The Hennessey Venom GT has set a new world record to become the quickest street-legal production car ever to make the dash from 0-300km/h.

With Guinness World Records officials and VBox timing specialists on hand, the Venom GT set an official time of 13.63 seconds for the stratospheric sprint – the average of two runs completed in opposite directions along the runway at Ellington Airport in Texas (the first 13.18sec with a 6.5km/h tailwind, the second 14.08sec with a 9.7km/h headwind).


The Hennessey Venom GT’s time bettered that of the previous record holder, the Koenigsegg Agera R, which stopped the clock at 14.53 seconds. The Bugatti Veyron rolls the needle around to 300km/h in a similar 14.6 seconds.

The Venom also set an unofficial 0-200mph (0-321.9km/h) acceleration record of 14.51 seconds, smashing the old record – again held by the Koenigsegg – by more than three seconds.

Hennessey Performance plans to build just 29 examples of its US$1.2 million ($1.14 million) Lotus Exige-based Venom GT hypercar, which is powered by a Chevrolet-sourced 928kW/1566Nm twin-turbocharged 7.0-litre V8.

While planning further performance tests for the Venom GT, the California-based manufacturer is already hard at work on the car’s successor, the Hennessey Venom GT2, which is rumoured to produce up to 1119kW of power.

  • Roadtard

    Haters will say it’s invalid coz the thing runs pushrods…  And their mum’s Skyline is faster but just not yet tested by Ginuz.

    • Robin_Graves

      It could be even faster if it used a modern valve actuation system with multi valves. Its a cost compromise that is compensated for by displacement. So 19th century.

      • Roadtard

        What 1800’s machine compares with this?

  • Monk

    I suspect this may get a little twitchy pushing out of a corner…

    • Jober As A Sudge

      Lay off drinking the Hennessy while driving the Hennessey

    • Ce_darera

      Just a little

  • Monk

    Golfmother, how fast does your stage 1 Golf do it?

    • Chad

      Oh please don’t wake up flog mother, we don’t need to listen to his uneducated childish dribble….

  • Blair Waldorf

    Impressive, but i reckon some tuned supercars might run even better, the 1200hp Twin Turbo Lambo Aventador made by Underground Racing may edge ahead, as it has AWD for a quicker launch and a faster shifting paddle shift gearbox.

    • Modern Man

      AWD tends to give slower launch but better traction and can be harder on the drivetrain.

      Quickshifting gearbox aside you have to make sure the right gear ratio’s and diff ratio’s are in place to acheive something like this. just simply bolting things on makes a quick car quicker but durability to launch hard and stay in one piece is where most R&D goes.

      Congrates Hennessey for producing a car that can do all this so easily.

    • pro346

      Plenty of cars that are “tuned” in the aftermarket would be able to top this….go to your local drag strip and watch a commodore/falcon do an 8 second 1/4 mile the aftermarket is a whole different story. very impressive for a production car.

  • Devil666

    Wow, 1 second difference between passes? Thats pretty big, light headwind or not.

    I wonder how quick the Veyron SS can get to 300km/h…Still a terrible 0-100 time too, around 3 flat if you get a good launch.I dunno about you guys, but nothing about this car is appealing. Sounds like a vacuum cleaner had a baby with a trombone, looks like a goofy cross-eyed snake, and it’s made by crooks (I believe Hennessy was in trouble with the law over in the states, not sure what the status of that is).

    I’ll take the Koenigsegg and I’ll enjoy it for .9 seconds longer than Venom guy will.

    • Zaccy16

      i agree it is too unrefined, the amazing thing and why i love the veyron ss so much is that it may have 880 kw and have a topspeed of 431 kph and take only 2.5 seconds to 100 but it nearly ways 2 tonnes and has normal car luxuries not just a stripped out racer

      • Golfmother

        Dead right zaccy , straight line fast, but nothing else as monkfish said very twitchy , and the pushrod clunker wont last long , proves drag racing is alive and well .

        • Roadtard

          So now the pushrod clunker won’t last?  Reckon we’ve heard it all.

        • Chad

          So all these trucks in north america that weigh 2.5 tons and have these pushrod engines towing their heavy arses around and consistently getting well in excess of 300,000 ks dont last hey?
            This car being based on a Lotus Exige which top gear quoted “The Exige will take you on the twistiest of roads and leave you grinning for a week” sounds like to me this thing would probably handle pretty good even though it’s gotten a modified engine
            Do you ever type anything intelligent on here?? 

