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Day two of the 2013 North American auto show has given Honda the opportunity to show the next evolution of the Honda NSX concept it brought to Detroit one year ago, further building anticipation about the next iteration of the iconic Japanese sports car.

Badged as an Acura, the premium US arm of Honda, the new Honda NSX concept is designed to showcase how development of the next-generation car is progressing.

Still maintaining the low and wide stance of the 2012 NSX concept, Honda says this year’s new NSX concept is based on the expected underpinnings of the final production version the manufacturer will bring to market by the middle of the decade.

While the exterior tweaks appear slight, it’s the interior that has Honda really excited, featuring the first-ever look at one potential direction for the future car’s interior design. Founded on what Honda calls a ‘Human Support Cockpit’ theme, the focus is on “the synergy between man and machine”. Claiming outstanding visibility, an “exotic” driving position, and an intuitive ‘Simple Sports Interface’ said to minimise interior clutter, the new theme is designed to allow the driver to focus on the driving experience.

Acura Design Studio chief designer Jon Ikeda said the company is insistent about delivering on the promise of synergy between man and machine.

“Consistent with the spirit of the original NSX, our intention is to support the psychological and emotional aspects of driving a supercar at the limit.”

“Importantly, this will be true of all Acura vehicles moving forward.”

With Honda’s aim being to deliver “a new sports car experience that combines next-generation supercar dynamic capabilities with advanced environmental performance”, the new NSX will be powered by a mid-mounted, direct-injected V6 engine mated to the brand’s Sport Hybrid SH-AWD (Super Handling All-Wheel Drive) system and an all-new dual-clutch transmission in a combination announced last year.

The three-motor high-performance Sport Hybrid SH-AWD system combines torque vectoring all-wheel-drive technology with hybrid efficiency through the use of three electric motors, one integrated with the petrol engine and two motors driving the front wheels.

Confirmed to start production from 2015, the new NSX will be manufactured at a new production facility in central Ohio in the US.

  • AndyGF

    Ill put money on it will be LHD only (from the last line)… That is a pity, it is starting to look more and more appealing.

    • Dave W

      I doubt it’s gonna be LHD only. Not when even the iconic American muscles are going international, like the upcoming next-gen Mustang.

      The NSX also has a global history and Japan being a RHD market, I’m pretty sure it’ll be available with RHD. Perhaps the US production will handle LHD while Japan builds the RHD.

      • AndyGF

        Wishful Thinking; Honda aren’t exactly forth-coming with their model line-up at the best of times…

        The NSX might have been a halo car, but a very very few people actually thought it was worth their hard earned money and (un)surprisingly most of them were american, so they all brought automatics…

        Honda know their target market and are going to produce it specifically for the last place on earth the name haanduh carries any kind of (dimwitted) cache, lucky for them they will still consider a locally made supercar an ‘import’.

        • Dave W

          I don’t get why anyone would think it’s gonna be LHD only. The NSX is not just gonna be their halo car, it’ll also be their chance to show to the world that they still have a pulse.

          Back then, the NSX lost its fight to the badge snobs, but it’s different now. If Toyota could sell their $750k LF-A, the NSX name will definitely have a selling power, provided it lives up to the hype.

          America might be their biggest market, but cars like the NSX don’t sell in large number regardless of the market, so it’s in their best interest to sell it in both LHD and RHD market.

          There’s just no way Honda’s gonna make it LHD only.

    • Zaccy

      like take that bet and take your money, how deep are your pockets 1-series boy

      • AndyGF

        I tell you what; when I see this above concept (not the horrid plastic R8 knock-off they were showing us before) traipsing around the Paris, Geneva and (hell why not) Sydney motor show, then I admit you are probably right…

        Until then… im telling you you’re dreamin’ mate!

  • Devil666

    Someone stole the headlights of the Hyundai HCD-14 concept…

    • VTiR

      How is that even possible when the HCD-14 was unveiled for the first time yesterday, yet the NSX was over a year ago?

      • RoFlmaTiC

        Lol someone stole the headlights of the NSX…

    • Morphian

      haha… *face palm* to you buddy…

  • TallMan

    Interesting to see the power output of the V6?
    Doesn’t sound particularly ‘supercar’ powerful. Though the Original NSX had a V6 didn’t it? 

    • Frostie

      Should’ve put a straight-6 in it.
      Plus the original V6 NSX was limited by the 280 HP Japanese auto maker “Gentleman’s agreement”, which meant they could focus on handling instead.

      • Dave W

        The gentlemen’s agreement is out the window now. You should know that. Look at LF-A and GT-R.

        • Frostie

          Read it properly. It says WAS and COULD. NOT is and can.

          • Dave W

            My bad frostie.

    • Dave W

      Depends on how big the engine’s gonna be. GT-R has 3.8L V6. Sure it’s turbocharged, but this NSX will have 3 extra electric motors. As you should know, electric motors can access their max torque from the moment they start spinning.

      With the DI V6 plus an electric motor spinning the back wheels and the other two motors spinning the front wheels, this car can potentially be very fast. Not as fast as Porsche 918 with 2 electric motors and a 4.6L V8 that does 0-100 in 2.8s, but still very fast and probably more economical. I would estimate maybe around 4s.

      • Yes I could afford one

         Waiting for someone here to tell you 4s isn’t good enough…

  • F1orce

    Quite a neat car

  • Zaccy16

    looks good but is long overdue

  • Altezza

    Build it Honda!

  • Al Tungupon

    Hopefully, it doesn’t have the relatively high price of its predecessor. It has hints of R8 and McLaren MP4-12C, but this should be way more reliable. I’ve never seriously dreamed of a Honda until this one.

  • Allan89smith

    I wouldn’t necessarily assume the US is the target market, most of the high end marques are doing quite well in Asia esp China/HK/Sing these days.  For example, I see more Ferraris and Lamborghinis in KL, HK and Singapore than I ever see on trips to LA or NY.  Yes, that’s very anecdotal but there’s only one way upper class wealth is going at the moment and thats up in Asia.  Obviously the counter to this is that they’re building it in Ohio but maybe that’s because Japan / China relations are at a particular low at the moment …