Australian tennis prodigy Bernard Tomic is set to lose his licence after being caught speeding in his Ferrari on the Gold Coast this morning.

AAP reports Queensland Police clocked the 20-year-old travelling at 78km/h in a 60km/h zone in his yellow $400K-plus Ferrari F430 Spider at about 10:25am on Tuesday.

Tomic was issued the standard $220 fine and three demerit points, although an existing poor driving record following a number of earlier offences will see his licence suspended.

Australia’s highest-ranked men’s singles player was fined $1000 on Australia Day in 2012 after being caught speeding twice and being pursued after failing to stop for police for a third time.

He was placed on a 12-month good behaviour bond with just one demerit point in November after again failing to stop for police while driving his bright orange BMW M3.

At least Tomic’s form on the court has picked up in 2013, with the young gun winning his first ATP tour event in Sydney before going down to Roger Federer in the third round of the Australia Open.

  • Dave W

    Fined a thousand bucks? That’s like the average motorists being fined 10 bucks. He wouldn’t even feel the sting, as proven by his next offence.

    • Cars

      FOR SALE:
      Ferrari F430 Spider
      Low KM
      Never exceeded the speed limit (honest – your Honor)
      Genuine reason for sale – Apart from having no licence,  I need the exercise (my form is slipping).
      No tyre kickers – the police did enough already
      Will consider all reasonable offers. I need the cash after my sponsors dumped me.

    • ET199

      Well, he should be fined according to the law like any other traffic offender. I think it is unfair if he has to pay ten times more than a normal driver just because he has more money. Also then it means that the traffic law is all about revenue raising. Most of the comments here are quite unfair to him, like most other young P platers he likes power car and has done mistakes, and he paid for it and I am pretty sure this won’t be the last time. I’ve seen so many P platers had done double the speed limit with their commodore or Japanese high performance cars and got away with it. I am sure most of us would lose half of our demerit points if we own Ferrari F430 too :)

      • Dave W

        What’s the point of speeding fines? To sting your pocket so you won’t do it again. If the average people were only fined 10 bucks, they won’t even feel the sting and will keep doing it again and again.

        Now this guy is loaded, that means his tolerance to the pain of paying fines is much higher than most people. Logic would dictate that he should pay more fined to feel the pain.

        In some European countries, Swiss? Drivers are fined based on his annual income. Some rich guy in a Bugatti Veyron got fined more than a million dollars.

        • KaleSplit

          Sweden actually. I am not sure that proportional penalties are fair. Wouldn’t that be like me having to pay more for bread or milk, or whatever, because I earn more money? Is that the kind of society we want?

          • $29896495

            The real issue with Tomic is that he is a repeat offender driving a car that no other “P” plater is allowed to drive. His case has to be judged on it’s merits that’s why he got the penalties he did. He was given a chance and he blew it. As for other getting away with it, that’s a ridiculous argument, so if someone gets away with murder it’s cool to go out and kill people. Get real. They wouldn’t get away with it if there were a cop around and they’d probably lose their car and could if they were repeat offenders end up in gaol.

          • Dave W

            It’s different. Paying for a milk is buying a product. Paying a fine is punishment. It wouldn’t be much of a deterrent if the person being punished doesn’t even feel the pain.

  • Nathan

    Australia’s answer to Linday Lohan… 

  • Adelaide_john

    who cares and why is this reported on this web site, nothing to do woth cars
    how about the 100’s of others caught speeding, we dont see a report on them

    • Johnny

      He’s the second biggest d-bag after Warnie. That’s why. 

  • James

    I remember the ridiculous double standards that he was allowed last year to drive his M3, despite laws saying he shouldn’t be driving anything with more than 8 cylinders. Who on earth, after his numerous run-ins with that car allowed him to get an exemption again for a Ferrari? I assume  Here in Victoria I’m not allowed to drive my Grandparent’s old V8 VH Commodore. I don’t have enough money for a car, and since this is already registered, roadworthied and in the family, it’s perfect for me. But I can’t get an exemption. He is in a position where he can afford any car, and has plenty of allowed cars to choose from.

    • Dave W

      It’s a bit like that young Sydney politician who crashed his Ferrari and hurt some pedestrians but somehow the magistrate didn’t find him guilty of reckless driving, apparently he’s just someone who “overestimated the power of his car”.  What a load of BS.

    • Al Tungupon

      Does QLD have the hi-power rule preventing P-platers from driving M3s, let alone Ferraris?

      • Tony Abbotts No 1 fan


      • Jerome

        Yes but exemptions are easy to get these days. Just a bit more paperwork.

    • Sarah

      There is no exemption for the ferrari, he has finished being on his p plates hence why he is driving that car.

      • $29896495

        Not any more he’s not

        • Cars


  • Zaccy16

    hes a up himself little liar tomic!

    • Sgt. Wonderlust

       Ummm… What did you say? Speak English.

  • Damian

    And this is Australia’s ‘next great hope’ for tennis.  This guy is an embarrassment to the country and should have no place on the world stage.  World champion?  Forget it, Tomic – you’re a t-shirt, at best…

    • Jerome

      Ease up there big fella. So he’ll lose his licence… big deal. As already said above this is hardly even news.

  • Noddy_of_Toyland

    It wasn’t his fault, his chin might have got stuck against the accelerator.

  • Guest8765

    His cars are bright colours so they get noticed…& noticed by the police too….Bernie’s not too smart.

