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General Motors and Isuzu are considering developing an all-new ute together, the Detroit-based automaker has confirmed.

Reuters reports the two companies have signed a memorandum of understanding to enter negotiations over the potential next-generation pick-up, although neither have revealed a timeline or other details of the agreement.

Japan’s Nikkei newspaper believes the partnership will be formalised later this month following a meeting between GM CEO Dan Akerson and Isuzu president Susumu Hosoi.

GM and Isuzu have collaborated on commercial vehicles in the past. The first-generation Isuzu D-Max was developed alongside the third-generation Holden Colorado/Rodeo, with the two differentiated by little other than their badges, while the current versions of both utes also share the same new platform.

The two manufacturers have a long history of collaboration. They first joined forces in the early 1970s, when GM took a stake in the Japanese company. GM increased its share to 49 per cent in 1999 but gradually reduced that before eventually cutting financial ties in 2006.

  • Karl Sass

    They should let Holden at it like Ford did with the Ranger, good move.

  • Doctor

    The current effort indicates the value of continuing the collaboration – just give me an Isuzu engine and not a VM.

    • Asdfasd

      I can’t see why VM diesel engines have better reliability than FIAT’s.

      • Sydlocal

         That doesn’t strengthen your argument that much considering it isn’t that hard to be more reliable than a Fiat!!! 😉

  • jekyl & hyde

    colorado 2.8td auto >> isuzu 3.0lt t/d auto.  ask anyone who really knows.

  • Seven23

    GM and isuzu must be together to bring back the médium-duty truck segment in USA !!