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The 2013 Lexus IS has been revealed ahead of the all-new premium mid-sizer’s world premiere at next week’s Detroit auto show.

The highly anticipated third-generation Lexus IS comes eight years after the launch of the outgoing second-gen model, and sports the most dramatic expression of the Japanese car maker’s new design language on a production car to date.

Drawing inspiration from the Lexus LF-CC concept that debuted at last September’s Paris motor show, the 2013 Lexus IS boasts an aggressive ‘spindle’ grille, distinctive headlights with detached LEDs, prominent side skirts and piercing tail-lights in a design that is worlds apart from its traditional mid-sized German rivals.

The Lexus IS350 F Sport pictured here sports an exclusive grille and front bumper, as well as a bespoke interior with a perforated leather steering wheel and sports seats, metallic panel inserts, aluminium pedals and scuff plates, and a driver’s meter with moving centre ring like that found in the Lexus LFA supercar.

With a longer wheelbase and increased width, Lexus says the new IS offers improved accessibility and best-in-class knee room for rear-seat passengers, as well as 60:40 split folding rear seats – giving the new car greater cargo-carrying flexibility than the fixed-backrest model it replaces.

Lexus has confirmed the IS250 and IS350 models will be joined in the new line-up by the Lexus IS300h – the first hybrid in the nameplate’s history, which Lexus says will be available in “Europe, Japan and other international markets”.

The third-gen Lexus IS range is set to reach Australian showrooms in mid to late 2013. The conventional non-hybrid models are locked in for our market, although at this stage Lexus Australia has not finalised its plans for the IS300h, suggesting the third more fuel-efficient variant may arrive sometime after the initial launch.

Full details of the all-new 2013 Lexus IS will be revealed following its Detroit debut next Wednesday morning AEST.

Click the Photos tab for more images. 

  • Impfist5

    now lexus is getting somewhere with thier car designs,moving away from the bowling club/retirement segment and injecting some wow factor at last,,well done guys.

    • ash

      Wow, the interior looks like something out o a 1979 Honda Accord….
      The outside is just UGLY!..

      the all new Mazda 6 runs rings around this so called “luxury Lexus”..

      • 451

        plus 10

      • Damian

        You’re more than welcome to splash your hard earned on a lethargic, FWD milk carton with its six month service intervals and bloated, US oriented design. 

  • RecursiveLoop

    Not a big fan of the front spindle grill, but the interior looks great. Will be tempted to trade my ISF in for the new one when it comes out!

    • JooberJCW

      I actually dislike the interior it looks like clumps of shelves all mashed together.
      the IS before this had a smooth interior, the new GS looks pretty decent as well, they should have gone with a mini version of that.

      Grill looks overwhelming, but we’ll see if its like that in the flesh.

      Overall looks ok.

      • 451

        i prefer the old ISF too

  • Asdfgh

    Ima on a lowly salary of under 100. Ima saving hard and could only just get it if it’s $49,990 drive away or under and 2.9% finance or lower.

    • RecursiveLoop

      I doubt it will be $50k driveaway, I think closer to $60k. If you wait for the yearly L’Exhibition event, that’s when they usually give the deals on finance. But cars are a depreciating asset, but who am I to talk, I really like my cars and have made some foolish purchase decisions in the past.

      • Asdfgh

        I like my cars as well. In the last couple of years, I’ve bought/trade an average of 1 car a year lol. 

        • TheWiser

          If you are on under $100k, consider a Corolla.

        • Ajjeans

          Try 5 cars in 2012. Honestly! Nothing to e proud of

          • Monk

            Cops will start wondering if you are rebirthing if you keep buying and selling at that pace.

          • Golfmother

            He must be burning cash big time , all falcoons i believe .

          • Ajjeans

            4 were new and one used. No rebirthing. I made a pledge 2013 no more new cars!!!!!!!!!!

          • Ajjeans

            Wrong, a skoda, mini, Peugeot and my current joy – golf gti! Should have just bought it first!

  • Ox

    Interior already looks dated

    • Zaccy16

      the only thing about it that is up to date is the lcd screen but the rest looks old

      • Golfmother

        Yep their laffing in munich , so tacky the interior , side view tops . front good but too out there for luxo buyers , rear ,oh is it a toyota .

