The Nissan Micra is no longer available with a four-cylinder engine following a production shift from Indonesia to India.

The change in Nissan Australia’s production source means all models in the updated 2013 Micra range will be powered by the 56kW/100Nm 1.2-litre three-cylinder petrol engine (below) that was previously only offered in the base model Micra ST.

Originally, the mid-spec Nissan Micra ST-L and high-grade Micra Ti featured a larger 1.5-litre four-cylinder engine with 75kW and 136Nm – giving them around 35 per cent more power and torque than the entry-level model.

The loss of power and performance is offset slightly by a decrease in fuel consumption. Teamed with the standard five-speed automatic transmission, the 1.2-litre engine consumes 5.9 litres per 100km compared with 6.5L/100km for the 1.5-litre. The saving less significant with the four-speed automatic optioned in, with combined cycle consumption differing just one-tenth of a litre, measuring 6.5L/100km for the three-cylinder unit.

The engine downsize has not been accompanied by a price reduction, however, with Nissan Australia confirming Micra pricing will carryover unchanged into 2013.

The production shift sees automatic headlights with headlamp levellers now standard across the range, along with new seats and rear-seat armrests.

The mid-spec ST-L adds 15-inch alloy wheels, foglights, rear spoiler, driver’s armrest and a passenger-seat bag holder. The Ti also gets the rear spoiler.

Sales of the Nissan Micra fell 3.6 per cent last year to 9162 as its share of the sub-$25,000 city-car segment dipped from 7.3 per cent to 6.8 per cent.


2013 Nissan Micra manufacturer’s list prices:

  • ST manual – $13,490
  • ST auto – $14,990
  • ST-L manual – $15,490
  • ST-L auto – $16,990
  • Ti manual – $17,490
  • Ti auto – $18,990

  • O123

    Pretty stingy Nissan.

  • LowRezFez

    FAIL Nissan. How about a CVT auto to replace the old school 4 speeder? I suggest big price drops for the higher spec models too.

  • Joshua

    Very Stingy. Obviously no market research was done thoroughly before this decision was made. Or it was that nissan doesnt sell many micras anyways so it was decided “who cares?”.

  • Karl Sass

    This is the brand getting into the V8SC

    • Gan Tan

      What does that have to do with anything troll?

  • Maple Leaf

    Rubbish decision. Nissan is on a path to extinction. I don’t care for anything other than the GTR. VW has much better offerings.

    • Zaccy16

      i agree, they are below par in every way compared to main rivals

      • Modern Man

        and yet they had the biggest selling suv (apart from a prado) on the ausie market and are kicking goals in all their 4wd/suv offerings.
        I must admit though, their smaller cars are a little on the wiffy side for styling and you are right in that noone wants one of these now second hand.

        Maybe it is to do with Mitsubishi doing the small engine only thing as well.

  • Matt

    Considering the top driveway is $20k odd, a 50kw 3cyl is crazy given its gutless and not efficient. Not sure how they expect sales to increase.

  • Noddy_of_Toyland

    The triple is more than up to the task, those who say the loss of the 4-cylinder is a bad move have obviously never driven the triple. An interesting comparo then Caradvice, Micra vs Mirage?

    • Golfmother

      Correct Noddy , VW , BMW and FORD all moving to triples , city cars of the future .
      Regards Big Ears .

      • Noddy_of_Toyland

        Big Ears is long dead. The old timer couldn’t bear that Toyland was changing, Noddy’s the top toy in Toyland.

      • Hung Low

        Your Lady friends 1988 Swift Cino sprouts an naturally imbalanced, gruff triple cylinder. Hardly a futuristic move for city cars, just a cheap way of trying to gain fuel efficiency in a city cycle from the theory of less internal friction with one less cylinder.
        The Micra 4 cylinder was a gutsy and decent engine for its size and got around its business very well even behind a 4 speed auto. Dumb decision

      • Modern Man

        yes you are right,


        They have a turbo bolted to them. Renault has one too in the new model clio.

    • Zaccy16

      i agree if its a manual, wheels mag have always said that the 3cyl is a willing performer and is more characterful than the 4cyl, micra is way better than the mirage becuase of the much better handling

    • Phunken

      Ok but explain the drop in KW vs no price reduction… Obviously no matter what sort of math u do can as count for less power and more $$$

  • ujb

    Nissan Australias way of pork barelling.

