bt 50 make Amarok look like a museum piece.
    Navara and Triton arnt up to the mining lifestyle.Seriously don’t think the Amarok is,but if they are serious about sales they can sharpen there pencil enough.

  • Barry

    Theres a big difference between an Ikea flat pack and pounding a car in to the ground on a mining project.
    Amarok might do some things better than a Hilux.Bet you one of them is not the punishment handed out in the mining industry.Toyota cant stop there laff.

  • Poison_Eagle

     Why all the hubub? VW is pushing for extra mining sales, they will probably get FA. Toyota has a monopoly on most minesites, and the ones they don’t aren’t opened up to a slightly more luxurious, more expensive alternative to the Thai/Chinese utes, that doesn’t really do anything they don’t.
     Its a numbers game and buying an Amarok over Hilux, Ranger, Triton that can do the same thing would be too frivolous to justify to accounts. If VW can compete on price and include ROPS etc then I stand corrected.

  • VW GOD

    Dominate mining and we will dominate the Auto industry. Soon Toyota will fall.

  • Car Fanatic

    How quaint, an imitator.

  • Hbstone

    The Mining Co’s should rather depend on relaible proven vehicles, so it cannot be a Volkswagen ! Example: the Pick-Up Amarok: 6 gear but the clutch is a joke, automatic transmission but that overheats in heavy duty use, electrocnic problems – what else do the Minimg Co’s want ? Entertain Volkswagen mechanics ????