        • Huw

          Doubt Munich is ‘laughing’ it up – it’s about as tackily designed as a Porsche interior, which is not that tacky at all.

          • Golfmother

            Funny , porsche interiors romp all over this oriental botch .

          • Jen

            ‘oriental’? ‘munich’? Why so fixated on locale?

          • Poison_Eagle

            Only because they match your leather gimp suit.

        • Ugcgc

          Perhaps. But this new Lexus makes those things they call cars from Ingolstadt appear like granny mobiles

          Which they are

  • MM

    Have always liked the IS style – the 2nd gen had a nicely balanced look and has aged well – this 3rd gen is certainly aggressive – but I rate it – confirms Lexus is following a progressive/defined design direction…Look forward to seeing the ISF, just hope it resolves the poor ride quality in comparo to my previous Gen 1 ISF.

    • RecursiveLoop

      If they changed nothing except adding adjustable suspension, it would be worth the upgrade. I have the 2012 ISF, and it’s such an awesome car and the only thing stopping me from giving it 10/10 is the firm ride.

      • Snoopymcw6

        Get some coilovers?

      • Devil666

        Get a C63?

        • RecursiveLoop

          Hmm no thanks I like Lexus’ customer service, reliability and the fact that the ISF is so rare on the road. There are like 3 C63s in my suburb alone. I’ll slap on some coilovers like Snoopymcw6 suggested and that should sort out the ride harshness.

  • Golfschwein

    I think the pursed lips look is being taken to extremes, otherwise, nice, and nicer than the last one. Interior looks beaut.

    This is my edited bit: I’ve had another look and decided there’s way too much going on, everywhere. Strip it all away and leave us the red leather, I say.

  • Poison_Eagle

    That looks awesome I think they’ve nailed it! 

    • $29896495

      Did you mean awful? That grill is horrendous, and the interior, no thank you. It looks like they stole it from a ten year old BMW. Bits and pieces every where. No flow.

      • Poison_Eagle

        I just like the headlight detail thats translated from the concept. It looks unique in a segment that is becoming less adventurous

  • Morphian

    I might be the only one here that likes the spindle grill? Btw, those small intakes right beside the grill look like dimples.

    Right now, I’m not 100% feeling it, but I’m sure down the track my eyes will ease up and eventually like it. The 2nd gen design was hard to beat, it still looks very modern by my standards.

  • F1orce

    Wow the exterior styling is so distinctive.

    • Karl Sass

      Yep, that’s one word for it lol

    • F1 Farce

      Is the styling distinctive or a Jewish conspiracy?

      • Locomotive

        Get out of here, holocaust denier.

    • GreenP’eas

      Front centre looks like an HSV GTS to be honest.

  • Tex

    Hating that detached two-stage headlight! Why are the LEDs in the bumper, and the headlights housed separately, yet so close?

    Strange Japs.

    • TheWiser

      This looks like a more integrated approach rather than add on. Most cheap euro cars whack in LEDs into the standard headlight housing and I think it just looks cheap. This looks like they have taken the effort to spend extra on seperating the LED strip.

    • $29896495

      why the hell isn’t that racist?

  • reg

    front lights are a let down, otherwise all good

  • Daniel

    I really like this! I used to be a massive Lexus hater but this is probably the one I would buy in the class at least based on design and interior. Looks excellent! And it’s interesting which you can’t say for anything else in the class. 

    • Peter

      I’m with you.  First time I’ve seen a Lexus I’d actually want to drive.  The overall shape is pretty tired though, it’s been around for donkeys years and it hasnt changed that much.

      • JooberJCW

        Really you never wanted to drive the LFA :)

  • Blair Waldorf

     The first time i saw it, i thought it was hideous, but it actually looks very, very good. It’s refreshing compared to its more bland rivals. That interior is also nice, the digital instruments are almost pure LFA.

    • F1orce

      The instrument cluster is exactly the same as the one used in the LFA

    • O123

      Same here the more i look at it the more I like it.

  • davie

    The interior dashboard and air vents remind me of the first-generation BMW compact 2 door.

    • Tangible

      You mean BMW 2002 tii ?
      That’s a great compliment and applause !!!
      Good one Davie.

      • Schreiber

        Agreed, the 2002 tii was a beauty.

  • Hsahba

    This might end up being the first time Toyota recalls a car for faulty looks.

