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An eccentric commercial for the new Fiat 500L featuring a mother rapping about eating leftover fish fingers and faking orgasms has gone viral, attracting more than 2.2 million views in little more than three weeks.

The UK’s Daily Mail says the three-minute ad, ‘The Motherhood feat. Fiat 500L’, was given the green light after the managing director of Fiat UK showed it to his wife, who reportedly laughed hysterically.


Fiat UK marketing director Elena Bernardelli told the Mail the commercial was intended to put a smile on mothers’ faces.

“We wanted to connect with our target audience, starting with young mums, in a way that demonstrated our understanding of the challenges they face balancing motherhood with their desire to keep hold of their pre-children identity,” Bernardelli said.

“We hope by dramatising the reality of embracing a new life stage in this way will raise a knowing smile from mums everywhere.”

The Fiat 500L – a five-door hatch with similar dimensions to the Mini Countryman – remains on the radar for Australia, although the bolstered Bambino has not been confirmed for our market at this stage.

What do you think of Fiat’s new commercial? Let us know in the comments section below.

  • Daniel

    I have to say, I thought I was going to cringe when I watched this the other day but it is genuinely well done. It does sort of fail when it comes to advertising the actual car however…

  • TBZ

    Funny it’s a UK ad, yet the car is LHD

  • Blkahblah

    They have LHD there too?

  • Ted

    What a great car advertising !!

  • Mike

    It’s very funny, but it is simply too negative – this might work as an advertisement for some sort of liquor, but not for a car. 

  • Chevrons

    Scary parental reality. I’m sure people will be talking about but adding “what were they advertising again?”

  • The Salesman

    Great. Now i feel like i have to buy flowers or do something nice for my wife.

  • Davidkymdell

    Funny but what the heck has it got to do with cars?

  • TG

    This only appeals to bogan mothers.

    • EDGE

      Yes, it’s ridiculous.

  • You gotta luv em

    Ahhh, the good old negative everything writers are out in force again

  • Deal-with-it

    Childbirth and motherhood……….. so easy a woman could do it…

  • Sue

    Brilliant – although wouldn’t recognise as an ad or one for Fiat lol

  • http://www.facebook.com/mark.mcvann.5 Mark McVann

    “We wanted to connect with our target audience, starting with young mums”

    It’s a pity Fiats customer service don’t also want to connect with their target audience. 

    My pregnant wife bought a brand new 500 last April and it’s been in for repairs 6 times now (about 6 weeks so far my wife has been without her car) All for separate major faults starting with the coils, the clutch and currently the hydraulics need replacing. Fiat and the Dealership we bought it from (Stoneacre) refuse our rejection of the car and it seems are quite happy for an expecting mother to break down regularly.(sometimes late at night) We’ve been told its ‘teething problems’ well I hope our new son/daughter has an easier time when they begin teething.
    So, to you new or future mums, don’t be taken in by thinking Fiat care about anything more than taking your money, the advert is nothing more than a ploy to ‘connect’ with a demographic.

    To make matters worse, each time I call Fiat the person dealing with our case is either on a call, off sick, at lunch or on a day off. Way to connect with young mums Fiat. GG.