The new Aston Martin Rapide S has been released by the iconic British marque, replacing the standard four-door sports car with a more powerful model featuring updated looks, and new options.

Compared to the outgoing Rapide, the new four-seat Aston Martin Rapide S gets 60kW more power – a 17 per cent increase – and 20Nm more torque, with the tweaked version of the naturally aspirated AM11 6.0-litre V12 powerplant putting out 410kW at 6750rpm and 620Nm at 5000rpm.

Aston Martin Rapide S - 2

Sitting 19mm lower than in the previous car, reducing the centre of gravity and improving balance, the new engine benefits from fully CNC machined combustion chambers, new lighter, hollow cam shafts, dual variable camshaft timing, and a stainless steel exhaust system.

While the new Rapide S boasts an improved 0-100km/h sprint time of 4.9 seconds – down 0.3 seconds from the existing car’s 5.2 seconds – fuel consumption is also bettered from 14.9 litres per 100km to 14.2L/100km on the official EU combined cycle, and CO2 emissions have dropped seven per cent from 355 grams per kilometre to 332g/km.

Aston Martin Rapide S - 7

A new ‘face’, highlighted by a new full grille, joins a new rear deck profile accentuated by a more pronounced boot lid ‘flip’. Aston says the aerodynamic and aesthetic upgrades not only look sportier but create greater downforce when travelling on the car’s 20-inch alloy wheels at its now 306km/h top speed.

Inside, the Aston Martin Rapide S is home to several new luxury- and sports-orientated options including an all-new duotone perforated red and black leather option, and a new piano black interior pack. An optional carbonfibre exterior pack is also available and sees the addition of a carbonfibre front splitter, rear diffuser, mirror caps, and rear lamp inserts.

Aston Martin Rapide S - 8

Aston Martin CEO Dr Ulrich Bez, who describes the Rapide S as “luxury in action”, said the car is a “four-door sports car that uniquely combines luxury, style and sporting excitement in Aston Martin’s most flexible and accommodating silhouette”.

With prices yet to be confirmed, the new Aston Martin Rapide S will be available to order from next month through its global dealer network. As a marker, though, the current model Rapide is priced from $371,300.

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  • Modern Man

    Why change on of the most iconic front grilles to this cheesy monstrosity.

    • Zaccy

      Because the British are a foolish bunch

      • Zaccy

        With bad teeth too…

        • Blah

          they changed it so it wouldn’t look like a new ford.

    • Smart US

       makes new Ford Taurus look great… like no so distant cousins

  • Zaccy16

    still is a beautiful car even with the bigger grill

    • Modern Man

      dont get me wrong, it is still a good loking car, but, they always look wide and low and this grille somehow makes it more upright looking fron the front.
      Have seen one in real life up close and they are amazing.
      Would still buy it over any other hyper four door cars.

      • MoMa

        Agreed, the new grille makes it look like it’s on stilts.

  • Thom

    The new grille makes it look kind of like an SUV.

  • Shak

    What the hell did they do!

  • O123

    OUCH. What have they done!

  • Allupinyourgrill

    And where are you supposed to put a complying front number plate on this thing?

  • Peter

    I like it.  It is meaner looking and reminds me of the Zagato, which is my favourite Aston by far.   

    • Golfmother

      Yes peter your right Zagato, thought i had seen that look , looks very aggressive , i like it .

  • cepjin

    Wow Ford have done a great job on the new Mondeo! Oh, wait it’s just an Aston..

  • pixxxels


    Will have to think about this one for a while.

  • Just saying

    I thought it was a design for the next Cars movie. Oh god. It just takes the sleekness out of the nose. We can thank bloggers worldwide for complaining that Astons always look the same……. Nah. Lets just blame Ford, that’s easier. This design was probably sketched 4+ years ago.

  • guest12

    With that much power and torque, why is it so slow?
    Relatively speaking.

  • Poison_Eagle

    In my eyes the DB7 is the most beautiful car ever made ( Or equal to the Inifiniti Emerg_e). The (original) Vanquish is a close second, I think Aston is losing its sense of style :(   

    Further I don’t think the coupe` style of the Rapide is very elegant, I wish it had a slightly more sedan-like profile.

  • Guest

    what this and Porsche with their Panamera are trying to do is make sedans that look like coupes, this is a mistake. They should be trying to make sedans that are beautiful but do not try to hide the fact they are sedans