    • $29896495

      Like your comment. I agree. But if they start,they may not be able to stop the recalls with their latest offerings.

  • Devil666

    The interior isn’t very cohesive – while I really like the digital speedo, the rounded bulging air vents on the passenger side and centre, combined with the also bulging glove box, and the cheap looking centre stack reminds me of the GTR. Certainly not my pick of interiors. The rear is definitely feeling “tarted up Toyota”. I kinda like the headlight integration, but I’m getting an Infiniti FX vibe from them…

  • Cex

    Makes the German alternative quite bland!

  • pixxxels

    Well I applaud them for being bold, but I think elements of this design are just messy. The interior especially is cluttered and lacks a uniting theme, and parts (especially between the steering wheel and the driver’s door – you can’t see in this gallery) look inexcusably cheap. 

    Also, automakers really need to calm down with the LED thing. Practically every brand has stuck them on these days and 90% of the time it just looks gimmicky. 
    Rear end looks good, excerpt for that wholly unnecessary fake plastic diffuser.
    I don’t hate this car, but its trying to make a statement and in comparison to its mature, resolved and handsome predecessor, its falls short.

    • TheWiser

      Uneducated to say the least. LEDs are a legal road going requirement for Euro vehicles and is on the way for all other contintents.

      This car will sell in droves as it stands out remarkably better than the 3 series and C class.

      • 451

        will sell in droves because it “STANDS OUT”??? if you just want to stand out. buy it. it stands out ugly.

        • Phil

          That seems rather subjective.

          • 451

            yes it is, a subjective opinion. you seem confused?

      • DerGolfDasAuto

        @9659c3cc899748c90b12e8db451fe201:disqus HAHA where the hell did you pull that rubbish from?  LEDs are not a legal road going requirement for European vehicles.  Most of the new Golf 7 models don’t come with them.
        Unless of course VW is breaking the law selling these cars.  Or are planning to stop selling the Golf in Europe – after all, it’s only the biggest selling car in Europe so it makes sense they would stop selling it.

        Just because you clearly are not very intelligent, the previous paragraph was sarcastic.

  • Pauly

    2 Things…………………………….

    – WTF is the Corolla Steering Wheel doing in this?

    – Where is the coupe?

    • 451


    • jr

      The only thing a Corolla steering wheel and the IS wheel have in common is that they are both round.

    • Johann

      Although they have some similarities in appearance (which is not surprising, since most steering wheels look kind of similar to each another), the steering wheels are actually different.

  • KH

    if you connected the teardrop LED things with the main headlights, it’s the exact same as the current IS…

  • Mmmm

    Does it come in Piano Black? Love it.

  • TheWiser

    LOVE IT. This will no doubt sell in droves. I will be buying this.

  • DrG

    This is what the GS should have looked like… Many GS buyers will be turning to this model instead I imagine. When can I order???

  • Justin

    Looks good overall.. except the bottom rear black plastic bumper.. they should have given it the full color coded rear bumper treatment

  • Guest01

    At least no one complains about the clock now….
    And that instrument cluster is pure porn!

  • BuyingOne

    Why can’t they make a hybrid that looks this good…

    • BuyingOne

      Oops, they are, 300H… I will be lining up for this

  • 451

    YUK. thought the back was a corolla.

  • K20A

    OH NO.. where’s the trademark green LCD clock ? without it, it won’t be a Lexyota..

    Interior is an improvement over outgoing model. It’s very modern in a kitschy, 80s Jap hi-end AV kind of way (Technics / Marantz deck). It looks / feels ‘cold’ with brushed aluminium and sharp edges.

    Exterior is a mess.. like others have said, too many things going on.. exaggerated lines and comical lights proportions.. but hey, styling is subjective.

    Interesting to compare this with the decidedly reserved, sober looking new 3-series.

    • Matt

      Lexus has been using analogue clocks since the current GS was released.

    • Stamos

      They seem to have gone for a more authentic c0ckpit-style cabin, to fit with the more sport-oriented nature of the new model. Looks like it was designed with function as a high priority. Very nice in my opinion.

      • Fxcvbc

        If it’s kitschy to have a design that’s functional, then I’ll take kitschy anyday.