  • Chaitanya Kumar Samardhi

    Well this is just proof that fining does not help reduce speed nor does it prevent accidents. People who get caught speeding once will do so again and that is inevitable. 

    • Dave W

      That’s because the fine isn’t high enough. They should do it like in Switzerland where the government calculate the fine based on the speed AND the driver’s income.

      1000 bucks for someone rich is just chump change. Like I said, it’s like the average motorist being fined 10 bucks for speeding. They won’t even feel it.

      • $29896495

        I’d say he’s so far up himself, it doesn’t register. If I heard the news right, he was banned for 12 months. Not that, that will have an effect.

  • keejoonc

    He’s a tool and looks like one too.

  • VDub Fan

    As long as they take his licence lawfully/rightfully and not because he’s supposed to be made an example of. Who wouldn’t speed a bit if you drove a Ferrari? 78 in a 60 zone ain’t that bad at all.

    • Golfmother

      And hands up all those who have never exceeded the speed limit .

      • $29896495

        You miss the point. First he’s given dispensation to have a powerful car. Then he proves he can’t drive it responsibly on not one but many occasions.

        • Jerome

          Oh boo-hoo… you sound like a whinging granny

          • Golfmother

            Agreed stop whining huwtm , and you have never broken the law .

          • $29896495

            Grow up both of you. The guy’s an irresponsible dick. If you want to use your car for some fun get onto country roads and enjoy your car or go to the track. Don’t do it like an idiot in the city. Every time I’ve seen him pulled over it’s been in the heart of town. 

            I suppose that’s something you two fools would do. I’ve never done 18 Ks over the limit in the heart of Sydney or Brisbane how about you?

          • $29896495

            Golfmother and Jerome, if you do the same thing in the heart of your respective town, you deserved to be committed. Grow up both of you.

      • Jober As A Sudge

        I’d like to think if i had so few points left on my licence that I’d be trying my hardest not to lose them. Therefore Tomic is an idiot in this case.

      • Chaitanya Kumar Samardhi

        No one looking at this site I should say..

  • Al Tungupon

    With a decent performance this year, including a surprise win against Djokovic in the Hopman Cup, Bernie was finally in for a good deal of respect. Now he hoons once more and becomes infamous again. I doubt that he even has car control to match the speed. He’s got tennis potential but not the attitude.

  • Abcdefg

    He’s got a sh!atty face ~

  • Effingpond

    ……another phillipoussis…..loser!

  • Turbov8

    ‘Tomic’ is weird. What language’s that from?

    • DAVIDZ

      yugoslavia, like all the top tennis players, something in the water?

  • Bart

    “May he who has not sinned cast the first stone” Give the kid a break, he’s 20 years old. All you passing judgement on his behaviour seem to have forgotten your youth. Other than pointing out other peoples’ mistakes do any of you guys rank in the world top 1,000 at anything!

    • TG

      Thanks dad.

    • $29896495

      Who gives a S–t if he’s top 100,000 or what ever. that doesn’t put him above the law. once or twice may be fine in your mind as long as he doesn’t kill some one, but it isn’t. He’s doing this on CITY streets.  

      I think you’d find a lot of people are top 1000 of something or other.

      • Bart

        And you’ve never, ever driven at 78km/h in a 60 zone being lucky not to “kill someone”?

        • $29896495

          Not in the heart of the city and frankly 18 ks over the limit is stretching the friendship. Notice I’m emphasising CITY. And it’s not his first time.

    • Dave W

      His choice to speed, but don’t expect preferential treatment when he got caught. On the tennis court he might be a star, on the road he’s just a cashed up P plater that still lacks driving experience.

      • $29896495

        Good one Dave

      • Bart

        If you remove “cashed up” I’ll agree 100%. My “problem” is peoples’ prejudice because he’s made a lot of money through hard work & talent. Yes, he’s young and dumb and full of XXX but who wasn’t at 20?

        • Dave W

          How he got the money is irrelevant. He IS a cashed up young fella.

          Sure people were dumb when they were 20, but I bet the majority of them didn’t get their license suspended. I didn’t.

          This is part of the problem in Australia. We’re giving young people the excuse to do stupid things. Tolerate them even… Always the same “boys will be boys”… until they kill someone. Then suddenly everyone’s in an uproar.

          Or maybe they got themselves killed. Then the eulogy is always the same, good kid, loved by many, bla bla, except it’s missing the “too stupid to realise that he shouldn’t have done it” part.

          • Devil666

            The roads are the new form of natural selection. Just let go and the gene pool will be the better for it.

      • Golfmother

        At least hes not driving a wobbly korean car .

        • Dave W

          Well, if he was driving a Golf, he wouldn’t be speeding for long… because he’d be at the side of the road with a burned out gearbox before the cops can catch him.

          • Aazz

            I don’t think Bernard has the patience to own a VW though he does have the income for the servicing costs.

    • Golfmother

      Spot on Bart , i think its just the ” tall poppy syndrome ” , if they are a success cut em down , people thrive on this . 

  • MM

    Witnessed him tearing around central Surfers in the orange M3 – sorry Bernie but anything that travels that quickly with such a brilliant noise in tight suburban streets is bound to suffer some Policeman’s wrath. Go hire some time on a race track sport…


    $400k, know NOT, its a $200k 2nd had job, not a 458

    still well done owning a fazza

  • Gibbut

    and no one would care if he done it in a commodore.

    • $29896495

      Well you could almost guarantee he’d be round a pole in a Commodore. (But seriously, of course people would care)