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Toyota Motor Corporation has topped the list of manufacturers for the most number of recalls in the US for the third time in four years, with more than five million vehicles called back to dealers in 2012.

A review of 2012 recall data by the Detroit News has found that of the 16.2 million cars, trucks, motorcycles and RVs that were recalled in 2012 – an increase of 4.5 per cent over 2011’s 15.5 million vehicles – 5.3 million produced by the Japanese car maker.

Recalls for fire risks, airbag problems, rust and rollaway issues emerged as significant trends, accounting for most of the major recalls for the year, with US regulators fining three major automakers — Toyota, BMW and Volvo — over failing to issue recalls in a timely manner.

Approximately 7.4 million Toyota vehicles were recalled globally in October, 2012, in what the report calls Toyota’s largest single recall in the company’s history.

2011’s recall leader, Honda, finished in second spot, recalling 3.4 million vehicles in 2012, ahead of third place finisher General Motors with nearly 1.5 million vehicles recalled. Despite numerous recalls for the Ford Escape SUV, the Detroit-based manufacturer managed to slot into fourth position with around 1.4 million vehicles recalled.

  • Kd

    Legendary Japanese reliability!

    • Haydn

      I view this as at least the Japanese Honour there warranty.

      My Audi was a lemon and used oil like a two stoke , and the wheels shook like a jelly.   Yet they would not admit a fault.  Other manufacturers (AUDI as a star example) just hide there faults and turn a blind eye  Do a quick google of Audi Oil issues and you’ll see

      • $29896495

        You need to read this and related stories again. Toyota were fined for avoiding the problems. That’s exactly the same you accuse other dealers of doing (and we know they do, VW group seem to be renowned for it. Just so there aren’t any missunderstandings) 

        Looking at the numbers, Ford actually come out with a better “real” reliability, than a perceived high reliability of Toyota and Honda. Or less manufactured faults.

        • Regina

          Agreed, this recall and avoiding problems is so pervasive in the whole industry. It doesn’t affect just one brand or one region anymore, given the global scale of companies and their production facilities and the countless partnerships that are being entered into all the time at present. BMW, Toyota, Volvo – all fined last year. We’re bound to see more manufacturers have more recalls and get caught out more times. That’s mass auto production for you.

        • replying huwtm

           may well be the case ford is on par with toyota and honda in real world reliability, but i would much rather a toyota dealer to do a recall job than a ford dealer. 

  • DanielD

    Recalls means the brand is actually fixing the car. American brands and their Australian off shoots tend to try and avoid recalls and let the customer deal with the problem or say its normal for them to all do that.
    Doesn’t by any stretch of the imagination mean they are more reliable because they duck and weave around doing recalls.

    • Frosty

      DanielD, Toyota was fined for not issuing recalls in a timely manner. Doesn’t that tell you that they were ducking and weaving around the problem and letting the customer handle the proble as you have said??? They have done it here as well in Australia. Look, I could get a Toyota any Toyota for a very, very, very good price due to a family member with over 20 years at the Toyota manufacturing plant in Victoria in a very high position BUT I will not for a couple of reasons. They are bland in most of their designs and despite all the fanboys claiming they are number one because of their reliability and stuff, I don’t think they are and see more problems with Toyota’s on the road that would warrent a defect notice (Including brand new ones) than any other make on the road per capita of buyers.Its taking a lot longer for Toyota to fix these things and they are trying to avoid the bad publicity but when the public find out they are being fined for it it makes them look even worse than the others.

      • Pal

         Don’t forget when this happened, Akio Toyoda was forced to admit that Toyota was concentrating on rapid expansion and profits which affected quality and safety.

        • Haydn

          All other manufacturers do the same, they just tend to hide the fact EG Audi

      • Mika

        Don’t forget that BMW and Volvo were also fined. These three companies definitely look worse than others right now.

  • Stop_the_boats

    F1oorce, would like to hear your dribbling trifle as to why this has happend, or perhaps your busy between Mr Toyotas trousers, dribbling on them aswell maybe .

    • Owen

      I agree with Legnab/Golfmother…why have Toyota slipped so badly to VW levels

      • Garrywhopper

        Golfmother must be bad at hide and seek, just stand there with hand over face

      • Stop_the_boats

        BOWEN, article is about toyota and grey jumpers get with it, recomend a trip to the fred hollows foundation, might see F1oorce there as hes probly got too much dribble into his eyes, suggest you walk as the falcoon will blow up when you give it gas and the dinodore won’t even start .

        • Owen

          I did mention Toyota…perhaps you need someone to read the comments to you. Oh…don’t own a Ford or a Holden sunshine :-)

          • Golfmother

            Golly floppy just keeps inventing new names , owen who .

          • Owen

            Nope…i’m not garrywhopper. Would you like to try for double jeopardy?

  • Asdf

    BMW, Toyota and Volvo fined? When did this happen?

  • Chest Rockjaw

    Wow, buy are boring ineptly styled car from Toyota for reliability… Not.

  • $29896495

    Toyota and Honda vying for first place in this list. Unfortunate thing is no body but car people will see this list or even take notice of it. The two brands considered to be the best built and most reliable on the heading the worst list. Two additional things good to see Ford a lowly fourth place here, and on the worst list GM beat them.

    I wonder who got recalled in Europe?

    • Jimmy

      Also surprised to see BMW, Toyota and Volvo fined for failing to issue recalls in a timely manner. Interesting to see these highly regarded companies dropping their standards, and playing cover up to try and save their reputations.

  • Goodfa

    This shows the power of Toyota marketing.
    If you ask the man in the street they would say that Toyota’s are super reliable and would have less recalls than most other brands.