Its a nice vehicle, and the black wheels on white body hit the spot.

    Your buying this for the performance, a lime tweaked Territory Turbo would destroy it at 1/2 the price.

    Doesnt have the badge, you can just wave as you fly by!

    Nice test C/A, ALWAYS the first to test new stuff.

    Keep them coming!



  • zahmad

    Why on earth do they still have the x5?

  • Iz

    To cater for the other 80% of buyers that don’t want an X6 (and/or have the occasional extra passenger/luggage to carry) which the X5 caters for. Nearly similar driving experience, but your dog can come with and be sick too :)

    I can imagine the X6 would most definitely appeal to buyers because of just the sheer stupendousness of it. I’d fork out cash for one if I had a cool $200k laying around lol =p

  • Deano


    Having extensively driven turbo Territory’s and the 35i X6, I think you’re mistaken there, the dynamics of the beemer defy belief given the size of the darn thing!

    Any reason you feel it necessary to mention smallgoods at the top of each post??


  • greenmatt

    “I mean as Australia’s first production vehicle to feature a twin-turbo powered V8 engine ” errr. previous gen Audi RS6, porsche cayenne turbo, maserati 3200gt plus others I cant remember all had twin turbo V8′s

  • HercMax

    At least the X5 has some utility in the form of luggage space and optional extra seating. This is just a big bruising sports sedan in a coupe body jacked up on high suspension. It’s worse than a comparable sedan or coupe for handling because of the high centre of gravity, and worse than a wagon or coventional bodied SUV for luggage and utility. BMW have created a car that’s the worst of both worlds.

    • MyX6Rock

      If you haven’t driven one, don’t even compare with
      other sedans in your imagination.
      I was worried when I got mine. Still I loved the look,
      I ordered it and after the first driving, I loved it even
      more. Before making any judgement see it for yourself.
      Then you will have true opinion about the vehicle.

  • MisterTwo

    I would rather have the Range Rover Sport, at least that can go off road. Driving one of these people will thing you are trying to compensate for something.

  • Alan

    I agree that this is a ridiculous concept and completely pointless. And previously i thought it’s very ugly too, but have to say this colour and wheel combination looks fantastic and is about the only good looking combination i’ve seen for X6.

    On paper, there’s no point in buying this over an x5, but cars aren’t entirely a logical purchase, i’m sure they will find people willing to fork out money for this. Having said that, i think performance SUV in general is a ridiculous idea, why not get a sports car for the weekend and a fuel efficient wagon/sedan for weekdays

  • Marcoz

    You can put all the good looking wheels you want on it, it still is AN UGLY MOTHER FING CAR…it is HORRID LOOKING…Looks like is a** had a face lift with botox…lol

  • Sam

    You might make a Territory Turbo go faster but we could all wave at you from the X6 at the first corner where the Ford will leave the road. There is not alot of cars out there that drive nicer than a new Beamer. I would love to have the keys to this baby for a few days. But, my license would be gone and the car impounded no doubt. The temptation would be too much for me. The car is clearly begging for it.

  • ScottB

    It might be a great performer but it’s still a fundamentally stupid and pointless car.

  • Allan D

    Not to sound like a killjoy, but how does a twin turbo V8 only make 300kw? :S

  • Sam

    Allan D, you can rest assured that the BMW engineers have tuned the engine so that it can deliver the performance it does for many years to come with excellent reliability and minimum servicing.

    Besides they need the torque to move the 2+ tonne, not the kw.

  • ComradeVodka

    Oh I get it, you can’t afford one so it’s stupid… right, real sense of logic there.

  • Alan

    Allan D, i believe this engine like the turbo straight 6 in 335i is tuned for better throttle reponse and minimal lag rather than big power figures. This makes it more driveable than the headline hp figure would suggest

  • ScottB

    I wouldn’t want one even if I could afford it. Its stupid because it’s a heavy and severely compromised design. They’d be better off putting that engine and drivetrain in sports car or, hell, even an estate. It’d be faster, lighter, handle even better, more fuel efficient and have more room inside. This thing is a joke, designed to separate the credulous and dumb from their money.

    Which, it has to be said, is something that seems to get easier as time goes by. Guess I can’t fault BMW in terms of the business case then…

  • Bavarian Missile (.)(.)

    Great story Matt you sound like you enjoyed evey minutite of it. ” Sport mode” yeah I dont know why they bother offering another option ,my last 535i was never out of ‘Sport mode”

    Is it pointless………….What’s pointless mean ?

    Even your average 200 series Landcruiser isnt driven the way it was manufactured too at its best………off road .How many people take a vehicle off road in a serious way thats owes them more than $60,000. Not many !

    This a a fabulous looking car,BMW have made a fast 4 seater that is aimed at similar useless car made by Porsche and Mercedes…….this I think does it in looks, power too weight and fuel economy over its rivals and with the X6M yet to released will be a real ball breaker !

    Its jaw droopingly beautiful ,its a car with the safety of all wheel drive without making too big a presence on the road. Although I would like to see it dumped !

    And all of this coming from someone that cant stand mid sized SUVs……….

    The X5 has been going for 10 strong years now and I hope will take on some of these gorgeous looks of the X6…..

    Quote Alan D
    “Not to sound like a killjoy, but how does a twin turbo V8 only make 300kw? :S

    Sam I think summed it up best ,could have used the 4 LITRE V8 out of the M3 that creates 309 kws ,but not the torque to move that sort of weight,hell knows it not because BMW cant extract more grunt out of it,they are the engine master.