  • ezj

    looks great! except for that front grille.. bit too big

  • Zaccy16

    i think the colour in the pics of the exterior dont do it justice, it would looks better in black

    • $29896495

      Yeah because you can’t see the dodgy details.

  • Donboi

    The exterior is amazing

    But the interior doesn’t possess that familiar Lexus ambience.

  • Sean

    Racist much?

    • AndyGF

      Anyone who thought that my comment was anything other than an observation of what this car actually looks like (cause it does – just look at it), are racist, not to mention uneducated…

      Added: It looks like the mutated love child of Gene Simmons and Hello Kitty…
      And i predict with a face like that it wont sell well; I just cant get over how hideously detracted those headlights are… (oops better stop there)

      • Garrywhopper

        It’s true the other day an I nearly run an Asian dude over and he yelled at me Watch were your going you round eyed c..nt!!!!!

        • AndyGF

          Over-compensating… for something…

      • Golfschwein

        I took your comment for exactly as you intended and it was not racist. It’s a shame that some quite disgusting comments get left on CA and a harmless one like yours reviewed.

        • Garrywhopper

          I appreciate the acknowledgement, there some terribly racist people around here

        • matt

          i know riight….. “falcoon” anyone? that guy is a duuche bag

          • Golfmother

            Smile ‘ say cheese ” , snap .

      • Sean

        So the people who called out a comment that was racially elitist are to blame? Please, get a clue.
        What’s done is done – lets just leave it up to the moderators to make the final call.

        • AndyGF

          If you are indeed Asian, and simply misunderstood my comment then I do apologize for offending, it was not my intention…

          If I called any of my Asian friends “squint” they would just laugh at me… and probably call me blind too; and they would be right!

          But if you are not Asian, then I surmise you either have some sort of guilty conscious yourself or are one of those people who call me a ‘na-zi’ just because I like German cars and admire the German people?

          • Sean

            Wow, you’ve really made your bed with that comment.
            I don’t see how my heritage has anything to do with your comment being offensive and out of line. Please don’t try to somehow deflect responsibility onto me.
            You may like German cars and admire German people for all I care, but for you to go out there and say that something/someone is upset/disappointed because it’s not German? What are trying to imply there? That anything that’s German is better than anything that comes from any other country in the world, just because it’s German? That’s pure elitism, regardless of whether country in question is Germany or not. This has got nothing to do with calling people ‘Nazi’ (which was rather presumptuous of you to even claim and was a sad attempt to vilify anyone who tried to call you out, out of your own guilty conscious).

          • AndyGF

            Oh; so I am not ‘racist’ then… I am ‘elitist’… Okay.

            Its true, I admit that I think german developed stuff is just better, and in that case I have a right to my own opinion…

            Ill go one step further for you Sean, seeing how passionate you are about my elitism: I personally think they should have stuck with a less aggressive approach, it just does not work on this car, and that reeks of trying to be German (something its not).

            See… Simple. No racism, just my opinion. Anyway, thank you for clearing that up for me…

      • $29896495

        Holey s__t! What’s going on? I recognised your headlight comment for what it was, and agreed. (Also in my opinion the front is terrible) So I get adjudicated?

  • Nobody

    Horrible interior…and they took years to come up with this??? It looks more like it was made only to meet the deadline. 

  • Priceless

    It looks pretty good. If lexus does produce a IS-F model it would be pretty sweet. Though I can’t help but think of the repair costs for the front bumper if it needed to be repaired/replaced with the integrated LEDs on it. 

  • Shak

    The exteiror is certainly distinctive, but this segment has never been known for its love of “out there” styling. How did Lexus get it so wrong!

  • Phillips

    Outgoing model still looks neat and hard to top. This design grabs attention, but a little fussy in F-sport pack at the front. Would like to see the standard guises. I think this design will grow on me though.

  • Justin

    Hope it comes with 40:60 rear seat split

  • Altezza

    Looks distinctive at the front. I am disappointed by its rear lights that messed the rear end and the  messy interior. Lexus needs to fire the chief designer of this car!

  • Garrywhoppe

    Also has a very small tailpipe compared with the aussies

    • Golfmother

      Floppy it will fit , just add lube .

      • Jimbo

        Speaking from experience, I see.

        • Golfmother

          Bimbo , i believe floppy has all the experience with appendages , just call him .

