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  • Martin

    Be a shame if they didn’t. No other reason to buy from Honda Australia. Honda Pilot and Ridgeline would have been nice additions for Australia.

  • Antmindel

    I think the next Euro is going to also be the Acura TLX,which is the merging of the current TL and TSX,both of which sell well,but have become very similar in si.ze.

    It has alleasdy been shown in China as the Honda concept C,which could be the next Honda Sporior,which is also the Euro.

    Looks stunning in concept form,will be very stiff competition for the all new Mazda 6…which I find too big and bloated.

    Cant wait to see the Euro,as it is OMHO Hondas best model globally.

    • $29896495

      Can’t agree, the nose is horrendous on the “C” the basic shape is quite good but needs to be smoothed out. To many Bangles.


    honda euro
    1/ drop the ode to *euro*
    2/longer service intervals and cheaper
    3/back seat leg room and head room needs BIG improvement
    4/more low down torque
    5/cheaper price

    • Sydlocal

       Totally agree with the back seat leg room (shocking for a car that size on the outside) and needing more low down torque. The current one just takes too long to wind up when driving around town. I think price is reasonable considering the quality of the car.

      • bd

        But that’s the whole point of Euro models – being  a bit smaller (and better appointed) to suit Europeans.

        Hence –

        Euro Accord/TSX < USDM Accord

        i40 < i45/Sonata

        Avensis < Camry

    • Asdfasdf

      1) Got to keep the “Euro” for the fanbois
      2) Yeah
      3) Yeah
      4) Honda engines are revvers
      5) In the US it’s called Acura TSX and it’s main competitor is the Lexus IS250 which starts from $50k in Aus. 
      6) Fix the engine pinging issue. At 11:1 compression ratio, once deposits builts up inside the combustion chamber, the compression’s going to go up even high and it’s going to get even worse. Even 98 RON petrol can’t help. I would get one if they drop the compression ratio to 10.5:1 and that should completely fix the engine pingging issue. Slight power drop is ok.
      7) Convert the radio to standard 2-din unit, that way it could be upgraded easily.
      8) Put reverse camera as standard. The boot is really high and so it’s hard to see the back. These days LCD displays are cheap, reverse cameras should be safety items and not luxury items. The insurance companies should get all the car companies to put reverse cameras in all their cars so that the insurance claims for car park dings will be reduced.

      • Martin

        Definitely agree with your last point. Reversing cameras are cheap and easily installed, safety should never be considered a luxury item.

      • Clem

        Correct!!!! Can’t say no more, Honda. Are you listening?

      • Richard

        The new Euro will have a totally different engine.  2.4L direct injection. Already seen in the US Accord.

        • $29896495

          Also found in the Civic Coupe

    • LowRezFez

      Good points!

  • Antmindel

    Hinda Australia have always done so well with the Euro,but could have done better.

    Europe and South Africa have the diesel engines,even New Zealand has the excellent wagon,and US markets have the option of a V6 engine.

    Maybee next time we will see a few of these models,as this time around Honda refused to bring them in…

  • Zaccy16

    if they don’t sell a new accord euro here which the current model is with the crz the only genuinely good to drive honda on sell they will lose sales down under, the normal accord is too american and  only a camry/aurion rival

    • Nasal Explorer

      Can you explain that comment in plain English? And use a bit of punctuation.

      • Rob

        No he doesn’t have to, because he’s got his “Top 1″ life-long dream.

  • Tex

    Honda, give us diesel.
    Honda, give us a wagon.
    Honda, give us an auto with more gears.

    We will then buy more of your cars.

    • Asdfasdf

      – Diesels, no point in passenger sedans. Just asking for trouble.
      – The CRV is a wagon.
      – The Accord in the US has 1,000,000 gears (CVT), which is more than the 8spd gearboxes from the competitors.

      • Samson345

        perhaps you should contact Mercedes, BMW & VW and tell them they’ve been wrong for the last 30 or 40+ years.

        • ABCDEFG

          In Europe petrol costs a lot more than diesel. In Aus it’s the other way around.

      • Zzzzz

        You dont know what you are talking about.
        Diesel asking fir trouble pfffttt
        You have probaly never been in a diesel car let allone own one.
        Do your research then talk.

        • Asdfasdf

          The old skool diesels with mechanical injectors and light turbos last forever. There was no computers and the engine could be submerged under water (just need air) when doing river crossings.

          The current crop of diesel engines in passenger cars started in the EU are much more complex (more expensive parts to go wrong) than petrol engines. There’s the: 
          – Engine computer (water crossing ability of a 4×4 with a Euro style diesel engine is not better than one with a petrol engine)
          – “high” tech extremely low tolerance injectors which cost $1,000 a pop. Replacing the injectors on a Land Cruiser due to dirty or water contaminated fuel costs $8,000. For a 4 cyl engine it’s $4,000.
          – VGT diesel turbo chargers $5,000 a pop.
          – Diesel turbo intercoolers $1,000.
          – Extremely high pressure fuel pumps for the current diesel engines $5,000 each ($100 for a petrol engine)
          – Some dealers charge $8,000 for the DPF (diesel particulate filter)
          – “Blue” liquids on many diesel cars. If it runs out, the car won’t drive, just wish that ur not in the outback when this happen. It gets used up and costs around $70 for 5 litres. 
          – To replace a 4-cyl diesel engine in the Patrol, it’s $25,000.

          You may save 20% fuel with diesel. But in Aus diesel could cost 10%+ more than petrol. It’s just not worth it on passenger cars. Unless u just wanna drive what the people in the EU drive, then that’s a different story.

          • $29896495

            As you know, all that is to make it run like a normal car. I don’t think they expect a diesel Polo to take a run across the Nullarbor  the way Toyota are thinking these days in reference to the Land cruiser, I doubt they would think it would leave the city too.

    • LowRezFez

      Spot on Tex

  • Tony is correct

    See Kazashi, Maxima, Liberty………….
    CVT gearbox is cheapening the car and only an idiot would buy one.

    • pauly

      Only idiots buy Kizashi? The Kizashi is a brilliant car and very very underrated in Australia. Go and drive one before making such a silly comment.

      • $29896495

        He didn’t write that. The idiot remark was aimed at the CVT gearbox.

  • Turbodewd

    My brother has an Accord Euro.  It lacks a digital speedo and you cant dial in an exact speed to use ya cruise control on.  Very disappointing.  On top of this the fuel economy is only a smidge better than my FG Falcon Turbo.  Nice car for sure, but nothing to crow about.  Nothing brag worthy at all.

  • DAVO

    Having owned the first generation 6sp manual in 2003, I can only say a great car all around but for the Premium only fuel. Sold it for a new FPV Typhoon 6sp manual. Lots more power of course but not as good a drive as the Euro. Missus now drives a new Liberty with CVT.

  • DAVO

    Plus the second gen should have had a 6sp auto.

  • marc

    6cyl pls.

  • Nicholas Lane