    Wait around for the New X6M and Im sure that will have more grunt than youll need,although whats enough {she thinks ??} What engine they will use who knows,the current V10 from the M5 only turns out 520 NMs of torque less than the turbos here ,*she smiles as she speculates what may be done*

  • ScottB

    Jaw droppingly beautiful??? No. A Maserati GT is jaw droppingly beautiful. This….this the hunchback of Notre Dame on wheels. Its the ugliest thing this side of a Ssangyong.

    And yes, I consider all performance 4wds crap, with one exception – the recently released US F150 Raptor. Why? Because it doesn’t make any pretensions to being an onroad sports car, its sole aim is to go fast as possible off road. You know, where SUVs should be used…

  • The Realist

    I think I’ll trade in the M5 for one of these – what a beast.

    And the fact it’ll annoy a segment of the population is a plus.

  • Bavarian Missile (.)(.)


    Trade your M5 on it ? Why ? Totally different cars and to buy one to annoy others just shows just how immature you “Realist” are!

  • http://idon'tgetthisquestion Italianlover

    Looks like a beefed up X5 that’s been pummelled up the ****. Did something fall on the back tailgate? Don’t get me wrong, the Barvarian Motor Works have produced some great cars with frighteningly massive power plants, yet in all honesty I can’t get excited about this.
    And a ‘coupe’. If it’s got 4 doors, it’s anything but. I have paid good money for a nice little ‘real’ Italian coupe with just the two doors. 4 doors to me =’s either
    a) saloon
    b) sedan
    c) NOT A COUPE.
    If a coupe can have 4 doors, then wouldn’t that make every Aussie sedan really just a 4 door coupe? Oh look, there goes a Falcon / Camry / Aurion / Calais coupe!!

  • Wheelnut

    Allan D Says:
    January 23rd, 2009 at 1:37 pm
    Not to sound like a killjoy, but how does a twin turbo V8 only make 300kw? :S

    The same way a [supposedly] F1 inspired V6 only produces 200Kw

  • Bavarian Missile (.)(.)

    Take a look at the Hamann Tycoon version ,looks nothing like this ! Doesnt even resemble a SUV anymore !

  • Motorhead

    I still cant see the point of this car & who’ll buy it, Suzuki X90 owners looking to upgrade?
    It sure is a lot of money for something that looks like a Ssangyong too.

  • Mike

    It is an ugly vehicle in a niche market that doesn’t exist most likely to compete against MB niche markets. But MB look soo much better.

  • Wheelnut

    Mike – Before Merc-Benz came out with the CLS 4 Door Coupe-Saloon or Porsche with the Panamera or AM with the Rapide that market didn’t exist either.

    As for the MB looking better than the X6. The MB is more of a Sports Sedan and therefore; has a more sleek stylish and aerodymaic look.. whereas the X6 is more of a Sports Cross-Over Vehicle which is why it has a more strong somewhat bold look about it.

    They are 2 different cars aimed at 2 different markets – neither of which up until just recently ever existed

  • John

    I’m guessing that BMW has the X6 50i pegged at 300kw, so that they leave alot of room for the M Division crew too come in and weave their magic in the future. The X5 never received the M treatment IMO because of a key ingredient missing? Handling. Yes the X5 is one of the best (if not the best) handling SUV’s on the market but even then its handling is only on a par with the average RWD car, let alone the above average or extraordinary ones. The X6 is supposed to have revolutionised this area and offers true car like handling in an SUV body. (M cars have always been about the whole performance package not just standing start drags). If this is true the M division may see fit too give the X6 some special treatment in the future and we could then see the power up at 375kw – 400kw easily. Remember BMW engineers have been able too squeeze 252kw or so out of a 3.2 six from the previous gen M3 so IMO 300kw is a lowball figure and this car would be extremely tuneable!

  • Mike

    You are right wheelnut, my post was just more to point out that this thing is ugly and impractical… I dont know what I was on about with ‘niche’ markets. It will be mopped up by badge loyalists though.

  • Wheelnut

    It is a niche vehicle as [just like the merc-benz CLS] it will only appeal to a select group of buyers
    I like the look of it. I believe it looks better than the Lexus RX330 as well as the Porsche Cayenne and the dumped X6 Hamann have produced looks even better – I’d have one!

  • http://idon'tgetthisquestion Italianlover

    I agree with Mike
    ‘You are right wheelnut, my post was just more to point out that this thing is ugly and impractical… I dont know what I was on about with ‘niche’ markets. It will be mopped up by badge loyalists though’

    Money doesn’t buy taste, right?

    and Motorhead – good call on the Suzuki X90!!

  • Fasthonda

    Wheelnut said ” I believe it looks better than the………. Porsche Cayenne.”

    I agree,but what SUV/Sports sedan/AWD, doesn’t look better than the Porsche Cayenne?
    The 3.6i is the worst for looks and most likely can be beaten performance wise by a Ford Territory.

  • The Realist

    Bavarian Missile (.)(.) Says:
    January 24th, 2009 at 4:44 pm
    “Trade your M5 on it ? Why ? Totally different cars and to buy one to annoy others just shows just how immature you “Realist” are!”

    We all have our indulgences dear BM.

    Once I purchase one of these puppies I’ll park it in front of the left wing lunatics that protest outside my office every week.

  • c1ockwork

    ‘I still cant see the point of this car & who’ll buy it, Suzuki X90 owners looking to upgrade? It sure is a lot of money for something that looks like a Ssangyong too.’

    Awesome call Motorhead, and I’m in totally agreeance!

    ‘jaw droopingly [sic] beautiful’? Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder eh? (though, in the spirit of full disclosure, I own a Megane :-))

    Ugly as sin.