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Saab Cars Australia has been placed into voluntary administration, forcing the closure of the company’s Port Melbourne operations and the loss of six local jobs.

The appointment of Ferrier Hodgson partners Stewart McCallum and Peter McCluskey comes after unsuccessful attempts to sell the Australian division to a third party in Sweden following the bankruptcy of parent company Saab Automobile in December 2011.

McCallum explained negotiations to sell Saab Australia broke down before Christmas and coincided with the parent company demanding repayment of all outstanding amounts, which the local division could not do, forcing managing director Stephen Nicholls to place it into voluntary administration.

McCallum said it was unlikely there would be any immediate impact on Australian Saab owners as a result of the closure, as service centres would continue to be supplied with parts.

“Saab drivers can be confident their vehicles will be kept on the road and they should have no problems accessing parts over the short to medium term,” he said.

“Once we have a better understanding of the level of interest in the business we will be in a position to post a longer-term view.”

He said the administrators were working with dealerships around Australia to minimise any potential impact to the warranties of recently purchased Saab cars.

McCallum said the focus was now on selling Saab Australia’s remaining unsold new vehicles and significant parts inventory to interested parties, as well as working with Saab Automobile’s bankruptcy trustees as part of the sale process.

Saab Automobile endured a slow and painful death in 2011 as it ran out of funds to pay its suppliers and was eventually forced into bankruptcy. The Hong Kong-owned National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS) purchased the bankrupt estate in September 2012, and plans to resurrect the Saab name in 2014 with an EV based on the old Saab 9-3.

  • Kd

    The last 9-5 is such a hot looking car!

  • Michael

    I thought they already had

  • Tex

    The demise of Saab globally is such a tradgic event, especially given the upcoming 9-3 replacement and 9-2 small car plans.

    The 9-5 showed us what could have been…

    RIP Saab AB.

    • Joker

      RIP Saab… I blame GM. 

      • Zaccy16

        yep i blame them too, the saab film on topgear showed that saab wanted to make their own cars but gm forced them to use old rubbish gm platforms

        • Joker

          They also blocked a number of Chinese investors purchasing the company because of this. Fools killed a great brand. 

        • Golfmother

          Yes another great moment ruined by the bow tie car co , shame shame shame , probably better its gone , can you imagine it with crude running gear , another Daewoo in drag .

          • jack

            Now its time for GM to buy Veedub also and see the golf turn into even more of a trolley……….wouldnt that be fun !!

          • Golfmother

            Better than a falcoon is the old saab .

        • Force-15

          Didn’t GM also pilfer Saab’s turbocharging expertise whilst they were under GM ownership?

          • Zaccy16

            Yep I believe so

        • Tex

          Probably because it made more economical sense.

          Unfortunately Saabs fate may have been due to their niche market; they didn’t really have an SUV models, or anything smaller than the 9-3.

          Unfortunate still though, as they did pioneer some fantastic technology and also had quite a signature design.

          I’m really quite surprised that no other brands looked at purchasing Saab at a cheap price and reviving the brand…

  • Exar Kun

    If anyone is actually willing to take the plunge, the 9-5 can be had for good money.

  • Henry Toussaint

    Someone should buy the company and bring it back!

    • Amlohac

      Someone kinda did buy it. Theres rumours of said company turning the 9-3 into an electric vehicle.

      • Tex

        Now that is a great business case.

        … said no one ever…

  • dsuhiti

    Opel might be close to the same fate :(

    • Deal-with-it

      Stop trolling you smelly old….troll.

    • Golfmother

      I think you right , GM would ditch it tomorrow , but they wont sell it to any one who actually wants the tech rights , more like old tech .