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by Jez Spinks

Nissan Australia has admitted the Nissan Pulsar name is a huge asset and an important comeback for the company’s small car aspirations.

A new-generation Nissan Pulsar has launched this week, seven years after it was replaced by the Tiida that proved to be a far less popular model.

Nissan Australia sold 17,643 Pulsars in the car’s last full year on sale, 2005, while Tiida sales managed never exceeded 14,000 and shrank over the years to just 3059 in 2012.

“We’re really pleased to bring back the Pulsar name,” said Nissan Australia managing director and CEO Bill Peffer. “The affinity for the name in the Australian market is unique to this market.

“[Our research revealed] there was a 71 per cent recognition [for the Pulsar] six years after the car left… There is no negativity associated with the name.”

The Tiida (pictured above) registered a 56 per cent recognition result despite being on sale locally for seven years.

The 2006 name change was a consequence of a Nissan move to give its small car a consistent global badge.

Toyota Australia, however, was more successful arguing against a similar change for its small car, the Corolla.

A few years ago, a number of markets – including the UK – switched from Corolla to Auris, but the change was opposed here.

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  • Turbov8

    Tiida sounds way cooler than Pulsar ………….. in French. If I was selling the car in France, where Pulsar don’t have any history, I’d take out all the Pulsar badges and stick on Tiida badges :)

    • 42 = The Answer

      Different market, different tastes!

    • Zaccy16

      i reckon it sounds worse, like the foot disease! also has stupid spelling

  • Doctor

    I’ll bet that Nissan Australia is glad that it didn’t devalue the name on the Tedium!

  • 451

    too late i think…

  • filippo

    By making such a big deal about the Pulsar name, Nissan Australia is almost able to convince people that the Tiida – despite the name – was actually a good car. It wasn’t! Sure, it may have been cheap and reliable, but it brought nothing new to the table and the styling was hideous. It would have bombed whatever name it had.

  • Zaccy16

    the name is its only asset!