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The Toyota Corolla Furia concept has been unveiled at the Detroit auto show, giving us an insight into the aggressive styling of the next-generation Toyota Corolla sedan.

Toyota Group vice president and general manger of the Toyota division, Bill Fay, said the Corolla Furia concept gave an early indication of where the brand’s compact car design was headed.

“It’s only a concept, but the Corolla Furia sends a clear message where we’re going in the future,” Fay said.

“Not only will the styling be more expressive, but it will also reflect our overall approach to the compact segment in every way.”

“Because young buyers are returning to the market at a faster rate than any generation, the next Corolla must have expressive appeal with improved styling that elicits surprise and excitement.

“I’m sure it will cause some surprise from those who may have preconceived notions about the future of Corolla.”

Drawing inspiration from the US-market Toyota Avalon, the Toyota Corolla Furia concept sports sinister headlights integrated into a narrow grille, a gaping lower intake with horizontal slats, piercing LED tail-lights and carbonfibre panels from the front bumper and side skirts to the rear diffuser and spoiler.

At 4620mm long (2700mm wheelbase), 1805mm wide and 1425mm tall, the Toyota Corolla Furia concept is 75mm longer (100mm longer between the wheels), 45mm wider and 50mm lower than the previous-generation Corolla sedan, which continues to be sold alongside the new-generation Corolla hatch that launched in Australia in October 2012.

Toyota gave no indication of when the new Corolla sedan will be revealed in production form, although the four-door variant is expected to be debut before the end of 2013.

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  • Tex

    OH, so all the hype about a sports sedan and really, it is just a booted version of the just-released Corolla?


  • Douglas9305

    It IS a Honda – right?

    • Dave W

      Without the fat ar$e.

  • Dave W

    That’s not a bad looking car. And didn’t they say it’s gonna be a sports sedan? I hope the sportiness is not just cosmetic. I’m in the market for the more practical sports sedan and I can only justify the WRX or the Ralliart.

  • WhiteGoodsMotoring

    Shame the mechanics remain pre-90s tech.

    • Dave W

      You know something we don’t?

      • Tex

        I think he is referring to the 2ZR engine.

  • Marcel

    Pretty good looking for a Corolla..

  • Monk

    Pig. Lipstick.

    • $29896495


    • Zaccy16

      yep it looks hideous from the front but decent from the back but there no way toyota would ever make this!

  • F1orce

    I hope it remains very close to this concept.

  • Golfschwein

    Oh…so this is just the next Corolla, then? Here’s me thinking it was going to be a sedan version of the 86. Never mind, even if this is a watered down peek at the next Corolla sedan, it’ll be heaps better than the current horror.

    • Kaas

      didnt they say it’ll use the 86 platform?

      • Golfschwein

        That seemed to be the ‘suggestion’ a couple of weeks ago, but there’s no confirmation of it being front or rear drive in this story.

        • Kaas

          IF.. and a big IF… it does use 86 platform… then sell it for 35-40K…. 144kW… I think it’ll hurt Camry (toyota medium) cars…

          But if it is the return of the RWD Corolla… 25K-30K… 115kW RWD…. then it’ll be segment winner assuming it looks similar to this, with same spec as current Corolla. The young people would flock to it.

          Kudos to Toyota for finally trying to use “looks” to win buyers as opposed to just reputation… the market was heading that way so they were bound to do it.

    • $29896495

      It’s not the next Corolla, at least not what we will see, as I wrote bellow, it’s as BIG as a Falcon.

      • Phil

        Um, no it’s not.
        Falcon dimensions vs Corolla dimensions
        Length: 4955mm vs 4620mm = 335mm difference
        Width: 1868mm vs 1805mm = 63mm difference

        • $29896495

          See above – Think Aurion / Camry if you don’t like my example. Bottom line is a full size car. 

          Another point, we haven’t had an actually Corolla on our market for years. I don’t see that that would change.

  • billygoat

    Is that a rear diff?

  • Tom

    It looks pretty good, particularly from the rear. Hopefully this will translate well into the production sedan.

  • Declan Collins

    Eww. I know Japan is feeling the pressure from the Koreans, but god, Toyota shouldn’t hire the Honda design department. Next we’ll hear they’ve got a VTEC engine inside…

    • Vti07

      Rear wheel arch where is it flattened out looks better on a hatch than sedan eg yaris and civic hatch. However, overall I think this new Corolla looks alright.

    • Dave W

      Civic hatch actually looks pretty good at the front, it’s the back end that looks sh!t.

  • $29896495

    It’s as big as a Falcon!!!

    • Phil

      Um, no it’s not.Falcon dimensions vs Corolla dimensions
      Length: 4955mm vs 4620mm = 335mm difference
      Width: 1868mm vs 1805mm = 63mm difference

      • $29896495

        It is as big as a Falcon, or if you prefer a Camry/Aurion. In millimetres they are marginal differences, like Falcon to Commodore, later being bigger. Point is it is full size dimensions. 

      • SamR

        It’s as big as Commodore’s used to be and if you disregard the huge bonnet and even the boot on the Holden that are there due to poor design this Corolla is bigger.

  • Tzi

    Just drop the Aurion engine engine in this and should be a good sporty competitors.

    It will smoke pretty anything out there.

    • $29896495

      why would it do that? Because it has funny head and tail lights?

  • Antmindel

    Very sporty looking,I never thought I would consider a Corolla as a replacement for my current Honda Accotd Euro…
    Interested to know what engines it will have,and what the interioe will be like,but 1 thing is sure,they are going to sell literally millions of them all over the world.  

  • Rightindicators

     The design if proven will hit production and go into showrooms in 2014 or later will be a winner. Its taken so many generations to get to this sort of jazz and flair.

    • Dave W

      That’s because Toyoda-san has been busy cleaning up the house and getting rid of the old timers that are too comfortable with their status quo.

  • Phunken

    I’m not saying Toyota is bringing sexy back but they’re not shopping at Lowes anymore. More Asics Tiger less Dunlop Volley pls