          • Jimbo

            Quit trying to deflect.

          • Garrywhopper

            I think cancer is funnier than yourself

      • Garrywhopper

        So a subtle racist joke, should I be surprised you didn’t get it, no

    • Golfschwein

      You left the ‘r’ off Garrywhopper. Hard to get the simple things right when you’re changing your name all the time, I suppose.

      • Jon

        How embarrassing for him.

  • Stamos

    Looks like they went for a more authentic c0ckpit-style cabin. Looks like it’s designed with a high emphasis on function.

  • klowik

    Exterior looks great, but the interior air vents looks kind of from the 80s…they don’t match….I think there will be changes in the next facelifted version… might wait for that..

  • Aus_poppa

    The saving grace about the spindle grille is that in Australia it will have a front number plate in the middle which will break it up a bit. No such luck in the USA where many states don’t use front number plate.

    The interior looks dated. As someone already said only the screen looks like today – the rest is rather 80’s.

    And the big question remaining is – have they managed to make the car roomy enough to take normal adults sitting comfortably behind normal adults?

    • RoFlmaTiC

      It’s got 9cm more rear legroom over the previous generation IS

      • Pfizer

        I guess that answers his big question.

      • Asdf

         What about bootspace? Despites CA’s review on the old IS250 claiming it was “huge”,  it’s actually only 398L which is small – and it doesn’t have a full sized spare either.

        • Jan

          Don’t know at the current moment Phil. Guess we’ll have to wait for the official reveal for full details and hopefully all your questions will be answered then.

        • Khan

          Carsguide says boot is 20% larger.

          • Khan

            That puts it level with the new 3 Series, which is pretty impressive given its class leading rear legroom.

        • Khan

          Also, just to point out – no full size spare is pretty standard for the segment (in the case of the A4, C-Class and IS) and some even have no spare (3 Series).

  • http://www.facebook.com/kiran.sb.3 Kiran SB

    that interior is delicious and i love the red reflective lights that shoot up from the rear bumper

  • Zxcx


    Now this is how an entry level sports luxury car should be!!

    Love the mean attitude it expresses!

    Germany should take notice!

    • Paul

      Agreed, I do like the aggressive styling and stance Lexus has taken in recent times, with their new models.

  • Ben0

    This looks totally awesome!

    I’ve always liked them classy door mounted Lexus mirrors

  • Zrfa

    I would seriously consider this

    I had already tried the current IS350 and as far as driving goes, it was quite a blast

  • Tex

    Apparently they’re releasing the wagon version too…

    • ToBeDifficult

      I would like it as a crossover AWD SUV hybrid wagon…

  • Luke Brinsmead

    The headlights look too unusual for a luxury market. Does Lexus actually get internal opinions before putting their designs out in public? The interior looks slightly un-cohesive and too cluttered, however many of the materials appear more luxurious.

    • Luke Brinsmead

      Interesting…I just showed my wife the first picture and hid the Lexus badge, she said she liked the headlights because they look modern and different.

      I think people who like Picasso paintings will like this design, it’s a bit abstract and out there.

  • Kevmaz

    Overpriced Camry.

  • GIG

    Win! This New IS and JDM New Mark X and Crown are just amazingly beautiful!!!!!!!!! Well done TOYOTA.

  • http://www.bryanbyrtrenault.com.au/ Modern Man

    where has my 1970/80 LED clock gone.
    where am i meant to source one of these now?
    Oh Wait, toyota are still putting them in their cars.

  • Racrepus

    Another inconstant design by Toyota group. Front is over styled and borderline ugly, side is generic and lacks any personality. The back is the only decent looking part. Overall, not cohesive and doesn’t flow well from start to finish… just like the Camry… Corolla…

    Oh and that “black” leather finish they use looks cheap and nasty.

    • Racrepus

      Same goes for that “silver” trim. Looks like cheap painted plastic.

      • $29896495

        I totally agree with both your statements. Toyota must have hired some Koreans to do their design work?

        • Racrepus

          No, this is very much Japanese. Koreans know how to get the aesthetics right far more often than Toyota. If the black was truly black, not this ugly off-black look, the silver bits were truly silver, not that tingey brass colour and the red leather seats were richer in colour, I think I would actually like the interior a lot more – I can appreciate it’s design, just not the colour palette.