          • Robin_Graves

            Slow revving engines dont show up pushrods shortfalls as much. All that inertia with massive valve springs to stop bounce which is made even worse by high boost. It works fine for trucks and tractors but for high revving boosted engines its purely a cost cutting exercise. I bet the valve springs need replacing every service like a drag or nascar engine.

          • Golfmother

            Stupid statement , EXIGE , does not have a great lump of iron in its back end in std form , this thing can only perform in a straight line , you said it  truck engine , how sophisticated .

          • Roadtard

            Stupid statement: you’ll find it’s a not-so-big lump of alloy – block and heads.

  • Sturmgewehr

    USA and UK working together win world wars!

  • Tony Abbotts No 1 fan

    I remember many years ago there was a triple turbo Lighturn Zeta, that was so quick, this thing wouldnt see which way the Zeta went…and it did all that with a very thorough rinse cycle.   

    • The Real Wile E

      Stay off the Hennessey it’s effecting your memory….cause it’s Lightburn Zeta

  • Stop_the_boats

    observe the picture, half of those men are fatties, emrgency mustve been on standby incase one of

    them had a coronary , struggle to fit in the car .

    • Monk

      So you post this and try to tell us with a straight face you are not Golfmother? haha
      No one else spaces their punctuation like you do nor recycles the same 4 comments ad nauseam like you.
      Must be annoying logging in and out all the time to keep up the pretense.

      • Jober As A Sudge

        Only difference is this personality of Legnab drives a BMW.

        • Monk

          or wishes he did

          • Golfmother

            I do, another resto , boats cant be me iam in bed by 23 hours ,ask my bride, he posts at all hours , might be robin .

          • Fairlane

            Are you saying he is boats or is he your bride?

      • Stop_the_boats

        Monk, look at hte statement you commented to, didnt mention anything about me being golfmother, get your eyes checked, looked out the window at work just now, 335 still looking pretty .

        • Jober As A Sudge

          Pretty much implied from my statement that “Legnab”, “Golfmother” and “Stop_the_boats” are one and the same. Keep it up…i’m finding all your personalities highly amusing

          • Golfmother

            You boys need to stop stressing otherwise you will get sick .

            I was legnab and the same in reverse , thats it , gave up on that when   garyfloppy who now gets his sick comments deleted , kept ghosting me a he still does , i really dont care who you think iam , but for me el supremo GOLFMOTHER , is enough for me as i want to knock off Zaccy and be no1 hahahaha .

          • Monk

            Just say “exactly” in reply to EVERY post and you should be there in no time. haha

          • Golfmother

            Yes i noticed how he did it , cant catch him hes got 1400  iam on 740 or so  , i do need some shut eye .

            Monk watch the times on the 10pm to 3am guys you will soon see whos who by the posting times  .

            I know the fake golfmother is garyfloppy and whole lot of other names , with strange sick talk .

        • Monk

          Keep your chin up, you little battler.

  • Al Tungupon

    Americans always love world records, but this car is hardly a masterpiece. Bugatti could simply send the Veyron Super Sport and easily spoil it for them.

    • JooberJCW

      Fastestlap website quoted both SS and this doing 9.9 to the 1/4 but the Venom at a higher speed. which means probably the traction off the line of the venom is the weak point. But in the long pull the Venom will pull away from the SS.

  • Peter

    Good on them.  It looks hot, IMO, and there is something I have to admire about putting a stupidly overpowered engine in a tiny car like that.  And who gives a rats if it cant corner, with that speed in a straight line.  They look like they are having fun.

  • Bryan

    What does the moving red dot on the instrument(?) display indicate?  Is it a g-meter or something?

  • Dave W

    They get the Exige body from Lotus and the engine from Chevy. So they’re basically just tuners then, since they don’t actually MAKE anything.

    • Sumpguard

      I have to agree. At least Koenigsegg and Bugatti can stand on their own innovation, not to mention their own engine. Parts bin cars shouldn’t be able to qualify!
      Cracker engine nonetheless.

  • Dafydd2000

    The Veyron is still a better car. Maybe it’s not as fast but remember that it’s not a stripped out race car. It has electric windows, leather upholstery and a radio. And it was built by scratch instead of nicking a Lotus to use for the body instead. Buggati have a history too!

  • Stop_the_boats

    dobin, thats cute, you have a AU falcoon, more than enough room for you .