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A set of leaked patent images has given us our best look yet at the design of the all-new third-generation Nissan X-Trail SUV.

The images – which first appeared on Chinese website AutoSohu – reveal a design almost identical to the Nissan Hi-Cross concept that debuted at last year’s Geneva motor show.

The greyscale images suggest the next-gen Nissan X-Trail – which is tipped to hit the market in 2014 – will, as expected, trade its boxy 4WD looks for a slightly softer, crossover-style design.

Like the Hi-Cross concept, the vehicle in the patent images features narrow, angular headlights integrated into a slim version of Nissan’s signature three-piece grille.

Contoured door panels and a rising window line replace the current car’s slab-sided, square lines, adding character to the profile, while the X-Trail’s traditional pillar-mounted tail-lights make way for horizontal fixtures spanning the rear-quarter panels and tailgate.

At 4660mm long, 1850mm wide and 1670mm tall, the Nissan Hi-Cross concept was 25mm longer, 60mm wider and 30mm lower than the current X-Trail, and featured seven seats rather than the standard five in the production model, hinting at a potential upgrade for the new-gen model.

The Hi-Cross hybrid concept teamed a 2.0-litre petrol engine with an electric motor and a lithium-ion battery pack, with Nissan’s latest Xtronic continuously variable transmission (CVT) capable of sending power to the front wheels or all four.

Nissan Australia sold 16,066 X-Trails across the country in 2012, making it the second-most-popular SUV on the market behind only the Toyota Prado (17,045).

Despite its age (the current model debuted in Geneva in 2007), local sales increased 32.9 per cent as its share of the sub-$60,000 medium SUV segment rose from 14.7 per cent to 16.2 per cent.

  • Kent

    Looks good and a little more resolved compared to the Pathfinder. I think Nissan is really hitting a stride with their SUV designs. And considering how close this is staying to the Hi-Cross concept, I am looking forward to the Resonance-based next-gen Murano.

  • PDCP

    The rear is all 2nd gen Lexus RX to me. Definitely a good thing though!

  • Jon

    Looks like a Ssangyong…..

  • Den


  • Zaccy16

    looks much better than the fugly looking current gen, hopefully they fix the handling and interior!

  • Luke

    It’s a Mitsubishi CR-V

  • Able

    I’m not sure why but I have always hated X-Trails (maybe just Nissans in general) and this does nothing to change that. The front is ok, but the rear is old Lexus RX/Toyota Harrier and lower front is Mazda CX-5. I hope they bring the 127kW manual diesel back though and I hope that it’s not a ‘GFC Car’ like most recent new Japanese offerings have been (new Lexus IS – same GS platform, same old engines, looks the same; new Outlander and definitely the new CRV!).

    • Henry

       If you Hate X-Trails and Nissan , then why are you reading this Post. !!!

      • Henry Toussaint

         Yep I agree, I like the Current X-Trail, And agree cause we have the same name

  • Sumpguard

    All I see is Mitsubishi.

    • Crummydore

      Yep, thought the same thing….

      Funny thing is it’s the ‘old Mitsu’ look – you know, the one that looks cool, not fugly like the new Outlander!


      • Sumpguard

        Yeah I see the same. Particularly the pajero around the front guards.

        • Crummydore

          Overall I think it looks fine, I just think Nissan need to get their heads around grilles on their cars….. they looks clumsy and too chunky most of the time – be nice to see some subtle design touches introduced for the Aust models.

          I also see there are some unkind views on the design. A lot of people said the same of the new CRV, however they appear to be selling like hot cakes and are quite handsome in the metal.

  • Angela

    Looks very futuristic, but I know that by the time this concept is created, they are going to change it so I can’t wait to see what they do.

  • Phunken

    Hmmm Nissan is a non player I the Aussie market… All the design look over done to cater for the US market. This SUV crossover is over styled and proportionally wrong looking…

    • Cb

      Right. The #6 car maker with the #3 SUV is a “non player”.

  • Stanvitch

    Another refreshing design from Nssan. Nissan has always been one of the most advanced car manufacturers in the world but their previous conservative design didnt help Nissan became what Toyota and Honda has become. When GTR came out, Ive started showing interest in Nissan cars.

  • Would Consider It

    Capitalise on the messy and unresolved Outlander and you have a winner. Lets hope it gets some innovative tech for the category and even better storage solutions.

  • VTiR

    I think Nissan should name their design language ‘Awkward’.

  • guest15

    Can’t believe what I’m reading here.

    Is this a Nissan fanboy droolfest ?

    This is the ugliest suv I’ve ever seen.

    Absolutely grotesque.

    How can they get away with this?

    Sue them for public obscenity or gross indecency…or whatever.

    • sweed

      The uglier the better I say.
      It’s a Nissan trademark.

    • guest14

      I know it’s hard for you, but just try to keep an open mind. :)

  • TheRealThomas

    I don’t know why, but I like it.

  • Poison_Eagle

    Another boring crossover with pointless, wavy character lines. People will love this.

  • Deodath Massawe

    i like nissan, they have very advanced technology interms of vehicles. the handsome xtrail and other are nice cars….

  • Peanut

    I like the underneath view the best. I think they are on to a winner as they have the wheels in all the right places.

  • Hung Low

    I love the negative comments on this design based on a rough cad draft….give me a break! I don’t mind the boxy design of the past a d current X trail, its not trying to look sporty or fashionable just purposeful. Although this design will break the current mould, it will have a look similar to the 2013 Pathfinder, which is not too bad really.