  • JamesB

    You mean fives-speed manual CA? You need to sack your typist.

  • $29896495

    Isn’t it amazing how similar the Micra and the Mirage look.

  • Blair Waldorf

    The euro market gets a supercharged 1.2 3-cylinder, I’m not sure where the Euro market Micra is built, but they should import it here ASAP.

    As for the 4 speed auto, why bother with an auto on a car this small and slow anyway, you’re much better off roughing it and getting the manual.

    • Zaccy16

      Exactly, that supercharged engine is a cracker from the reviews overseas, that would be a great replacement for the 4cl and it should have better torque than the 4cyl

      • Poison_Eagle

         The new Clio’s 0.9L engine might migrate to Micra, but probably not before a new model. Its funny the Micra was considered a premium hatch when the 2002 model was launched in the UK, had keyless start, etc. But now its a low cost cheap and nasty car.

    • Poison_Eagle

      Why don’t get get this engine? Lemme guess : fuel quality (sigh).

  • Al Tungupon

    What they should be doing is make the car better, not worse. Dropping the more decent engine of the two is a bad move. Three cylinder engines should never be put in cars. They’re coarse and will feel incomplete, and a dinosaur four-speed auto is also adding insult to injury. The only trios that work are a camera tripod and the Top Gear presenters.

  • Horsie

    $18990 for a 3 cyl car , yea these are going to sell like hotcakes

  • John

    Regardless of the merits of the 3 cylinder motor vs the 4 cylinder one, by dropping the 4 cylinder Nissan seem to have given up a major competetive advantage it held over the new Mirage – the availability of a motor with more torque.

    The 3 cylinder motor may well be OK (don’t know, haven’t driven it, but I do recall the Daihatsu 3 cylinder motor as being quite competent and full of character) but if I was buying the Micra I’d have gone for the 4 cylinder just for the extra power and torque.

    Oh, and no drop in price? That seems like a dumb decision to me – but dumb decisions seem to be Nissan’s forte.

    • LowRezFez

      Well said

  • Frank

    What a backward and uninspiring decision by Nissan Australia. There are better offerings out there, example; for around the same kind of money for this new top-spec 3 Cylinder Micra you can buy a Skoda Fabia manual 1.2 Litre 4 Cylinder which comes with 75% more torque, and at 5.5L/100kms its even slightly more fuel efficient. As for pricing, each model is $1000 – $2000 over priced especially now that they’re being built in India.

  • Gueshtyu

    The base manual 3 cylinder Micra was a fun car to drive, but moving production to India of all places – terrible move. The cars will take your job and stink at it. Forget about doing over 70kph on the fast lane. Never get on a bus with one!

  • pitboxes

    This car, and the new Pulsar, are complete poocontainers. So much for the glory days of Nissan, when the Micra S and Pulsar SSS roamed the streets…

  • fail

    may be they are getting ready to launch Note hatchback in  Australia with 4 cylinders ….

  • Lumpycamel

    Have a 1.2 auto Micra – yes 4 speed auto ( live in the CBD in Sydney) goes great for the price, is comfortable, has been up to the Gold coast with a mate – works just fine for what it is… it was cheap, it does what I ask it to do, isnt noisy ( which is weird) and uses hardly any petrol. Ive had it for 4 months and cant fault it so far – Mind you I paid $12500 driveaway – cant say Id wanna pay like $19 for one…  Its horses for courses, buy what you need and can afford, and its honestly been fine ( and its my first nissan)

  • Guest

    GT-R & 370Z aside, Nissan doesn’t make any good passenger cars at all – they only survive in Australia selling only SUVs & Utes. Mitsubishi is on a similar mode – aside from the Evolution X, nothing sells well on the passenger cars side with the Lancer now looking very dated & overtaken by the Koreans – i30, Cruze & new Cerato.
    The Micra & Mirage look very eerily similar like co-joined twins separated st birth. Don’t think they’ll do very well in a market looking at more than just price.

  • Snoopy54000

    Not happy about this.I currently am driving a Japanese Sourced K12 Micra 1.4 2010 and it’s better than the new one.If I was to spend under twenty grand for a car I would look for something like a Corolla or a Mazda 3 or other products that are a few years old with low mileage in excellent condition which is the plan when it comes time to move on in a few years and those are better products than a base Micra.I would even choose the last of the previous series Focus over any of these light cars sourced from weird third world nations even if they have Japanese Origins.